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Let me start by giving you some background of my girlfriend. Her name is Shika (name changed). She is Punjabi. She has a very hot body and this is why I fell for her in the first place. We started dating when we were 16. We kissed and made out a lot frequently.

By the time she was 18 she used to call me home when her parents were not there. We used to have foreplay and oral sex. She loved being spanked and tied up. She was a sex freak and a perfect gf that a guy could ask for sex.

I will describe her to you now. She is 57 in height. Milky white complexion. Hot boobs medium size with a very cute face. She frequently shaved her armpits and pussy. She was a complete sex bomb. Many guys were jealous of me for having her.

I sometimes showed semi-nude pics of her to my friends to make them jealous. Her name is Shika (name changed) and she is 18 yrs old and a student. One fine day her parents went out of station for a few days and she took the opportunity to call me home.

We had already tried foreplay and enjoyed it a lot, but today I knew that my slut wont stop at foreplay and she will want to get fucked.

Every time she would wear hot revealing clothes to turn me on. She would love to dress like a slut and turn me on whenever I came to her house. I have a fetish for navel and underarms and she knew it, so she would make sure she wore a hot top revealing both.

She loved wearing crop tops and hot shorts.She would wear loose sleeveless tops and flaunt her shaved underarms and milky cleavage to turn me on. Sometimes she wore short skirts without her panties, you might have guessed how slutty my bitch is. She was such a sexy bitch.

I was excited to see what she might be wearing today. I rang the bell of her door. She opened the door. She hid behind the door. I quickly went in and closed the door. The sight of her gave me an instant boner.

She was looking red hot in a transparent red top and just red panties. She had put bright red lipstick on which matched her milky complexion so well. I could see her black bra through her see through top. She had worn hot red thongs down. I wanted to fuck that slutty bitch of mine then and there.

I was already hard just at the sight of that slut. She noticed the boner in my pants and smiled seductively. She came close to me and started rubbing my dick through my trousers.I then started kissing those juicy lips of hers and we started making out on the couch.

After smooching for a long time and rubbing my hands all over her sexy body, we went to the bedroom. She lied down on the bed and spread her legs, and winked seductively at me. Ohh that slut wanted it from me so bad, by this time I had a huge boner in my pants.

I jumped into bed and started kissing her thighs. She was loving it and moaning slightly. Next, I started rubbing her over her panties, she was so fucking wet. I could not control anymore and started licking her over her panties. Ohh that smell of her wet pussy was driving me crazy.

I then put her panties to one side and started licking her bare pussy. She tasted so good, I could lick that tight virgin pussy of hers all day. She was moaning loudly and loving the experience.

After licking her pussy for 15 mins I got up. I made her get up and kissed her more. She was now sitting without her panties. I saw her top which was transparent. I could see her hot deep navel and black bra through it. I held her and removed her top.

I started kissing her again and started massaging her breasts through her bra. She was loving it. She was rubbing her hands over my dick. She made me remove my t-shirt and pants. She was stunned seeing my erection. I then took off her bra. My bitch was now completely naked in front of me. She was a complete sex goddess.

I sucked her tits till her nipples were sore. Now she could not resist my boner and started stroking my cock. I grabbed her hair and put her head near my dick. I started treating her like a complete slut, and the best part is she was enjoying every bit of it. She then started sucking my dick which is 7 inches long. That slut could almost take my entire dick in my mouth, I was loving it. After a few minutes of sucking my dick, I could see she was desperate for my dick to enter her pussy.

I made her lie down and entered my dick in her pussy. She was moaning loudly when I fucked her. She wanted me to fuck her harder. I fucked her like a real slut, like I was paying to fuck that bitch. I was also pressing my boobs with my hands while I was fucking her pussy.

We then changed positions and I started fucking her doggy style. She had a huge curvy ass and she got really turned on when I spanked her. I spanked her ass till it was red and fucked her pussy from behind. I could not control anymore and had to cum. I took my dick out of her pussy and she started sucking it again.

She then took her tongue out and I ejaculated on it. My slut loved it and licked every drop of it. This was my best sexual experience till date. Thanks for reading. Any hot girl wants to hook up or sext.Or any person wants to trade gf pics email me at / / Thanks.

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