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The story is about me (Viraj), I was 23 and I had a fling with a girl name mary she was in her early 30’s.

I was still a virgin at the age of 23 (not a joke) I worked at an MNC and been kinda ‘playing with mary, shes in her early 30s, very light skin for an Indian girl, about 56 tall, 160 lbs, she has a boyfriend that also work at pizza shop, mary and I never had sex, however she let me played with her tits from under her dress and touch her pussy from time to time while were alone in some private place mostly theatres, that was the extent of our relationship at first, she never touched my cock or asked me to do anything else, and I always end up in the bathroom a few minutes later to masturbate, we had this thing going for about 3 months with no sex involved.

She knew I was a virgin and she mentioned that she didn’t want to complicate her relationship with her bf, I was cool with it. She also knew that Im leaving the country in a few months and she didn’t want to have any drama before I leave, so we just left it at that.

I always looked forward when we had the same morning shift since it was only me and her in the office to finish our pending work for the day with no supervision, so this one morning was a little different, mary lou started work early than normal, she gave me a wink and a smile when I came in the lobby, so I was a little surprised and uncomfortable (in a very good way), I had no idea what she had in mind, she got a little closer to me and said “I came to work 1 hour early and Ive prepped a lot of stuff, we have an hour to ourselves” and I was telling myself… Holy shit!! What does she have planned for us!! Am I going to lose my virginity today?

Then she said, “Calm down virgin boy were not going to fuck but Ill give you a little bit of something”, I said to myself “Something is better than nothing” and this will be better than just me touching her tits and pussy I hope. She said to meet her in the women’s bathroom in about 5 mins, which I did. When I got in the bathroom, she said to lock the door and turn off the lights, so we only have this dimmed night light….

I saw her uniform hanging inside of the bigger stall but I wasn’t able to view where she was, I moved a little bit closer and saw her standing in the corner fully naked, one of her hand was caressing her boobs and the other hand was between her thighs, the light was dimmed but I can see her hand between her thighs moving in up and down motion, I figured she had fingers inside her pussy, she told me not to get any closer, I was about 10 feet away from her and asked me to take my clothes off which I had no problem doing, then she tossed me a small bottle of lotion and said “you know what to do from this point right?” and I just nodded my head and squirted lotion on my hand and started playing my cock, at this point my mind is going blank and didn’t know what to expect or do, mary was in complete control of the situation, which it didn’t really bother me.

She later asked, “how often do you masturbate thinking of me naked” and while she was talking she was moving closer to where I was standing, so I got really nervous and stopped playing with my cock, she said “don’t stop playing with your cock I like watching you masturbate” by this time I’m seconds away from exploding and she sensed that I’m about ready to cum, she stopped walking towards me and we’re about 5 feet apart, she started finger fucking her pussy and I could hear how wet her pussy was she then said “let’s cum together virgin boy” and those words just did it, I came so hard and almost reached where she was standing, she also came at the same time as me and talking dirty while doing so.

I leaned on the sink and trying to catch my breath, she walked back towards the corner gingerly and sat on the toilet while catching her breath, moments later she said go ahead and leave the bathroom since it’s almost time for the next group of co-workers to start their shift. No other words after that and we went back to work like nothing happened.

I could not stop think clearly all day, it kept playing in my head what had happened early in the morning, I tried to make eye contact with mary but she didn’t want to reciprocate, I figured she didn’t want our co-workers to notice anything. That was the only time that happened, however, we kept the touching part going and she, later on, started feeling my cock from the outside of my pants which really drove me crazy.

Moving forward the day before I left my country to head to the Dubai mary, mentioned to me that she wanted to accompany me to the airport along with fy members, I told her that she would need to stay at my family’s house the night before we leave since its a 2 hours drive to the airport and she agreed. We had a party the night before with friends and fy, well-wishers, lots of food and fun just hanging out and having a good time.

We went to bed late that evening, and I was thinking that this is the night that Im going to lose my virginity, again I was a virgin and had no idea, I planned not to masturbate for a few days before this evening and was thinking it would be great to save all my ‘energy….Well…Stupid move!!

We started kissing as soon as we laid in bed, we both got naked and I started touching her all over, my finger stopped on her mound and started finger fucking her while she play with my cock, we did this for about 15 mins, by this time I felt my balls are about ready to explode since I didnt masturbate for a few days, I wanted her to suck my cock before I fuck her

So I went on top of her while she was laying on her back and started rubbing my cock on her nipples and slowly moved my cock in her mouth which she gladly started sucking…..As expected this didnt last very long I came in her mouth 15 seconds later, she didnt stop sucking me until she got the last drop.

We laid there for about 30 mins and chat a little bit, she went to the kitchen to get us something to drink, a few mins later I was hard again and ready to go and she was ready also, she said to me….”Next round is mine and this time tries not to cum so quick” with a smile on her cute face.

2nd round she asked me to stay laying on my back which I didnt mind at all, she started kissing my neck and started going down my stomach then she started sucking my cock, she’s an experienced cock sucker, she kept reminding me to try not to cum, I was able to hold it since I just finished the first round.

Mary Lou stopped sucking my cock after about 10 mins, and I was wondering if that was the end, she mentioned to me to get up so she can lay on the bed.

Next thing I know she was telling me that it’s my turn to give her pleasure, I knew what she meant but I had no idea what to do at this point, she started guiding me and giving me instructions. As you can imagine I was totally lost, but she was very clear on what she wanted and again she was in total control and I was following everything that she wanted me to do. “lick my clit slowly with the tip of your tongue”.. “place one finger in my pussy”. “now put two fingers in”.

It took a while for her to cum because of my inexperienced, then she said “ put 3 fingers in me and move it in out slowly” I did this while she played with her clit and she was able to cum in no time with all the build up from the 1st round, she had to cover her mouth with her hand so we don’t wake up the whole house..

We laid there for a few mins and my cock has never gone down and she asked me to lay on my back and she got on top of me and guided my cock into her wet pussy, she moved up and down slowly and said, “grab my tits and play with my nipples” she started talking dirty to me.”I like riding your virgin cock”. “don’t stop playing with my nipples, get them really hard” she liked her nipples pinched hard I was worried that I would hurt her.

Moments later she grabbed a condom from the pocket of her jeans and she put it on my cock and said “you’re not getting me pregnant and leave me to go to Dubai and she winked at me.She said get up and fuck me doggie style, she was very experienced which I loved.

She guided my cock once again and started fucking her from behind, “pull my hair back” she said. “slap my ass”.“fuck me hard virgin boy” she played with her clit while I fucked her from behind.”I’m cumming” she said.. “cum with me” “cum with me” “fuck me harder”.We both came at the same time, it was the greatest feeling ever!!

And then in the morning I left, o miss her lot. I came to India, some time back but I am not in her contact anymore, I dont know where is she.

Now I am all alone and thirty, horny.

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It will be discreet from both ends. Purely NSA.

Thanks for reading guys.

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