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Suresh after that day became much bolder and as soon as vineet use to leave at 1 pm. He would bolt the door and ask me to take my clothes off and start fucking me either in the mouth or in my gaand. He would often say when his lund use to be inside my gaand, ooohhh… chintu…meri jan I am so lucky that I am the first one in the batch jo teri gaand maar raha hai. Teri gaand ke peeche to sara batch pagal hai. Tu bus kisi ko bhi ishara kar de woh teri chudai ko taiyaar ho jayega. He was a pretty good fucker and use to fuck me for a prolonged period of an hour or so every day.Some day he would again start a session around 5 pm. And fuck me till just before 6.00. I was getting a great time and was on top of the world but my desire of getting fucked by vineet had now become very strong.

One day when suresh had fucked me to his heart’s content I asked him, suresh would you feel bad if somebody else fucked me, I also want to enjoy other lunds. You only told me that whole batch is pagal after my gaand but I don’t want to hurt your feelings, so you will always be able to fuck me whenever you want and I will give you first choice always but if you do not want to share me with others I will not try it. Suresh said, chintu you are such a nice fuck that everyone would like to fuck you and in fact I would want to watch you getting fucked hard by somebody else. I told him then suresh you will have to help me sabse pehle mujhe vineet se gaand marwani ki bahut tammanaa hai wo hamare batch ka topper hai isiliye mein usse gaand marwana chahta hun, please help me.

Suresh said no problem, I will help you. What do you want me to do? I said you should speak to vineet about you fucking me regularly and how much both of us are enjoying every day. Describe what a great fuck I am and give a detailed description of my body to him. Ask him if he would be also like to enjoy? Suresh said ok, I will do so.

Two days later suresh said that he talked to vineet about him fucking me and asked him if he is interested. He told that vineet was very excited and wanted to fuck me but not in front of suresh. I told suresh that tomorrow after lunch he should go to pawan’s room to tell vineet that you are going to mr m place to study and will be back only at 5 pm.Next day after lunch vineet left for pawan’s room and suresh said he would leave after having a fuck session. He quickly took off my clothes and asked me to take doggy position. I came into doggy position and he took off his clothes and by that time his lund was hard and erect with his large bulbous supara. He applied vaseline to my gaand and his lund and with one hard jerk impaled my gaand completely. I felt his hard balls hitting my ass.

He now started fucking me hard with long strokes and soon his rhythm increased and I could feel his lund moving inside my gaand like a piston, this carried on for fifteen minutes and then I felt his lund pulsating inside my gaand and he shouted… ohhhhhh … chiiiitooo …. Ahhh ……. Here I cum and discharged his cum inside my gaand squirting wads after wads of thick semen that started filling my gaand. He then quickly removed his lund from my gaand and it made a pop sound as his lund was still partially erect.

He cleaned himself, put on his clothes and left saying just wait vineet will be here to give you joy of fucking. Just clean yourself and get ready for vineet. I was still lying naked on my bed and then started cleaning myself.

I then continued to lie down on the bed naked for fifteen minutes when the door opened and vineet entered and closed the door behind him. He saw me lying naked and came over and started caressing my ass cheeks. I felt great thrill as my dream of getting fucked by vineet was about to come true.

Vineet then started kissing my lips and started pinching my nipples that filled me with lust and desire and I asked vineet please take off your clothes also. Vineet took off his shirt and I saw the muscular body with strong muscles. He then took off his trouser and underwear and I got the first glimpse of his beautiful lund. I held his semi erect lund in my hand and started caressing it. It immediately started growing in size and soon came to its prime. I felt it was longer and fatter than even ramesh’s lund.

It was about 4.5 inches in girth and about 9.5 inches long. His lund was pulsating in my hand and it had a blood red supara like a big blob as big as a table tennis ball and was slightly curved downwards. At the base of this 9.5 inch monster were his sacks with two table tennis ball sized testicles. It was an awesome sight. I felt very excited about the prospects of this monster invading my ass and pounding it. I was getting full of lust and desire and was beginning to shiver.

I now bent down and took his lund in mouth and started sucking it hard. Vineet felt very good and said ohhhh …. Yes chintu… suck me hard… I am going to give you the pleasure of your life today. I continued sucking him and started taking more and more of his lund inside my mouth and then started pushing it inside my throat. Vineet’s whole lund was in my mouth with the tip deep inside my throat. He started fucking my throat and soon wads of his first thick cum were filling my throat and mouth. He came vigorously for about two minutes. He said ohhhh… chintu I have never cum so much, this was a great experience.

I said ohh…. Vineet, I want to become your slave, please take charge of my body and fuck me hard, this was my lifelong ambition; you can fuck me whenever you want and wherever you want, I want to be your sex slave. This body is for you. Oh… vineet… mujhe tere lund ka bahut intezar tha. Tujhse gaand marwane ke liye meine suresh ko bhi apni gaand marne di. Ab bujha de meri gaand ki pyas aur phar de meri gaand apne is mote lund se.

Don’t worry chintu, I will give you such pleasure that you will never forget it. I always lusted for you and your beautiful body, especially this shapely ass of yours. Tuune mujhe thora bhi ishara kiya hota to tujhe suresh ko beech mein lani ki jaroorat hi nahin parti. Khair koi baat nahin. Aaj jee bahr ke teri gaand marunga or phar dalunga ise, ye dekh mera lund kaisa fanfana raha hai tere gaand ko pharne keliye. I made him sit on the bed and sat down on the floor and took his now flaccid cock in mouth again and started licking it with my tongue and once it became clean I started slowly licking the length of his cock with my tongue and started delicately caressing his large balls with my hand.

Vineet said, “oh chintu, you are so good, I am again getting aroused, oh lovely, keep it up.” his cock slowly again started growing and after two minutes of my licking it rose to its magnificent thickness and length. Oh…. Vineet, your lund is such a monster I have never taken anything close to this in my ass. Today I am going to have a fuck of my life.
Vineet now made me stand up from the floor. We stood facing each other by the side of the bed and we kissed each other again.

Soon his hands were all over my body. Vineet said, “chintu, you are so beautiful, your body is so soft and delicate sexy like a girl and your boy boobs are so prominent, I am going to enjoy ravishing your beautiful and sexy body.”

He then laid me down on the bed with my legs dangling over the edge, he leaned over me and kissed me again running his hands over my chest and stomach and then started playing with my cock, he started kissing my cheek and moved to my neck, kissing and gently licking his way to my nipples, I felt his hot breath on my stomach as he moved down to my crotch to my exposed rock hard cock, he used his hand to guide it into his mouth and he expertly took it all into his mouth, his nose buried in my short pubic hair I felt his tongue moving around my penis and I rolled my eyes back in ecstasy. Aaaahhhh … vineeeet …. Oh…..Yeeess … oh…. I love it, oh… vineet you are such a great lover.

He expertly used his mouth, hand and tongue and brought me to climax, we kissed again and I could taste myself in his mouth. We kissed for a while and I was hard again he then broke the kiss and stood up, walked over to his bed side table and brought back a small bottle of lubricant.

My heart started to race as I knew what was coming, he asked “chintu are you ready?”, mera lund bahut betaab ho raha hai, teri gaand taiyaar hai mera mota lund jhelne ke liye. I said ohhh…. Vineet… yeesss, I am ready, please fulfill my desire. Meri gaand to kab se taiyaar hai, bahut dino ki pyasi hai tere is lund key. Aaj sabse mota aur lamba lund meri gaand mein ghusega aur meri gaand bhosra ban jayegi, tere lund ke liye to ye abhi bhi bahut tight hai tujhe bhi khoob maja aayega.

Still lying on my back he told me to bring my knees to my chest, I did so and he bent down and slowly licked my balls and moved towards my ass hole, I felt his tongue probing my tight ass hole the warm wetness sent shivers around my groin and then a lubed finger slowly penetrated me. Oh… vineet, tum to bahut expert choodu ho, wah maja aa raha hai.

He added more lube and inserted his finger again this time with more ease, he swirled his finger around and I started to relax, my muscles relaxed and I breathed deeply and slowly. Vineet then inserted a second finger and then the third finger lubed with lubricant and prepared my puckered hole for penetration of his big fat lund. He then stood up and got into position.

He looked at me and I looked at him as he smiled at me as I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to my lubed hole.Chal chintu taiyaar ho ja, ab mein apna lund their gaand mei ghusane wala hunn, phat to nahin jayegee naa?

He ran it up and down between my ass cheeks then started putting pressure on, I relaxed and slowly felt his cock sliding into me, the big purple head popped in and past the tight sphincter muscles around the entrance, ohhhhh… ahhhhh …..Yyeeess vineet ohhh…. Ahhhhh…ohhh.. Yee to such mein bahut mota hai par mujhe to chahiye pura meri gaand ke andar. Chal ghusa de pura ka pura lund. I let out a long pleasurable moan ohhhh….Mmm… yeesss viiinneett… as he slowly pushed his thick shaft into me, stretching my tight ass around his big cock.

It seemed an eternity until I felt his balls touching my ass, I felt very full, I could feel his cock deep inside me, he held himself inside me for a while to let me adjust to the fact I have just taken the longest and fattest lund in to my ass, then slowly he withdrew until just the tip was inside me making me feel very empty inside. “ohhhh… vineet…. Ahhhh…please, fuck me.” I said in a soft voice. Ab maar na meri gaand, ab to pura andar ghus chukka hai, nahin phatee meri gaand.

Vineet said “lee ab marta hun teri gaand jam ke”. He then thrusts into me hard and fast the second time and must have hit me in a special spot as I felt a wave of pleasure.

Ahhhh …. Ayeee … ohhh …. Yesssss.. Viiiineettt … oh…..Yeeess… fuuckkk meee. He started to fuck me in long smooth strokes making sure all of his cock goes into me, he was rubbing the right spots as I felt a wave of pleasure every stroke. Ohhhhh.. Vineet..Yeeeess … fuck me hard, phar de meri gaand ….Aaj meri murad puri ho gayi hai.

I reached out and touched his chest and rubbed my hands over his body I clamped my legs around him as I felt my climax building, I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me and he picked up the pace and pumped into me hard and fast. Sweat formed on his brow and he let out loud groans and moans of pleasure as he continued to pound his huge lund in my ass. Oh…yeeessss …. Chintoo, oh… you are wonderful, I always wanted to fuck you. Teri gaand bahut tight hai, isne mere lund to bahut jore se jakar rakha hai, mujhe bahut maja aa raha hai. You have such a great body and beautiful ass. It was too much for me and I soon had another climax my body tensed, my cock throbbed with no stimulation and my ass tightened as I unloaded onto my stomach and chest.

The sight of my orgasm sent vineet over the edge he shouted “ohhhh…chintu… yessss… ohhhh. Mein jharne wala hun, teri gaand bahut must hai… ahhhhh .. Ohhhh …yeeess..” and with a deep thrust I felt his trembling cock swell and unload his seed deep inside me. Spurt after spurt his lund sent big globs of cum deep inside my rectum.

I felt the heat of warm globs inside my ass and was shivering with lust and excitement. He continued spurting for next two minutes. He must have spurted at least 25 times and filled my ass with his warm sticky cum. He fell forward and breathing heavily over me and we kissed passionately until his cock softened and slid out of me. In the afterglow of my climax I felt so alive so pleased with myself so happy that vineet had fucked me, this is what I always wanted since class ix.

We had made quite a mess and so vineet got up and went to his bed and took out a towel and asked me to get up and come to him.

I stood up and walked to him. I felt his eyes on me, my ass and his cum running down my legs the sight must have made him incredibly turned on. He bent down and started cleaning me and asked me to bend down. I bent down and he cleaned my legs and ass with the towel.

As soon as he had cleaned my ass, I felt his hands again caressing my ass.

I again submitted to him and bent over ready for my second fucking, his hard cock was quickly buried inside me, thrusting in explosive passion. The strong humping and quick fucking and my hand pumping my cock caused me to feel feint and light headed. On the verge of blacking out I was engulfed in pleasure as I had another orgasm and soon after I felt vineet unloading inside me again. I collapsed but vineet held me firmly laid me on his bed.

All through the winter study camp I was having a great time with vineet and suresh giving me great pleasure of fucking me to my heart’s content every day. Suresh use to fuck me after lunch between 2 pm to 5 pm when vineet use to be away to pankaj’s room and vineet between 5 pm To 7 pm When suresh use to be with mr j.S. For maths.

After few days after night prep at 11 pm vineet felt this urge of sex and he told me let us leave this pretense and I want to fuck you now. So he asked me to take my clothes off and called me to his bed and fucked me hard for half an hour and suresh sitting in the next bed was watching him fuck me.

I felt greater lust in getting fucked when someone else is watching. Since that day we did not bother about timing and suresh and vineet fucked me whenever they or I felt like enjoying sex. I was getting fucked at least four times a day.

One day I asked both of them to have a threesome and vineet fucked my gaand and suresh fucked my throat. I was having great time and my gaand was getting two great lunds every day.

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