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Hi folks, this is Niruup and I am back as promised to submit my sweet conquests. My earlier submission under the title seduction by kokila, a nursing mother had carried certain key mistakes namely character names. This was because I had chosen to submit my experience to a sex blog site in England and I had to modify the names of the characters. Therefore the mix-up.

Some years back, I was working for a computer hardware manufacturer and was posted in Vizag. Company had given us furnished accommodation and it was at a scenic place overlooking the deep sea. It was a sort of row houses with a neat patch of garden at the back side of our houses.

My neighbors, an young couple from kerala , had been blessed with a baby boy after a month of us moving in. It was anything but a cakewalk to get to know them. Mr. Unni Krishnan, my neighbor must have been rewarded with this beautiful and sexy looking lady as his wife, by virtue of his education and the profile of his job in steel plant, a public sector company. But un-fortunately never possessed a matching physique to that of his wife, Mrs. Radha. A lady with a dream figure of mind boggling propositions. I suppose a 38 D 30 40. Should we say a Shakila without her bulk. Her face was round with cute looking lips with deep bushy eye brows like those of holly wood actress Brooke shields. She had long thick hair touching her lower buttocks, Accentuating her assets were her golden complexion.. Her mammaries my god were so firm and rounded, they were majestic in its appearance, in spite of nursing her new born son.

As I was fond of home food, I had somehow managed to get an excellent cook about 50 years plus, to take care of my diet. In a way, I have to thank her for helping me to get to know my keralite, neighbor queen. Since she was fond of spicy food, she would request me to send our cook occasionally to her house.

In fact that was the only point of interaction between her and me. This went on for a few months. It was one of those perfect winter days and clouds giving away to afternoon sunshine with the temperature in the low 80s. My colleague’s left for the day on a sight seeing trip to ‘Araku valley’. I had the whole house to myself. As I was a bit health and body conscious, I loved exercising now and then.

I got started early. As I was exercising in my small backside garden, my neighbor Mrs. Radha, popped out of her house to do some garden-work herself. Any time she works in her back yard, she wears her typical kerala style dress comprising of her petty coat and blouse kinds. Her blouse barely holding her milk filled pots. I cant help but stare. I know shes caught me on a few occasions, but didn’t discourage, but simply carried her tasks. This I took as a sign of opportunity to get closer to her.

In the past, I’ve caught Mrs. Radha several times drying the clothes with petty coat and blouse. And when she sees me, she always crosses her arms to cover the bouncing globes. She appears conservative, but I’ve always heard, those types tend to be wild in bed.

“Excuse me Mr. Niruup.” She said. I acted as if I didn’t hear her calling me. Again she called and this time I reacted by saying good afternoon. I said what makes the queen of the house to call me. For which she was a bit startled but amused and blushed slightly. She enquired if my cook had come today. I said she will be back after a few days as she had taken some sort of a leave.

Surprisingly, she extended invitation to join them for lunch with her family. But sensing the presence of her husband, I said I would take this opportunity another day, as I had already cooked some ready to made food myself. Al along I couldnt keep my eye off those big, beautiful tits. Oh what I would give to get my hands on those things.

Suddenly her husband informed her that he will be out for a few hours and rushed out in his car. I continued exchanging few more words while exercising. It was starting to get warm, so I decided to head in for a cool drink. Of course I asked Mrs. Radha, if I could bring her a cold drink, hope she would say yes so I could get closer to her. She said no she was about done and heading in for a shower.

As I was walking in to the house, I try to picture her standing under the shower, water falling across those big guns, down her body through her pussy on the shower floor. My cock was at full attention now. Since, my friends were gone, I head up stairs to masturbate, watching one of the soft porn videos.

Suddenly I heard her someone calling my name. I could tell the person on the other end was crying. It was Mrs. Radha; she said that she slipped getting into the shower, and thought she may have broken her ankle. She asked if I could come over, help her get dressed and drive her to the doctor. Of course I said yes.

I stopped the video, I stuffed my junior in a pair of shorts, slipped on a shirt and sandals and race next door. I knocked on the door, and heard Mrs. Radha say, “Come in from the rear entrance. I rushed to my house and jumped to her garden, so as to enter her bedroom.

I was still aroused from the picture of the lady in the soft porn film fingering herself, because my cock was still hard and making a domed tent out of my shorts. As I rounded the corner and entered the bedroom, Mrs. Radha was laying on the bed partially covering her enormous assets with a wet towel, clearly outlining her private parts.

With her foot elevated on a big pillow. I could tell she was embarrassed about being seen like this because she said, “Im sorry you have to see me like this, I just couldnt put my clothes on by myself.” I said, “Dont worry about it.” What I really wanted to do was thank her. Ive wanted to see her naked for so long. Luckily for me, her baby was quietly in sleep.

Her tits were just I pictured them. About the size of a large juice can, and big thick nipples. Her pussy was clean shaven. It was too much for me to bear. The lady of my dreams lying invited, but with an injured leg. So with great difficulty, I tried focusing on to her problem.

As I approached her ankle, I could see she was staring at my hard cock poking right at her ankle. I touched her ankle, and she moaned a bit. I said, lets get you dressed and to the doctor. I called for a private taxi and helped her walk with support while carrying her baby in my other arm. She was all smiles in-spite of her pain for taking care both of them gently and caringly.

All the way to the doctor she thanked me. Every time we hit a bump in the road the big tits would bounce up and down, and my cock would spring to attention. She kept glancing at it and just smiled. Fortunately, she just twisted her ankle.

When we got back to her house, I helped her inside to the family room couch. Of course, in the process of helping her, those big guns were rubbing against me and my cock sprang to attention once again. This time as I helped her down on the couch, it was just inches away from her face.

She said, your poor guy. Those things were up and down so much today, it like riding in a lift. “Are you going to go home and relieve yourself?” I was stunned at her humor in moments of intense pain. I said, “Ah…yeah.”

“I noticed you were hard when you came into help me this morning. Were you masturbating when I called you for help?” How did she figure that out? I must have turned a few shades of red, because without saying anything, she said, “I thought so.”

“Did my outfit this morning get you going?” She new I was embarrassed, so she said. “Its okay, Niruup. I know you admire me when Im working in the backyard. I wear those traditional kerala clothes to tease you and hoping you would look. It gets me excited as well. You know my husband, he is more interested in his carrier, like to day even on a holiday, he is on to his official work”

I said, “Yes, you did get me going this morning and as a matter of fact ever since you moved in. I love to look at your big tits. I fantasize what they looked like. And when I saw them this morning they were as beautiful as I thought they would be.”

She said, “Im glad you like them.” Were you close to finishing this morning when my phone call interrupted you?” Without thinking, I said, “No, I just started, Embarrassed again, I quickly tried to come up with an explanation about the soft porn I was watching.

Before Mrs. Radha said anything, I noticed her nipples harden against her Blouse. “She was fingering her wet pussy.” A little moan escaped from her mouth. Not thinking again, I said, “Would you like to watch it”

This time it was her turn a little red. Without letting her answer, “I said its okay, it will be our little secret.” She looked at my hard cock once again, and then directly at me and said, “go get it.”

I raced home and raced back. When I got there, Mrs. Radha was quietly breast feeding her son. With her lovely melons out and her little baby suckling quietly, the site was erotic. After a few moments, she delicately lifted her son and wiped his mouth carrying the strains of her Milk. Then, Leaning against the couch in front of the TV. Obviously, her ankle was feeling better. The site of those beautiful tits got me hard instantly.

She said, “Take off those shorts and let that thing out.” “Put the tape in the VCR and sit down next to me.” I did as she commanded. She reached for the remote and hit play. As the porn actress Leena appeared on the screen, I started squeezing her tits gently with my palms first. I desperately wanted to fill my mouth with her milk.

Mrs. Radha, started rubbing her clit more vigorously. Her moans became more audible. As she moved closer to orgasm though, her tone changed. Right before the scene arrived, she said in heated passion, “When is she going to jam her fingers into that sweet, little cunt of hers?” The volume on the TV was so loud you could hear juices flowing as she finger-fucked herself.

Thats all it took for Mrs. Radha. She jammed two fingers into her now extremely excited pussy and started to cum the same time as the actress in the screen did. Her hips moving in rhythm with her fingers, saying “YESSSS.. Suck Me now Niruup.” Suck my Breasts hard Niruup!!” so I positioned my head on her lap like her baby and started sucking and biting those big tits. Mrs. Radha said, “Thats it Honey, suck on my big jugs. They are full of milk. My son didn’t have his milk full, perhaps of your presence”

I immediately started swallowing her tits in my mouth. She started laughing a bit and said there is a technique to suckle her breast for milk and gently advised me to apply pressure in areas around the areoles. Then quietly her warm and very tasting sweet milk started flowing into my mouth. I wanted this moment to extend for ever.

So I started spilling out her milk from my mouth on her tender spots of the body for licking those areas. The best was when I had emptied it in her navel and in her love hole. Her pleasures was running very high and started to moan even more sexily like the actress in the soft porn. She was not letting my warm mouth on her big nipples go.

After many orgasms, she came back to earth, her eyes slowly opened, fingers still buried in her throbbing pussy, and look at me and said, and “Your mouth was fantastic….

She looked down at my hard cock, and realized I hadnt finished. “Would you like me to finish of your little monster as some pre-cum was glistening on the head. Mrs. Radha, leaned over and licked it off. Another video started to play on the TV. I was faced towards Mrs. Radha and couldnt see it, however she could, and by sound I new the scene. I could hear the vibrator buzzing from the blonde’s pussy, and Mrs. Radha, started to get aroused again.

I was sucking and squeezing her enormous breasts faster, looking at Mrs. Radhas, big, beautiful tits. My balls were filling up fast and I was getting closer and I couldnt hold out any longer. I heard myself say, “Im going to shoot!!” The she asked me to do it in her mouth and face. I spurted three loads all over her face and into her mouth. No sooner we climaxed, we heard her husband honking the horn to open the front gate. I immediately rushed to my house without exchanging any pleasantries.

Later on our sexual tryst continued for almost six months in which we excelled in mastering and pleasing each other with all kind of sexual postures. Like all illicit relationships coming to an abrupt end, I had to go back to madras as my company wanted me back there. That’s how we gradually lost touch with each other. The last I heard was Mr. Unni Krishnan had migrated abroad with his family.

In fact, my most memorable moments with Mrs. Radha, came while helping her to come to shape with exercises and massage. Thanks to the massaging skills I perfected on her, I could get couple of young and married women into my world. Like they say sex can be experienced with any one. But true sex can only be really enjoyed with experienced men. I am still available for those ladies who intend to appreciate true, safe and clean sex without inhibitions. I can be contacted through my e-mail at / /

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