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Info about me first, I am a 25 years old working in an MNC and earning enough to have a decent lifestyle. I was just missing out on sex, the problem with me is I am horny all the time like a teenager and no matter how much I had, it was always less.

It was one of those nights when I had a long and tiresome day at work and I just needed to fuck the brains out of some sexy lady. So, I thought of getting some professional help. I got the number of an escort agency that was known to be very discreet and top notch quality from one of my friend and I called it.

They send me the pictures of some of their girls, all too luscious and juicy. It was hard to pick anyone for they were all hell of sexy, but finally, I choose a north eastern looking girl, it was something really sexy about her eyes that got me. I informed them about my choice and was told to wait for an hour for the girl to arrive at my place.

I freshened up, ordered a couple of beers and some food. My dick was hard the whole time thinking about how the night will turn out to be. And then I heard a knock, and there she was in a black outfit, all alone with a really nice smile on her place that made her look really pretty.

She twitched her lips in a sexy way, biting her lower lip and said, “Hello” in an angel like voice. I hold her hand in my hand and planted a kiss on it, she giggled like a child. I told her to get comfortable and use the restroom if she needed.

After two minutes, she came out of the restroom and sat across me on the bed flaunting her sexy legs, while I was lying on the bed relaxing. I went close to her and planted a kiss on each of those sexy legs. She held my head and pulled me up and said, “Hey, mister, not so fast, we have got the whole night.”

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen”

“Oh, I am flattered, but lets get something to eat first”

I showed her to the dining room, poured two glasses of beer and sat across to her. It was really a girlfriend like an experience and it didnt feel like even for a moment that she is a hooker. We were drinking looking deep into each other’s eyes, I could smell her fragrance and was devouring on it.

“Mister, you got a really nice place for yourself.”

“Thank you, ahh, what was your name please?”

“You can call me an angel, mister.”

“Is that your real name?”

“Yeah, it is and tonight I will be your angel.”

I knew she was lying but what the heck, she was very fluent in English and she had that sexy eloquence and style that any guy would love to listen to every day.

“So, what do you do apart from this job?”

“I work in a call center. So, are we going to talk like this or are we going to have some action, mister”

I got up and pulled her over to my shoulders, walked to my bedroom and placed her nicely on the bed. And then I leaned over her, held her head between my hands and kissed her lips.

She was a good kisser, better than anyone I had ever kissed. I sucked her lower lip which was soft like a butter for a very long time, sensing her breath and taking it all in and then I rolled my tongue into her mouth touching her tongue with my tongue, the smell of her mouth was like Mediterranean breeze rising out of the sea.

At that moment I lost all my senses, I forgot where I was or who I was, it was just me and this beautiful lady living the moment in a perfect way.

I rolled over my lips to her neck and tasted it, placing my hand on her right breast. She wrapped her arms around me, pushing me deeper into herself. I removed her top gently uncovering her beautiful breast covered in a pink bra. I sucked her nipples over the bra till it was wet while she was moaning in pleasure and tearing my hairs apart.

I rolled my hand towards her back and unhooked her bra and I found in front of myself the perfect pair of boobs, they were not too big and not too short, just the size that would fit in the wine glass.

I went completely mad over them sucking them, twitching them and pressing them. Pressing those boobs, I moved to her belly and kissed all over it, she was wild with pleasure and giggles all the time.

I removed her shorts and kissing her thighs I could smell the aroma of her pussy. I removed her pink panty and smelled her delicious pussy. I kissed around her pussy lips and then she begin to shiver.

I could not wait to taste her, so I rolled my tongue into her pussy lips and begin to taste her inside. It tasted like the strawberry-vanilla-chocolate mixture. She began to arch her back pushing my tongue deeper into her vagina and I was licking all of it like a dog.

“Ahh, mister, you are so good at this.”

“I know baby, just relax and feel it.”

“Please dont stop, keep going please, ohhhh ahhh just like that. Keep going, lick my pussy, mister, I am going to cum, ahhh ohhh, oooooh, oh yeah eeeeee, oh my fuck, oooffff”

She was a squirter, I drank all her juice and still she got my face wet. I rubbed my face to her thighs. I wet my finger with her juice and inserted it into her mouth. She began to suck it like she was sucking a dick.

“Ah, mister, I want your cock please”

She removed my underwear with her mouth and kissed the tip of my penis. She held my dick in both of her hands and begin to give me a blowjob, she was using both her lips and tongue to suck my cock really hard. She was also giving me soft bites her teeth on my shaft. She took both my dick and balls in her mouth and was fiddling with my thighs.She sucked me for like half an hour and was amazed why I am not coming still.

“Oh man, why dont you fill my mouth with all your butter. I want it badly.”

“That wont happen unless it tastes some of your pussy juice.”

“Then what are you waiting for, get over me and fuck me like its the end of the world.”

I aggressively pushed her under me, spread her legs, rolled over a condom and deep thrust her vagina with all my force and begin to fuck her pussy. She was moaning like hell and within two minutes she squirted again, it got all wet down there, I pumped her pussy even much faster and harder now. Her head would hit the end of bed with each push but she was so lost in pleasure to notice that.

Then I changed position and she came on top of me and begin to fuck me with all her might. She leaned over me and placed a bite on my neck and scratch my chest with her nails. I started to push from downwards and after five minutes she came again and pulled all her wait on me lying her head on my shoulders and breathing in my ears.

I laid her on my side with the penis still in her pussy and begin to pump and after two minutes I came inside her. We were still in each other’s tight embrace and were kissing each other fully relaxed.

“Who are you mister, sex machine?”

“The fault is all yours, babe, you are irresistible.”

After that, we had four more such steamy sessions in that night. She never asked for the money but I gave her double the amount that was promised. I got her private number and promised to meet again real soon.

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