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Hi, guys! I’m a regular follower of Indian sex stories. I always wondered if I would get a chance to be in a situation that I could share on ISS. And luckily, I had a wonderful and sensational experience with my neighbor, a couple of months back and I’m sharing it here for the first time. As this was my first and true experience, I would like to elaborate all the details. It’s a bit too lengthy. So please bear with me

I’m bobby, 24 years, and I live in an apartment with my parents and there are three other families residing here. A couple without children lives next door. The couple has been married for 5 years but never had a child as the husband was always keen in building his business rather than building his family. So she (Saranya), always used to get excited about looking at any child. Saranya is 4 years elder to me.

As usual, a couple of months back, her husband went on a business trip to some foreign country and she was all alone. And as it was the time of quarterly exam vacation and so the other families residing in the apartment also left on for vacation. Saranya used to come to our home and talk to my parents at times and she was very friendly. And a day later, because of a funeral at my relatives place, my parents had to leave to my native. This left Saranya and me all alone in the entire apartment.

On the same evening, she came home and asked for my mother, and I told her about their immediate plan and she said ok and left. She came back at around 8 and asked me if I wanted to have dinner, she could prepare for me too. I said ok and she prepared something to eat and we had dinner together in my house. After the dinner, we started chatting and as an impulsive act, I asked her why she didnt have a child for her.

She suddenly broke into tears and started crying. I dont know what to do, I just sat still and after a while, I touched her shoulder and tried to console her. She managed to stop crying and started explaining about the life with her husband. I felt pity for her and told her that I can help her bear a child. What I meant was I can give them ideas of making a couple spend time together. But she mistook it and stared at me. Without saying a word she ran to her house and locked her door.

I got tensed and started knocking her house and apologized to her that I didnt mean it a wrong way. After 5 mins of waiting, she came out, locked her door and got into my house. I was puzzled. She started “ are you sure you can help me get a baby?”. I didnt know what to reply but told her that I can.

She suddenly went to my bedroom and lay on the bed and called me in. I said” then do it. Help me” . I was shocked but was so very excited about the way she spoke. I never imagined girls can be so frank. She actually wanted me to have sex with her. I just confirmed with her what she wanted and she boldly told, “small boy! Yea I am asking for that only, c’mon sleep with me. I won’t tell your parents or my husband. Are you interested or not, it will stay between us?”. I really didnt know what to do because I never had sex before. I have only watched porn.

I said ok and went close to her and tried to remove her pallu as she was wearing a maroon colored lacy saree. My heart was pounding and my hands shivering. She asked,full size” what are you doing?” I told” I’m undressing you” and she replied “ not necessary, just make it fast and I have to go sleep” because that is the way she was used to be fucked by her husband, with clothes on, lights off and a quickie. I had other ideas. I wanted to make my first experience so romantic.

I told her that Ive seen so many passionate porn and I wanted to try it.She thought for a while and said yes. I turned on a dim light and sprayed a nice fragrance of scent in the room and turned on the a/c adjusted it to be just cool enough. There was full size mirror in my bedroom. I asked her to stand in front of that. She did and I went behind her back and whispered in her ears “ just close your eyes and enjoy whatever is coming, I’ll try to make you happy this night”. She smiled and closed her eyes and said, she actually started liking the ambience.

I stood behind her and held her hands with mine and stood in titanic position and told her “you look so beautiful”. She blushed. I kissed her cheek first and she enjoyed it, then moved on to chin, and the other side.

She started getting into the rhythm and turned her face towards me to yield her lips. I had a passionate kiss with our tongues playing and lips sucking for almost 5 mins. “this is the first kiss im enjoying” she said. I kissed her neck from side to side and gently bit her ears, and kissed the nape of her neck.

Moving down, I kissed her back above her blouse neck and slowly slid her pallu down her arm and it felt down. I insisted her to stand with her eyes closed.

I went in front of her and kissed her lips again, and slid my finger from her forehead down her, nose, her lips, her neck and without touching her cleavage, to her navel and twirled my finger around it. Her navel so not too deep, not too shallow, perfect for her dusky skinned tummy. She felt a tickling sensation when I did that which was evident by the movement of her tummy in and out.

I knelt down, holding her hips on both sides, I kissed her navel. She got goose bumps and she held my head, still with her eyes closed. She was enjoying every bit of my moves and I learnt that her husband had never given her pleasure like this. I licked her tummy and here and there and twirled my tongue around her navel. I gave deep kisses on her tummy making her bend forward because of the tickles. She laughed and said it’s tickling her.

I got up and went behind her again and started unhooking her blouse. While removing it, I kissed her shoulders and slid my lips down her arms and hands kissing every inch and kissed the inner side of her arms too. Finally I planted a kiss on the backside of her hand telling her “this is a special kiss for my angel”. She was carried away with the way she was treated like this.

And with one pull of the string in her petticoat, it fell down. Now there she was standing with only bra and panties in front the mirror. Her curves were well defined. She had a body similar to shruthi hassan. With fat located at exact locations.

Though my body was in full force to just fuck her straight away, I wanted to take it slow and steady. I kissed the back of her neck in the midline and kissed every inch down her spine till her butt crack while gave her chills. I moved up again and unhooked her bra and removed it slowly. Wow. She boobs glistened in the dim light.

They looked so soft, perfect shape, like two bunnies. Her nipple was brown in colour, smooth and glistening. I couldn’t resist squeezing them. But moved to her front and slowly pulled down her panties kissing her leg all the way down to her feet. Now she was completely naked in front of the mirror. I went behind her and asked her to pen her eyes.

She blushed. She tried to hide her boobs with her hands, but I took them away. I told her “you look so beautiful in your birthday suit. Your boobs are perfectly shaped and your pussy with ample hair over it is always the kind I liked.Your husband has missed such a beauty” I could see the joy in her eyes as I praised her body. Her butt were so firm and round. I went in front of her and lifted her arms above her head and held them there with my hands.

I kissed her boobs in that position and it allowed me to kiss her entire boobs from side to side and I also kissed her chest just beneath her armpits, but I dint touch her nipples. She was puzzled and her erect nipples became flaccid with disappointment even in the cold air of a/c. I went and took a bottle of honey from the fridge and poured few drops over both the nipples.

She understood what I was gonna do and said “you are so romantic bobby”. I touched the tip of the her right nipple with the tip of my tongue and suddenly it became hard and erect, then I licked the honey over her areoles from side by side thrashing her nipples with my tongue.

Then I took the whole areole into my mouth and started sucking on them like a baby. My tongue was fiddling with the nipples inside my mouth and she enjoyed it. She moved her chest more close to my face and pressed my face against her boobs telling me to take more and more of it. After 20 mins of sucking, I lifted her and placed her the bed, with legs hanging down from the edge of the cot.

I kissed both her feet and moved up to her knee, kissing the backside of her knee. And then her thighs, inner thighs, outer thighs, backside.. Every inch of it was wetted with my kisses and bites. Her inner thighs were the most sensitive.

I moved upto her pussy and spread her legs. She was already dripping wet, with all her pussy juices over her pussy. I was very happy that I made a girl cum at my first attempt. I spread her thighs further and moved my face towards her pussy and she was eagerly waiting for my mouth to touch it. But I diverted and kissed her groin crease on both sides. I saw the disappointment on her face. I dint want to tease her more.

With two fingers, spread her pussy lips. Wow, though she was dusky, her pussy was pink and cute. With ample hair around it, this was like one of the cute pussies I ve ever seen in porn. I licked her outer pussy lips from side to side and licked the inner side of her inner lips. And she started shivering and moaning. That was the first time I listened to a girl moan. I spread her lips and gave one long lick from the back end till the clit. She just gave a jerk once my tongue hit her clit.

I licked the left side of the clit and the right side and she said with a shivering voice “exactly what I like”. I took the whole clit in my mouth and twirled my tongue around it. I pinched the pussy lips with the clit inside like a sandwich, clit in between two pussy lips and rolled it gently. She started shivering again and asked me “ what are you doing? Where did you learn all these? “ I smiled and said “porn”.

She lay back and enjoyed everything. I massaged her pussy lips with my finger tips gently in a rotating motion. And slowly inserted one finger into her pussy. But as she already had sex before, it was loose. So I inserted tow fingers and moved it in and out. It wasn’t effective for her. “try something else” she said. I remember seeing something in porn. I inserted two fingers into her pussy and rotated them inside the pussy near its opening. Making the opening wide with each circle motion.

Soon I picked up rhythm and made circling motion in her pussy and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Soon, I felt a gush of fluid drenching my fingers and she squeezed her thighs tight with my fingers inside and I saw her having an orgasm at last. Her face turned red, her body tight, her thighs squeezing. She was not able to speak but began to shout but I shut her mouth.

Such a sexy scene it was to see her legs spread, pussy dripping and creating a pool on the floor. After 10 mins of rest, she got and saw me rubbing my dick. She said “now its my turn” and removed my t shirt pants along with my underwear in one pull. And I was naked in front of her.

She kissed me from head to toe, not leaving an inch and at the end told me that he kissed me more times than I did.And there she went to the hot spot. My dick was between 5.5-6 inch when fully erect, an average size. And I’m not too fat and not too thin. She took my dick in her hand and slowly rubbed her hand over it.

Within in a few seconds I came automatically and it was a huge load. She laughed at me and I was embarrassed.Looking at me she said, “aww. Baby don’t be embarrassed. I love you for whatever you are” and added,”I know exactly what to do” and she took my flaccid dick into her mouth and started sucking it like a candy.Ive never felt such pleasure before. My dick not even touched by a female, was then being sucked for the first time. The sucking continued for a few mins and my dick was hard again but this time even harder and throbbing.

She looked into my eyes and licked my dick from the base till the tip at one stroke. And she played with the underside of my dick, licked it, sucked it and gently bit it. And then concentrated on the dick head, sucking like a porn star. She also took my balls into her mouth and did the same things what she did to my flaccid dick, mins before. I was in heaven.

Then she asked looking at my dick “are you ready sweetie?” and my dick was throbbing back and forth and she took it as a yes and lay down on her back and spread her legs inviting me to her pleasure hole.

I lay on her and adjusted my hip in between her legs and she put my dick into her pussy. The position was uncomfortable for me at first but managed to move my dick in and out. She held my neck with her hands and started making noises. I was not able to put my entire dick into her pussy.

So I asked her to go on all fours. And there she was on all fours and I put my dick from behind nice and deep. With every stroke pushing her forward. I began gaining momentum and started fucking her fast. And her pussy was tight since my dick was stout.

After 5 mins of doggy style, I wanted to see her beauty again. I suggested cowgirl. I lay down and she got over me and sat on my dick. She first teased me by rubbing my dick with her pussy lips and after a while inserted it inside. She started bouncing over my dick and I caught hold of her ass cheeks and supported her.

In the middle, she adjusted her hair raising her hands. Wow what a sight it was. Her boobs bounced more when she raised her hands. I caught of her boobs and squeezed them and twisted them gently first in clockwise direction and then in counterclockwise.

Then we got bored with the position and I sat down with my legs spread and she sat over me wrapping her legs around my hips and hugging me tight. She then bounced over my dick and I assisted her grabbing her ass again.

I hugged her tight and got up and stood in front of the mirror and bounced her over my dick up and down in air. The sound of “slurp, chuk chuk’ was heard loud in a silent environment. It was almost 1 am. And my dick started to ache.I wanted to fuck her in one last position and asked her to lie down on her stomach and spread her legs, like a frog. It was difficult for her but wanted to try it. I banged her from behind and I was about to cum.

Though I fucked her, I dint want her to make her pregnant. I told I am gonna cum on her back. She asked me why and I told her that I don’t want to get into trouble. She said ok and asked me to cum in her mouth .

I stroked my dick and came in her mouth and to my surprise it was another huge load. She swallowed it and lay on the bed tired. I saw her pussy which was red and swollen a bit.

I got down on her and kissed her pussy. “you greedy boy. You never get enough right?” but I replied “no. Not like that, I can see that your hurts a bit, I just want to massage it and turn it into pleasure” and I took her pussy lips in between my lips and gently massaged them. I don’t know why but seeing that, she had tears in her eyes. I asked her what it was but she told it was nothing.

She then suggested 69 and we were in that position for half an hour sucking dick and licking pussy. It was 2:30 am and we both were tired. She lay down on her side and I slept next to her. We both were naked and I cupped her pussy with my hand during sleep.

We got up at 6 am and decided to have a bath together. We had an awesome session in the bathroom with a blowjob and pussy lick again and a quickie fuck too. We came out, dressed ourselves and went to our offices. While going I found her ass bouncing from side to side as she walked. And I was aroused again. I thought of concentrating on it the next time if I get a chance. I just smacked it while she walked out of the door and she blushed.

In the middle of the office hours, I got a text from her. “ my flower didnt hurt last night. I am pain free for the first time. And make my flower yours tonight too” and I replied,”lets celebrate your beauty again ;)”

I was excited and learnt that her husband is not gonna be here around. That night we went a step further and tried it out outside our flats. I will tell you guys about it in the next part. Please do send in your feedbacks. / /

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