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Hi, Indian sex stories readers.I am Vignesh from Hosur working in Bangalore. Thanks for your feedback and also special thanks for those girls who have sent mail for my last story with my friend Suma. Which was posted as first time with neighbor friend Suma. After having sex with Suma we had not got any time to have sex again. Here I am back with a new encounter with a pretty woman who was next to my street. Her name was Devi.

At a pleasant Sunday morning when I had office leave.

I went to the nearby store to buy some groceries. The store owner is a well-aged man and he knows me very well cause I am repeated customer to his store. While I started to buy items suddenly a young married woman with a bag in her hand came and stand near to me and started to buy some items from the store. She was wearing orange color saree with a pretty face and she had cute lips which were looking like strawberry for my eyes.

I was staring her beauty from sideway and suddenly the store owner gave me my item.

While paying to him the owner started to speak with that pretty woman like she was a well-known person to him. He got his money from my hand and introduced the women to me as her name is Devi and she is from nellai. Her husband who is working in some private bank got a transfer to hosur and next to my street they got a new house for rent.

I wished her by saying good morning and a small intro about me. She told me about her hubby and her child who was 3 years hold. After talking for 5 mins, she told bye and started walking to her home.

From the other day, I was seeing her whenever she was crossing me while I was returning from my work or in the same store. We used to smile at each other this became our routine whenever we saw each other.

One day I was returning from my friend house in my bike. She was coming opposite side with her child and suddenly signaled me to stop my bike. I stopped the bike and asked her about the reason. She told that tomorrow is her son’s birthday so her hubby as planned to a small party in her house.

She invited me to the birthday party and told me not to miss the party since she had told her hubby about me as a friend of her. I asked her door number and told that I will sure come.

Next day evening after coming home from the office. I got freshen up and went to her house and rang the bell. A man who was looking as 40+ opened the door and told me to come inside. I don’t know who he was and there I saw my pretty women with blue saree talking with some others.

After seeing me she smiled and came to me and introduced her husband who opened the door. I got some thought how can a young pretty woman looking very good like her can marry an aged person. Her hubby told me hi and told he is Vimal working in corporation bank. We had some chat about my education, about hosur.His colleague came and started to talk about drinks I left him and searched his son to wish.

Devi saw me standing alone and asking me about the reason. I told her that I am searching for her son to wish him and also to give his birthday gift which I had brought to give him. She told that he is in some other room playing with her grandparents.

Then she told me to wait here so that she can bring her son to me. I was watching her butt while she was walking inside to the room and came back with her son.

I wished him and gave his birthday gift which I brought for him. Soon he became a very good friend and was playing with me. Her mother Devi went away to look after other guest and I was playing with the boy.

After the birthday party over I had dinner with her and her son. I left her place.

Next Sunday when she saw me and told that her son is asking about me. He wants to spend some good time with me.Since her son was new to hosur he didn’t have many friends to play with him. I told her that I will come to her house at afternoon to meet her son.

That day afternoon I went to her house and enquired about her hubby. She told that her hubby has gone outside and her son is sleeping inside the bedroom.

I went to the bedroom and woke up her son after seeing me he started to jump on me and started to playing with me.

After some time his mom Devi came inside the bedroom and saw me playing with her son. She told that her son is often asking about me. I told her that you can call me whenever her son wanted to meet me and gave her my phone number. I had some other plan so I left their house while returning I thought that I forgot to ask her number back.

So I went back to her and asked same from her.

She took her mobile and gave me a missed call from her number and told me to save it. I said ok and left to my home.

That day night I got good night message from her WhatsApp number. I replied back her same from next day we started to chat through WhatsApp and I was asking about her hobby, education and about her hubby character. Days went on, once I asked her, “can I ask you something”.

Her reply was ‘you are like a family friend to me you can ask anything. I asked her how you got married to your husband who is elder than you?? She replied me that her marriage was arranged marriage and her parents pushed her to get marry with Vimal.

I told her, you look so pretty but your pair doesn’t match you. She replied that all are telling the same thing to her. I told her ‘you are looking beautiful even after giving birth to a child. She blushed for my message and changed the topic. We became closer that we started to share our personal life too.

Sunday morning I got a message from her that her son wants to meet me. I said ok and told her that I will come at 10 am. She replied that her hubby has gone out of town. I denied her by saying that I can’t come to her house when her hubby is not present in the house, to avoid rumors in the society that I am often visiting her house. She told me that her son wants to meet me. I finally agreed and replied her that I will come.

I went to her house and rang the bell. She opened the door, omg there she was looking so sexy in nighty. I wished her and went inside her house to play with her son. I started to play with her son while playing I was looking at her sexy body. She caught me two times and didn’t say any words, just gave a smile to me I smiled back and started to play back with her son.

She came with coffee in her hand and bent in front of me to give coffee. I saw her mounds which were covered by a white bra and she again caught me but did not utter me a single word again and gave me a strange smile and went away.

Time passed soon and her son went to sleep. She told me to have lunch with her since she wont like to eat alone. I said ok and started to serve food for me in the plate.

When she bent to serve sambar again my eyes got struck to her boobs. This time she openly told me, don’t look at her like that with a smile. I told her that how can a boy like me, can miss a chance to see a young lady like you and she smiled back to my open response.

While eating she asked about my relationship with Suma. We have discussed this topic in WhatsApp messages. I told her that Suma is busy nowadays in her work and also started to date some guy in her office. She felt sorry for asking and told me to look for some other girls.

I told her that now I am interested in married women like you. She smiled back and asked me what I need more to eat. She was trying to change the topic and I told her that I am almost full I don’t need anything. But I need one thing from you.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and her hubby was it. She opened the door and her hubby saw me eating and sat next to me had his lunch. After finishing my lunch I went back to my house. That night I messaged her hi but she was offline.

I went to sleep at morning I saw a message from her number which was sent at 1 am. I asked about her late reply, she replied me that she had very long sex with her hubby last night. So only she can’t message back. I giggled for her open reply.

She told me to come to her house after 7 on that same evening. I asked about her hubby she replied that her hubby has gone hometown for two days. I replied her ok.

After returning from office I messaged her that I am coming to your home. She replied with a smiley and told me to come soon. I went inside her house but her son was already sleeping. I asked her why she has invited me to her house that when her hubby is out of town.

She smiled back and went to the kitchen to prepare coffee for me. I told her not to prepare coffee that just now I had in my home. So she sat on the sofa next to me and told me to ask the one thing what I want to ask her last day. I told her that can I kiss your cheek for only time? She told okay and closed her eyes. I went near to her cheek and my eyes got struck to her kiss, which was looking red same as like strawberry fruit.

Instead of kissing her cheek I kissed her in lips. She opened her eyes and pushed me away. Gave me a look and asked why you kissed in lips, you just asked me to kiss in cheek. I told her that I can’t control after seeing your lips which were so sexy.

She asked me that ‘only my lips looks sexy in my whole body? I told her your boob and butt also looks sexy. She giggled over my comment about her body and started to ask about her Suma body. I told her that comparing Suma you look great.

She blushed again and hugged me. I felt her boobs crushing in my chest and I too hugged her tightly. I asked her ‘can I have sex for one time with you? she slapped me and told me you are not yet matured to understand a woman’s mind. I asked her reason.

She told me that a married woman is allowing you to kiss her and even she hugs you. But you can’t understand what is in her mind and kept her right hand on my penis and started to press it. I got excited and pulled her close our lips met each other.

I kept my right hand on her breast she told me to take her inside her guest bedroom. I took her in my arms started to walk inside her bedroom and threw her in bed.

We shared a passionate, full mouth kiss. She then sat on the bed and removed my pant and also peeled off my underwear and invited me to lie down with her.

I grabbed her boobs over nighty and removed her nighty inside she was wearing a red bra to hide her breast and I removed her panty. We spent at least 10 minutes deeply kissing and moving our hands over each other. I ran my hands over her breasts and her shaved pussy.

She began to open her legs, beginning to grind her warming cunt into my hands. I ran my fingertips and fingernails across her swelling lips, with the feeling against her pussy her arousal became high.

After a few more minutes she sat up and removed her bra, which allowed me to press beautiful breasts very hard.

I moved between her legs in a kneeling position and grabbed her hip. As I kneeled there I began to suck it her pussy, she started to make to and fro motion to my cock with her right hand and I told her to take in her mouth.

She gave me such a lovable blowjob for more than 5 mins. Pressure started to build inside me and told her the same.She stopped sucking and I pushed her and fell upon her. I crushed her breast for quite some time and we kissed for some more time she was so beautiful lying there in front of me.

My cock, which she had already taken into her mouth a few times, stood fully erect at the sight of her heavenly beauty. She clearly began to be aroused from the stimulation and, after a few minutes, asked me to get behind her so that I could hold her from behind.

I moved and she lay back on me as I then began to kiss her neck and to gently rub her breasts and stimulate her nipples.

I now had a view looking down her body as she took her left hand and began to use it to masturbate herself. I was watching her and held her as she began to grind her pussy and moaning high. I was then able to see as her hip movement began to quicken.

Suddenly, her body stiffened, her perfect ass tighten, and her arms trembled. It was amazing to watch her cumming from her own efforts, and it was beautiful to be holding her.

After she stopped cumming, I reached down and licked her pussy, then asked her, “did you enjoy that?” she said, oh yes! It was amazing. She turned around and gave me an amazing lick experience all over my body, and it’s time for final action.

I placed my dick in between her pussy lips and pushed hard into her pussy she gave a sexy sound and told me to fuck her hard. I started with slow action and kept on increasing my speed.

After fucking her more than 10 mins, I came inside her pussy and fell on her.

After 2 mins, she gave a deep lip kiss and told me to leave her alone for this day. Since it was already 10 pm and told me to come tomorrow evening after reaching home from the company so that we can enjoy two days till her hubby is in out of town.

I dressed back and left back to home. I messaged her that I had taken a leave for two days from work. She felt happy and sent me a photo of her naked boobs which she took it now for me. I replied her that for two days you will be my wife. She said ok and told me to come soon in morning.

The next two days we fucked 14 times in her house. Please comment me your feedback or mail me at / /

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