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It was the month of February and I was bored at home(cochin).I was going through the new app I downloaded in my mobile(wechat).I was checking out the feature called people nearby and found many people in it but all with fake profile pics.I had no interest in anyone because none have used their own pics and it was difficult to trust anyone.

So I closed the app and thought to sleep for a while as I had nothing else to do.

After sometime I got a notification from wechat.The notification tone from mobile distracted my sleep and I took my mobile to see what was it.It was a friend request from a girl in a name called nikhanikz.

As soon as I accepted the request I got a msg from her asking about myself and I asked the same to her.Through the conversation I came to know her real name is joan and shes from thiruvala but currently was residing in cochin at aunts home.Im very much open so I asked for her number that very moment.

She was hesitant to give first but she gave it wen she felt that I can be trusted.

As soon as I got her number I gave her a call and the replying tone I heard was so sweet.She was 18 at that time and the voice was so good that any guy would fall for her.We had a good talk in call by sharing each others information.

I was new to cochin at that time and I didnt travel much around Kerala.So she was telling me about a place called wagamon which is a hilly area and good place to visit.

I was thrilled to hear to about the place and asked her if she liked to accompany me for the trip to wagamon.She was afraid first because we just met that day and secondly even she agrees she needed an excuse to go out of her home as she belongs to orthodox family.

Somehow I managed to convince her and she accepted to join me.We fixed a date for next month as she got to attend a friends marriage that month.So it would be easy for her to say the excuse at home.

So the following date came(march 5) I went to her place to pick her up.I parked my car bit far away from her home so no one would notice anything.

After an hour she came out of her home carrying a handbag.I was dumbstruck seeing her as I didnt get to see her pic through wechat.She was real natural beauty with good toned and curvy body.She was dusky in colour but she was looking pretty in tight jean and top.

She came and sat in the backseat of car.I was lost in my sense and I just said “Wow” to her.She had a killer smile and her eyes were beautiful.We started our journey towards wagamon and after some distance she came and sat in the front.

We were having good time talking in car and she said it was her first time other than her family members shes going out long distance.I was happy to know that and made sure the trip was memorable.The drive to wagamon was beautiful as the sun was setting slowly the view from the hills was magical.

We checked into a resort in wagamon and it was cottage type with good privacy.We both were lost in dreams by the view of beautiful sunset behind the hills from the balcony of cottage.

Suddenly she came towards me hugged and kissed on my cheeks and said, “Thank you for this day.I was happy to hear it and said anything to make u feel happy and kissed on her forehead.

We moved to the bedroom and was totally gazing at each others eyes.I moved my lips towards hers and I could hear her breath getting higher.

We kissed for few mins and she just moved away in excitement and I asked her in confused state what happened.She said it was her first kiss and she felt magical.I just carried her in my arms and layed her on the bed slowly.I went on top of her holding her both hands and started kissing her.

We were kissing really wild this time as I was chewing her lower lip n biting it slowly and pulling away.She was enjoying the moment and we inserted our tongue inside each other mouth and sucking it wildly.Our bodys were getting hotter and sweating slowly due to hot action.

I made her sit at the edge of the bed and removed her top first then her jean.She had an amazing pair boob size of 32.Not too big or small ,perfectly held by the bra.

She had an amazing body with less fat in tummy and was looking like toned. She remove my t-shirt and started kissing on my chest.I really started enjoying when she kissed on my nipples and biting it slowly. At same time I was pressing her boobs from top of bra.

Then I removed my jean and made her feel my hard cock on top of the boxer. She was feeling shy to touch it as it was her first time and she didn’t know what to do.

I removed my boxer and removed her bra and panty. She was shocked to see the hard cock and feeling the hardness by touching it.I asked her to take in her mouth and lick and suck it like a lollipop.

She slowly took it into her mouth and moving her head to and fro.She did it slowly and later on picked up some speed and I was enjoying the moment.She was a quick learner and soon she started biting the top edge of cock and sucking the balls beneath.

We moved to 69 position so I could play with her pussy.It was well shaved and clean.I started rubbing her clit first to make her experience it and then I slowly inserted a finger into her tight pussy.It was really tight and she was moaning while sucking my cock.

I slowly started moving my finger in and out of her pussy so she could enjoy the pleasure then after sometime I inserted my tongue inside her pussy.She gave a sudden jerk as she never expected this to happen.I was holding both her ass cheeks hard and licking inside her pussy wild.

Sometimes I would slap her ass just to see her moaning action.

Then I made her lay on her back and tied her both hands using my belt.I told her to just enjoy the pleasure you gonna get now by saying that I took an icecube started rubbing on her stomach area first and moved slowly towards her her boobs.Rubbing on top of her nipples and circling around it.She was having a wild time and moaning alot.Then took another piece of an ice cube and kept it inside my mouth.

I went down towards her pussy and started licking it with the ice.She just arched her body while enjoying the moment and asking me not to stop.

As I was licking her pussy I moved my hands towards her boobs and pressed them really hard.Pinching the nipples and slapping them.She was enjoying the moment and suddenly she jerked her body and cummed.I licked her enitre cum and it tasted really fresh due to the ice.

Then I did the same with her boobs too ,sucked both her boobs with an ice and was licking around the nipples and biting and pulling it.While sucking one I would press the other one hard.Then I made her turn over and removed my belt from her hands.

I made her lay down straight that her ass was facing upwards.I told her to relax and slowly I whacked her ass using my belt.I did it few times to make her enjoy the magical moment and she was having the best time.I wanted her to feel all the pleasure she needs and make her feel in heaven.

Then I told her it was time for the real fun and she was excited about it.Made her to face me and spread her legs wider.

As it was her first time it would be really difficult to enter so I placed a pillow beneath her back.I told her to relax and breathe slowly.I slowly placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and then slow rubbing on it.

Then I pushed it slowly inside her pussy and she was experiencing pain asking me to remove it.I told her to relax and the pain would vanish soon within seconds after Im fully inside her pussy.She was controlling the pain and blood was coming out of it.

Then I started moving my cock in and out of her pussy slowly and she was slowly enjoying the pleasure.Soon each stroke became really harder and she was screaming louder and was having great pleasure.That night we had lots of hot steamy session.

We tried many positions we could and enjoyed fullest of night.Even took her to balcony morning 2 and banged her so hard from behind.

Then later we had a doggy session in the bedroom and hot shower sex.We totally enjoyed the whole night and slept only at morning 6.We had many numbers of amazing wild sex during our two days stay in the resort and we did some hot fun in public too.

After this incident, we did meet again in Bangalore as she is doing college over there and I did have some fun too.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my story.Please feel to comment and give feedbacks.

I had many more experiences with different girls and will share it soon here.

Any girls or ladies around Kerala and Bangalore feel free to contact me.

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