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As mentioned in my previous Indian sex story post, I will write more about my experience in other cities. I got a lot of positive response in my Gmail and pr id. Thanks for the encouragement as this is what keeping me to open up more and share my experiences.

So as I said earlier whenever I travel to any city due to my marketing work then I try to hook up with someone interesting. I will write more about it in various parts city wise. So this time I travel to Kerala for my work and I landed up in Kochi for my office work.

So now before I leave for the other city I change my location in planetromeo to that city so that I start getting messages from that city as it will help me choose and connect to the desired guy from that city. By the time I reached that city I didnt found anyone interesting. So after the days work of not finding anyone interesting, I decided to get myself pampered and went for authentic Kerala massage.

So I visited this beautiful spa and enrolled for full body massage.

When my turn came I was escorted to a room and I had to change my clothes into thin cotton white dhoti type towel.I then lied on a massage bed waiting for my masseur. So here enters my dark complexion masseur . He must be around 61, well built smooth masseur. Thought I was surprised to see a smooth looking Kerala man as I always thought Kerala men to be hairy.

I dont know why but he looked at my entire body from top to toe like as u say in Hindi “Maal” is lying in front of him and then he smiled at me. He said it is going to be one-hour session wherein he will give me full body massage and then steam bath. Oh, I forgot to mention one thing. There was good aroma all around and lights were little dim. So it was a nice ambiance as it should be for a good body massage. He started off with massaging my head and it felt so good and relaxed.

Then he started massaging my body and he spent more time massaging my boobs and tummy and I think he loved them. Later he massaged my legs and it felt good.

After that, he turned me back and massaged my back and ass. I must tell you it felt really good and awesome. I told him to massage once more my legs as I had pain in legs. So he did that but this time slowly and knowingly I felt he tried to touch the side of my dick. It made me hard on and I tried to side my towel a bit so that my dick is visible. He saw my dick erect and out, but he covered them up. Then I went for a steam bath.

Once I came out he wiped my entire body . He was so close to me I felt I wanted him badly making love to me. He was wiping my upper body slowly especially my boobs area. I complimented him that he is a really good masseur and very hot too.

He smiled back and said that I got really good hot body too and said got upper curves like female. I somehow felt shy and said thanks. I wanted to hold him as my time was about to end. So I asked him doesnt he feel like coming close to men. He said he likes to but in the spa, he is not allowed for that. I told him that I am new here and would like company for dinner. So I asked him why does not he come to my hotel for some nice dinner and hang out with me.He agreed and then I left.

Around 9pm he came to my hotel, we went to the hotel restaurant for dinner. During dinner, I learned that he only massages male customers only . He said he had few times sucked dick during the massage and let few customers suck his dick too during the massage and for that, he was given extra tip if u may call it. I told him that we can have dessert in my room and continue our talks there.

He agreed and came with me to my hotel. I ordered two big cups of dark chocolate ice cream. I asked him that can I ask for a favor, he said sure. I said please give me massage again but using these chocolate ice cream. He was surprised but I could see him smile. I told him I can pay him for that. He said he would love to give me a massage and said he wont charge me for that because he really liked my body.

So I made my room light dim and opened all my clothes except my undies. He took his shirt off and I could his bare macho body. He took the chocolate ice cream which was a little cold and started applying on my body. I felt the chill and I was feeling hot already.

He applied on my boobs and tummy and kept massaging it. Then I asked him if he would like to enjoy the dessert himself by tasting my body. He said yes and started licking the chocolate on my boobs and tummy. Oh, my god, it felt so good which I can just tell in words. I was moaning slowly with my eyes closed as he was gorging on my boobs and biting my nipples in between. Then he applied on my dick and licking it. My..My..My I was on cloud 9. I licked it and I asked him to stop. I didnt want to end it.

So I asked him lets go to the bathroom. I asked him lets enjoy each other body while showering each other. I opened the shower and he was cleaning the left over chocolate on my id. I started licking his chest and tummy. Then I went on his back . I went down slowly kissed his ass and I made him turn on me and started licking his dick. He was loving it. He said he wanted to do all this on the bed . So went back wet on the bed. He started licking on the water droplets of my entire wet body.

He kept on sucking my boobs and pressing it hard. I was moaning louder now. I then went on his dick and sucked him by applying the leftover chocolate ice cream and we both were loving it. I asked him that when he was about to cum then let me know so that he can spill all on my ass.

He was about to cum and then he turned me back and placed his dick on my ass little poking and then he cummed on me. Warm cum spilling on my ass and he was pressing my boobs underneath. Then he gave me a blowjob as I was also high. Then we both cleaned each other. I asked him to stay back if he wants to and can go in the morning to which he agreed. We repeated the same twice in that night and we had an awesome time. Another reason why I had little big boobs now.

I hope you liked my true story. Apart from that, you can check my planetromeo id as well which is boobsfeed. Plus my Gmail id is / /

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