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After the long session of sex, we ordered food. I was sitting there on the sofa sipping my drink and having a smoke wearing my padded bra and lace panty only. Saurabh was lying on the bed nude and facing me. We were chatting and then he told me he is a sports trainer and works out.That’s where he got his stamina I guess. The room service told us that food will take about 20 mins so we were watching tv and after I finished my smoke I got up

Me- I should change to normal, the food will be in shortly

Him- ok

But wear your t-shirt over the lingerie

Me- ok, you also wear your clothes.

I removed the pads from bra and wore the t-shirt and shorts. He just pulled the sheets over himself and said I will be under the sheet no prob.

5 mins later the bell rang and I opened the door and asked the waiter to put the food on the table. The guy came in and said good evening sir and put the food tray on the table and laid out the dishes. Then he saw saurabh on the bed.

Waiter(lets name him raj) good evening sir

Him- good evening

Raj- sir are you two friends? You are from room no 201

Him- yes we just became friends( caught off guard he just said that)

Raj- you want anything else sir( looking at my chest then face)

Me- no thanks, you can clear the dishes after some time.

Raj- ok sir I will call before I come to clear dishes.

Me- ok thanks

He went out. We both looked at each other realizing that raj suspected something. Anyway, we decided to finish the food and Saurabh should go back to his room so that raj did not suspect anything more.

We finished the food and I lit a smoke. Saurabh ( s) was sitting there.

The phone rand and raj said he is coming to clear the dishes.

S- wear your bra properly with pads and skirt

Me- he is coming to clear dishes

S- you can go in the washroom when he comes.

Me- ok

I put the pads in the bra and wore my skirt.

The door bell rang. I rushed into the wash room and raj came in. He cleared the dishes and gave the bill to sign.Since it was my room I had to sign. Saurabh opened the washroom door a wee bit and handed me the bill to sign. I signed and raj went off and Saurabh locked the door and got naked and called me out.

He was getting a hard on. He hugged me and lifted my skirt and started fingering my hole. I held his dick and masturbated him. We were talking to each other about the fun we just had and suddenly he cummed in my hand.

We hugged and he went in the wash his dick I washed my hands. We said good night and planned to meet the next evening again. We will decide to sleep in gurly dress and locked my door and slept. It was a great sleep I woke up next morning with the sound of the door bell.

I was so sleepy I just went to the door and opened it and asked the guy standing there “yes what you want?”

Him-hi, I am amit. You booked a massage from the spa at 7 am !

I had forgotten about that after the lovely session last evening.

Only then did I also realize that I am dressed as a girl.

Me- ohh yess….. Do come in

And he comes in. I lock the door put the dnd sign

Me- let me change before the massage

Him- its ok you can dress as you like

Me- thanks …. Should I open t-shirt and skirt if is ok with you?

Him- sure

Me- I’ll just go to the loo and come you get ready.

I went to the washroom, answered nature’s call, cleaned my hole and opened my t-shirt and skirt and was only in my padded bra and panty. Nervously I came out

I lit a smoke and asked where I should lay down

He asked me to lie on the bed with face down. He started massaging my shoulders and arms. He poured oil and rubbed very nicely.He poured some oil on his hands and was massaging my back now. The bra straps were getting in the way so he un hooked my bra and rubbed my back. It was so relaxing.He massaged my back and then moved on to the lower back. He was using his hands and fingers and putting pressure and made me relax. He hooked my bra back on and started massaging my thigh back

His oily hands moving all over my bums and thighs,

Him- you have a very nice skin

Me- thanks

Him- you looking nice in this dress

Me- get up on the bed and massage if you want!

Him- do you mind if I remove my clothes?

Me- sure no problem

He removed his jeans and t shirt and was only in his boxers. He climbed on the bed and was massaging my ass cheeks. He pulled my panty down as he could not massage my bums so I raised my hips and removed my panty completely. I was lying with my face down wearing only padded bra and rest naked. My dick was getting hard. I moved my hand from my side and adjusted my dick under me.

He started massaging my bums and then he poured some oil between my ass cheeks and while massaging my bums used his thumbs to massage the crack making it seem he was doing a massage to my bums.

After a few minutes, he poured some more oil and then I realized something else was going on. He used his thumbs to massage and this time he put a little extra pressure on the hole. I moaned a bit as I liked it. He kept rubbing and this time his thumb went a bit deep into the hole.

oil helped and he started pushing his thumb in and out. I could feel his hard-on poking my leg from inside his boxers. I moved my right hand and touched his hard on over his boxer and he has fully hard. I rubbed it over the boxer and he just got off the bed and removed his boxers and became fully nude.

Wow. He had a lovely shaved smooth and cute dick. I couldn’t hold myself I just held it and stroked it. I was lying on my side all nude except for a padded bra (d cups) as I saw myself in the reflection on the wall mirror and I was looking hot. No wonder he was hard.

He held my hand while stroked his cock. I pulled him close and took the tip of his tool in my lips. He became stiff, I sucked him for a min and he came. He was moaning hard and came hard, he sprayed his cum all over my bums.

Well, I was hard and horny.

Me- you cummed so fast. Now, what do should we do?

Him let me massage your bums. They are so sexy and soft.

Me- ok but what about this( pointing to my hard on )

He took some oil and poured on my dick. He started stroking my dick with oil. It was making squishy sounds. I was so turned on. He made me lift my legs and with one hand rubbed my oily dick and with other he put 2 fingers in my hole. Ohhh what a feeling . I told him to put a little oil on his tool and I shook his dick. We were both stroking each other’s dicks and making squishy sounds and he was fingering me. He was hard again in another 5 mins.

He turned me on my left side facing the wall mirror and lifted my right leg and positioned his tool on my hole. I told him to get a condom from the drawer and he got one and rolled it on his hard tool in no time. Up went my leg again and his tool on my hole. After all the fingering and oil his dick slid right in.

In out , in out , in out, Ohh he was getting crazy. I held my tits( won’t remind you every time they are fake,)

Him— ohh baby oh baby

Yeah yeah yessss

Ohhh yesssss

He held my right boob and was pumping my hole. The d cups made my tits bounce a bit.He made full strokes and made them bounce.

Then he turned me in doggy pose and came behind me. He entered in one full stroke. He was pumping fast and hard.

Me- baby do it slow, I don’t like hard

Him yess baby less

He slowed down and this time he took his time he pumped me doggy for at least 5 mins. Then he pushed me on the bed face down and spread my cheeks and enter in the hole. He slumped over me and was pumping.

After another 5 mins he stopped and lie down on his back, I got on top and rode him. Ohhh all that oil in my hole was making sound s and making me hornet,

Me- I am about to cum baby

Him- yes baby yes me too yes

After riding him for a min I came hard all over his belly. And sat on his dick taking it deep in me.

He closed his eyes, held my boobs, moaned and bummed in the condom deep in me.We were like that for a couple of minutes catching out the breath.Then he went in to wash himself up. I took some paper towels and cleaned up my hole and dick.

He came out and dressed up.

Me- did you like it ??

Him- yes ( nervously . I guess it was his first time with a cd or a guy )

Thanks, I sad and gave him tip. “ this should be our secret right?”

Him- yes it will be , I should go now bye

Ok thanks a lot I said

He went towards door and I went to the table to light a smoke. I lit up and turned and he was gone leaving the door open. He was too surprised at what had happened. I was standing there wearing my bra with pads and nothing else and the room door was open. I went towards the door to close it.

I just remove the bra pads, wear a t-shirt and shorts quickly. I go towards door to close it and I am greeted by the room service guy from last night, “ good morning sir”

Me- yes?? What do you want ?

Me- thanks. ( pretending to read headlines )

Since he did not go

Me- yes what? What do you want?

Raj- are you both staying together or separate?

Me- that is no concern to you

Raj- but last night he was here today morning he was in room 201

Me- so what we had dinner together

Raj nice t-shirt

Me thanks

I was wearing a plain white t-shirt. I just turned around and saw in the mirror. The bra I was wearing was fully visible under it.

I thought he wanted more than say good morning

Ok you go I have to get ready for work. I gave him a tip and said, “don’t tell anyone about this” (pointing to my t-shirt)

Raj- sure no one. Can you show me just once

I thought he seems game for fun

I just lifted my t-shirt and he squeezed my nipples lightly.

Me- hey I thought you only wanted to see

Raj- you look nice

Well, folk I guess that’s enough for tonight.

Will carry on but you got to tell me you want more of what happened

This is all true. This last trip has been one of my best work trips ever

Love you all

Next time (depends on how many want it I shall/might share my e mail)

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