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Hi folks,

This is a story about me “Sam” and my colleague who used to work in my call center.I was managing the team of 25 girls who used to sell credit cards and insurances.I am a 31-year-old bachelor.Well built, 58″ in height and fair in complexion and hail from a rich family.I am philanderer by nature and love date and flirt but never had any serious relationship before.

But this story is about a girl Ishita who joined my office for the same job.It took me a lot of time and efforts to propose her and her to agree.Let me tell you about Ishita.She was a 22 years old girl, from a decent family, very conservative used to only talk to girls and that made me lust for her as I believe that she was untouched.She was very uncomfortable talking to guys,even to me as her boss.Slowly I wooed her and then proposed her and she accepted. Considering me cute.

Well, she is 53″ in height but appeared taller with heels.She had a curvy body, her ass was very tight and used to titillate me in her pants.Her boobs were quite big, firm and juicy 32″ in size and she would make sure to put a safety pin between her second and third button to ensure, a person like me doesnt get the glimpse or those full melons.

Well, thats the background.

After proposing I one day finally convinced her to bunk the office and watch a movie with me, I want a night show but she had to reach home by 6pm so it wasnt possible.I was lusting for her body badly, he face was kind of ok but her tight body was worth to drool over.So we went to watch Bollywood flick, which was quite fine but I wasnt there to watch the movie.She was wearing a white shirt and a navy blue trousers (official clothes).

She was sitting on my right towards the wall as we had the corner seat.I was showering compliments on her and she was blushing.I kept my right hand on her tight and pressed it, but she shook it away.I knew it wont be easy to take this tigress in bed, but I made me even hornier.

So I kept my hand on her right shoulder and started massaging, maybe she liked it or didnt find it embarrassing so let me do it.I always crave for her armpits and side boobs visible when she used to work.I slipped my hand under her armpit and grabbed her ribs and started massaging.She liked it and in a minute or two her eyes got close and some expressions of inconvenience on the face.I couldnt resist and grabbed her boobs over the shirt and smooched her.

she was offended and pushed me, although I smooched her very tight but as I loosen my grip she stood up, arranged her clothes and left.I ran behind her.I apologized, I sat on my knees and apologized just to create a little drama and embarrass her so she would forgive me.She finally forgave me and I took her in my car to drop her home.On the way, I was just lusting for this beautiful girl and her assets but she wasnt talking.

Then she said” I have never been kissed, you are my bf you could have kissed my cheeks but not my lips”

I cant allow this before marriage.I was shocked.

I had no intention to marry her and if she wont give sex it was pointless but I controlled my feeling and persuaded her that this isnt wrong all couples kiss and blah blah.

That night I sent her over 500 Whatsapp msg, apologizing for my conduct, telling her how much I love her, and how much I want to kiss her to persuade her for letting me smooch.She saw those msgs in morning and was flabbergasted to see how much I value her and finally forgave me.I knew it was a green signal for me to kiss her.The whole day I was sending her msgs asking her for a kiss.That day I waited the whole day to get over and picked her up in the car and as I was about to approach her home.I stopped my car is a secluded parking in dark.

Me: baby, I am dying for your kiss.

She: “Smiled” you wont let it go.

Me: no and I almost jumped on her.I hugged her tight and smooched her.This time she responded to me, I sucked her lower lip first, it tasted like orange and then I slowly moved my tongue on her upper lip and on her teeth.I groped her boobs over the shirt and fondled them tight.She was getting uncomfortable but I didnt care much about it.I wanted to evoke her sexuality.I opened a few buttons she was wearing a black bra.She was lost in my kiss as I was biting and sucking her little lips.I kissed her neck and jaw line.When she felt my breath on her breast, she became conscious and broke the kiss.She quickly buttoned up and was panting heavily ,she couldnt see in my eyes and she left.I was very horny.I masturbated there in my car and left.At night we were chatting.

Ishita: I dont know what you do to me.I have developed strange feelings in me.

Me: me too, I never felt like this before.Btw your bra looks beautiful on you.

Ishita: shut up.Why you unbuttoned me?

Me: I thought you would like it, I want your boobs.

Ishita: nooo, I had no clue when you opened them.

Me: baby, I want them too.

Ishita: nooo.

Me: please, I want them desperately, I wanna hold them press them and suck them.

Ishita: ohh god you are crazy.Stop it I am going to sleep.

Me: (insisting on turning her on) please na, let me touch and play with them once

Ishita: plz, you dont know how I feel.

Me: then tell me.I wanna listen everything about you.

Ishita: I feel butterflies in my tummy.

Me: I will kiss these butterflies and much below that.

Ishita: oohh god.You are mad.See you tomorrow

Slowly time went by and we came closer and closer from stolen kisses to touching her bosom accidentally.I was so much hungry for her that occasionally I would touch my erect cock in her ass crack over the clothes in office, which often made her uncomfortable.One fine day, I go ta chance when it was raining very heavily so most of the girls didnt turn up to the office and I was left with her and my office boy .She managed to come with me in my car.

She was wearing red leggings and white suit thin enough to cling to her body and show her beautiful curves while her dupatta was trying to cover her yummy breast.She knew today I wont leave her.But I didnt know how to seduce her.

After few hours of calling, she felt tired.I gave rs 5000 to my office boy to bring some office stationery, I knew he wont come back anytime soon.I sniffed the opportunity and went behind Ishita and kept my hands on her shoulders.She was bit terrified and excited at same time.I slow massaged her shoulders just to make her comfortable and caressed her neck which might be hurting due to sitting for long hours.She closed her eyes, I understood she liked it.My hands slipped downward on her boobs and I first touched them over the clothes.

Ishita: sam, koi aa jayega. (someone may come)

But that plea was so feeble, I knew she wanted more.

I bent forward and kissed her neck and sucked it deep and bite it.

Ahhhhhh, she moaned like a kitty.Made me horny.I threw her duppata away covering her boobs and slipped my hands in her cleavage and cupped her boobs. Omg, what awesome boobs they were, she used to clamp her boobs in tiny bra, I anticipated her boobs to be 32b but they were bigger my big hand barely hold it.Must be 32c.She slim frame and big juicy boobs made me horny instantly.I pressed them very hard.

Ishita: please chodo, bade ho jayenge.

Me: shhhh, today I cant just let you go.

I just held her hairs and make her stand,smooched her deep and wet and grabbed her ass making her sit on the desk where she worked. I didnt listen to her and took off her suit forcefully, few buttons break open and she was in bra begging her suit from her beloved boyfriend and I mercilessly enjoying her show.She was wearing pink colored bra silky in touch and was not big enough to hold her big boobs well.

Ishita: please give me, someone may come.

Me: no, let someone come, you kept me hungry for long now pay the price ( I had already locked the main door to ensure nobody comes, was just teasing her)

Ishita: no please no.

She was on floor sitting on her knees as trying to hide behind the cubicle division.

I pulled a chair and sat like a boss.Come her.I ordered.

Ishita: no please no.

I roared come here or Ill throw this out of the window.She hesitatingly came forward.

Me: not like this, walk like a bitch on all fours.

She agreed and bent, came forward on all four.

I unzipped and my 7″ big but fat cock sprang out.She was scared.She never saw any cock before.He face was pale and retina expanded but she crawled to me.I held her ponytail and pulled her like a whore near my cock.

Suck it, I ordered.

Ishita: I dont know how.She barely held it.

I held her hairs in sexual aggression and rubbed it on her lips and scolded.

Like this like this bitch.

She didnt open her mouth.I held her nose with my fingers and she wasnt able to breathe. As she opened her mouth to breathe I shoved it in her mouth.




I had a fantasy of such a hot blowjob and my very own naive gf was fulfilling it like a whore. She was pleading and crying but I was so horny.I was slapping and pinching her boobs.Within few strokes, she was hot as a bitch and didnt care much.

I slid her bra off the shoulders and liked the way they dangled and danced as she tried to accommodate my fat cock in her mouth.I picked her up and make her sit on her work desk.

She was so light, I pulled off her legging and she didnt mind.She was already prepared for this.She was wearing a beautiful matching red panties which had a wet spot confirming her hunger for my cock.I slapped her pussy twice and put my thumb in her mouth and started rubbing her pussy over the panty.

Ahhhh sam

Samm please your killing me.Oh gosh

I held her panty from both sides and ripped it apart and place my mouth on her cunt lips.I always wanted to kiss her pussy and lick it.She was in her wonderland and was blabbering something I couldnt understand.I kept my tongue on her asshole and kissed it and tried to insert it in there and then licked it all the way up till her pussy.Now she was wild.She held my hairs and pushed me deep into her pussy.

I was tongue fucking her pussy and she started shooting her loads.I tried to avoid her juice.But she wrapped her legs tight around my neck that it almost choked me.I was pinching and slapping her ass to make her loose her tight grip.She loosened in a while but made sure to shoot every drop in my mouth.

I panted a while to catch my breath and now we both were horny and hungry, I just made her lay on the office carpet,spit on my cock and even without a condom.I shoved it in her pussy.Her virgin pussy was very tight and it didnt go through as my cock is 3″ fat.

I quickly grabbed her purse and put loads of moisturizing cream on my cocks head and shoved it hard into her pussy.

She screamed in pain.I slapped her for being so innocent bitch and shut her mouth with my hand and pushed deeper.

Auuunnn…. She couldnt scream.

Ahhhhh ahhhhhh

I was pumping her with full aggression.

In few strokes, I was completely in and her nails were deep in my back.I was painful for me but I aroused me to fuck her even more ruthlessly but she enjoyed.

After some time, her pussy was all slippery and shoving my cock very nicely.

Ahhhhh sammmm I love you

I love you

You are my hubby

Aahhhhh baby I love you

She was all crazy for my fat meat now and pleasuring me very well.

I pulled it now then to her disappointment and cleaned my cock covered with her juices, blood, and cream with her panty. My cock was still throbbing and she wanted a harder fuck.

I make her sit again on her knees and this time I need not say anything,she quickly understood what I wanted and sucked my cock deep and deep.

Ishita: does this please my hubby??Huh! Do you like it??

She knew my weakness now and made it nice and slippery again.I now made her stand and she kept her elbows on the desk of her cubicle and I place one of her foot on the chair.I got a clear view of her pussy from behind and I slapped her ass, grabbed it and shoved it from behind.


She screamed, I understood, its difficult for girls to get fucked in semi-doggie position like this.

But I didnt care.I was fondling and humiliating her boobs and kissing biting her neck and back from behind while roughly fucking her tight pussy.

Ahhhhh Ahhhhh Ahhhhh babu Ahhhhh

She was totally helpless and she quickly came the second time.I held her cheeks and kept fucking even after she came.

Then I was about to come, I kept fucking.

Aaaaaahhh I am coming, I shouted.

Suck it whore.

I pulled out to make sure she doesnt get pregnant and as she turned to try to see my cock.I shoot load all over her face, her neck and boobs, which she didnt like and quickly tried to clean it using her dupatta.But I wanted to make her my whore forever.I shove my semi-erect cock in her mouth to make sure she clean every bit of it.

Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh Nice, baby, so slutty trying to be naive.I was abusing her.And then we hugged tightly and laid naked there on the floor and I had a cigarette after such a long session. We both were indeed satisfied.

I dont know why I abused her or treated her so rough, but I enjoyed every bit of it.I have all the due respect for her but in bed, I always dominate and treat her like a whore and she loves that now.

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