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Hello readers,this is Harry from Bangalore back with another sex story.This time it is about my girlfriend and how physical intimacy developed between us.

Let me write about her first. She is from the north east,taller than an average Indian girl,very fair and resembles Deepika Padukone but much fairer than Deepika. In spite of hailing from the northeast, she has just a slight hint of northeastern facial features. Her figure is 34b-30-32, a nice curvy outline.

Coming to the story,we met through a mutual friend,became facebook buddies,went out once and I proposed to her exactly 2 months from the day I met her. Well, she said yes and we started going out. She was very shy and we did not have any intimacy for a few months at the start and we never used to talk anything about sex.

One day we were in a park and she was lying with her head in my lap. I was kissing on her cheeks. We both were looking into each others eyes and I dont know what happened,our lips met and within a few seconds, we were lost in a battle of the tongues.

We made out for more than 5 minutes ignoring everyone around us. When we came back to our senses,we just got up and rushed out of the park. Her cheeks were fully red and she was too shy about whatever happened.

At night we were on the phone and talked about what happened that day and how we were so lost. After that, we started making out whenever we met.

Then it was new year day. We went for lunch with our friends. After everyone left we went to a park in the evening.When it got dark and there were very few people around,we started making out. We had a long and deep smooch. I kissed her neck and licked around her ears. Suddenly I felt the urge to feel her boobs.

While busy in a long kiss,I took my hand to her right boob and pressed it over her top. She screamed and removed my hand from there. I got very scared but she didnt say anything. She just grabbed my face and continued kissing.Her phone rang and she had to leave for her home so we didnt get time to discuss it and I was too scared to talk about it on the phone that night.

The next day I called her and apologized to her that I didnt know what came over me that I just grabbed her boob and pressed it that hard. She said its ok but it was painful as I was too hard. I had one-month vacations and went home,while at my home I was talking to her and she was too cranky one day. Then she said sorry for her behavior as she is on her periods. So we had started being very free and talking about everything.

After I returned to Bangalore,we met and we went out for lunch and then we came to my room. She was too tired and slept off keeping her head in my lap. Her top was a bit loose with a deep neckline and I kept on staring at her cleavage while she slept.

Then my eyes went to her feet. I have a foot fetish which I later admitted to her. While I was at home I had just told her that I like long toenails,she didnt know about any fetish thing. So she had maintained her toenails long with green nail color. I just wanted to lick her feet and suck on her toes. I was too turned on looking at her feet and cleavage. When she woke up she asked me to kiss her.

While kissing her I whispered in her ear that I wanted to feel her boobs,can I? She just said “Hmm”. Very gently I started massaging her right boob over her top. She was too shy and was trying to hide her face.

After a few minutes, I slid my hand inside her top and grabbed her boob over her bra.

Then I lifted her bra and felt her bare boob and started massaging it,pressing it lightly caressing the nipple and rubbing it between my fingers. Even she was turned on and letting out moans and my tool was also erect.

However, that was it that day and when she was leaving I teased her regarding how red her cheeks were with shyness.That was the cutest thing of her. Then we hugged and she left. She reached home and called me. While we were talking she said that she could feel something hard on her belly while we hugged and started laughing.

After a few days,we went to a park again.

After kissing, she said she wants a boob massage. She was wearing a salwar kameez that day. I slid my hand inside her kameez and she covered that area with her dupatta. I started caressing them and she was moaning lightly.

Then I touched her pussy area over her salwar and I could feel small pricky hair. She got startled and joined her thighs tightly restricting further access to me. I pleaded to let me touch her pussy just once.

She agreed after some time and when I took my finger there ,it was so wet that my finger went down like on a water slide even from above her salwar. She said, its enough. lets go now.

When she reached home she sent me a pic if her wet panty. It was a red silk panty and it was wet as if it had been washed just then. I got turned on and asked her for a pic of her boobs,she sent the pic. I masturbated three times that day looking at the pics.

At night we were on the phone and she was saying that she feels very weird these days and her pussy gets wet when she thinks about me. I said that even I feel very horny and I get erections thinking about her. I asked her can we have sex just once. After a few days of deliberation, she agreed. We planned it on a Sunday.

I went to pick her up. She was very silent. I had bought condoms before going to pick her up. We reached my room and she just lay down on the bed. I said if she is not comfortable lets not do it. She didnt say anything. I went and lay with her. I knew how to turn her on.

I started kissing her lips,her neck,licking her ears and at the same time massaging her boobs.

After the boobs, I started rubbing her pussy while kissing her. After some time she whispered in my ear that she wants it. I asked her to remove her clothes and I proceeded to remove mine. She said she was feeling shy and wanted a blanket to cover her. She covered herself with the blanket and out came her jeans,her top,her bra,and her panty from under the blanket.

When I got naked she was feeling shy and did not look at me and covered her face with the blanket and asked me did I get protection. I rolled on the condom on my dick and asked her to remove the blanket. She said she is shy and asked me to come inside it. I went inside and over her. It was the first time for both of us.

First I explored her pussy with my hand and then placed the tip of my dick on her hole. I gave a push but it was too tight. It was not going inside I tried again and gave another strong push. Half of it went inside and she screamed asking me to take it out. She said she cant do it its too painful.

I calmed her down and kissing her I gave one more push putting it all inside. She started crying and screaming. I kept on kissing her keeping my dick inside and told her that pain will subside.

I started giving gentle strokes and felt her pussy walls relax now. The feeling was the best in the world. Her pussy was wet and warm like an oven. Even she started feeling the pleasure and her screams turned into moans. As it was our first time,we were uncomfortable with our positions and had to adjust many times in between.

After about 20 mins I felt like exploding,I increased my speed and her moans also increased. Finally, I came and fell on her.

She hugged me feeling the vibrations of my dick in her pussy.

We took some rest and went on for another round. I asked her to come over me in girl on top position. The first time is never perfect for anyone. And same was with us. She could not do it.

I asked her to lean over me and I caught hold of her ass and started pumping my dick. She could not do it far more than 5 mins and asked me to come over her again as it is comfortable for her. I started humping again and came after 10 mins.

We cleaned up and took a short nap. Then when I went to drop her home she said she is unable to sit as her pussy lips are swollen and it pains while sitting. She went home and took a hot shower. When she called at night she said it was the best thing she ever experienced in her life and wants it again.

Next weekend we again had a go at it. When she became naked I saw that she had shaved her pussy. I told her I wanted to lick it. She said no and it is a very dirty thing to do. I didnt listen to her and just went between her thighs.She had protruding pussy lips and I started sucking at nibbling at them.

She caught hold of my hair and was pressing my face inside. I teased her clitoris with the tip of my tongue and also tongue fucked her. She came on my face and was apologizing for it. I said I liked it and licked all the juices from her pussy. We tried the doggy style that day.

After three rounds we wanted to have more but we were out of condoms as I had got a 3 piece pack. She said to continue without protection as she badly wants my dick inside and if I felt like I am about to cum I should take it out immediately.

As I pushed my dick inside without condom,the pleasure was much much more. The warmth of her pussy,the wet walls squeezing my dick,it was ultimate nirvana. She too gave a loud moan and said it is 100 times better than with a condom. She could feel each curve and each nerve of my dick and fully feel the hardness.

We fucked for half an hour and I took it out when I felt like I will cum. Then she helped me cum by giving me a footjob. You wont believe our second time was the last time we used a condom. She never wanted any hindrance between her pussy and my dick. We started having our sex sessions regularly sometimes two times a week.

After some time I could go on for 1 hr without cumming and once we fucked for the whole night. That night I came twice and she came 12 times.

We tried various positions and after a year we had more than 15 positions in which we used to have sex. She admitted that she had become a slave to my dick and she wanted it every night to rip apart her pussy. So a girl who was so shy that her cheeks used to turn red after a simple kiss turned into a girl who could take my humping for an entire night.

It was very long but true experiences are always lengthy. Hope my readers will like it. My email id is / / if you want to contact me. If anyone from Bangalore wants to meet up can mail me.

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