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This is King (name changed).I am a very big fan of ISS. I’ve started reading Indian Sex Stories from teenage. Now am 24 years old. I am from Bangalore working in a reputed MNC in Bangalore. Coming to the story, my girlfriend queen(name changed) from Andhra. She always had the desire to watch me fucking another girl.Coming to my queen her structure is 34-30-36. Both her boobs and ass can make any guy shag right away.

This is about me and girlfriends relation. First in the daily talks somehow we got the topic of sex and there on I used to send her porn and she used to watch. Whenever she used to come to my room me and she used to watch the porn.

One day I took the dare and I kissed on cheeks to which she responded and kissed me back on cheeks, so that’s where the story began. Whenever she was free she used to come to my room and we used to have the oral fuck.

Both I and my girlfriend are virgins. We always used to have the oral sessions we I never fucked her because she wanted to remain a virgin till getting married. So even I never refused her decision.But one day in our normal WhatsApp chat she told me that she always wanted to watch me fucking another girl. So we decided that we shall get a girl for money and fuck her so that’s the plan.

I have gone through some ads in google I called up some prostitute center and I discussed the rate and timings and then I confirmed one by calling some other persons and decided which one will be easy for me.

I then told them I will pay once she reached the apartment and then I gave my phone number and my address and I told them my timings. But I didn’t tell them about the plan that my girlfriend will be watching all these situations.

According to plan that was weekend my roommates planned a trip and asked me to join, but I refused for that saying I am not feeling well and I will join next time. So everything came easy for us. According to the plan I told the time to girlfriend and to the girl we booked. And I personally picked my girlfriend.

That day she was fully excited seeing me. I met her she gave me a hug and a kiss as usual then I brought her to my room. I am tensed from the other side that how will that girl be and will she agree to this.

As the time came she girl came to my apartment and called me and I told her my flat number and she came up. I was shocked seeing her. Wowww her boobs were amazing.

She came in I asked my girlfriend to stay inside the room let me talk to her first then we can sort this out. She came in and asked her to sit in sofa in the hall.

Me: hi

Girl : hi

Me: was there any inconvenience getting here?

Girl : no nothing.

Me: actually there is a small problem.

Girl: what is that ? Is that regarding money?

Me : no nothing with money.

Girl: then?

Me: actually the thing is I booked you because my girlfriend wanted to watch me fucking some girl. So will there be any issue if she watches you getting fucked?

Girl : that is fine but I will charge some extra money for that.

Me : ya thats fine.

I forgot to mention the girls figure was 38-30-34. Her ass was not that great but her boobs were amazing.

So as she asked I was ready to pay the extra money she asked. Then I lifted the girl and took her to the bedroom. I introduced her to my girlfriend.

Then I told my girlfriend that everything is set and she is fine you watching her getting fucked.

My girlfriend came near my ears and started murmuring that her boobs were amazing and you got what you wanted. Actually, I am very fond of boobs.

Then I started undressing the girl and started to press her boobs like some mad dog. Seeing that my girlfriend was laughing. Then the girl gave me a very good bj as she was little professional at that. Then I started to lick her pussy.My girlfriends best part is to get her pussy licked.

Then I started slowly inserting my 6-inch dick into her pussy and started to fuck her.She was moaning crazily. Due to the sounds y girlfriend couldn’t control herself and started to rub her pussy watching me fucking her.

Then she also started to make noises rubbing her pussy.

I saw that and I called my girlfriend then I started to finger her pussy while I was fucking the girl.

All this is done I fucked that girl in all most all positions I used to watch in porn. I lost my virginity to some random girl. After all these, the girl left. Then I was tired because I fucked her around 3 times. I and girlfriend had some oral sessions and we slept nude that day.

Next day I woke up late by that time my girlfriend woke up and she was thinking something.

I hugged her tightly from the back she then she planted a kiss on my lips which ended up for 10 min exchanging our saliva and biting each other lips she then broke the kiss. I asked what happened. she then told she was very shy to tell. then I kissed on cheeks she then told that she is not able to control herself watching me fucking that girl. She told she is ready to lose her virginity to me.

I was on cloud 9 -when she told that. I was very happy and I hugged her very tightly.

I will explain in the next part how I fucked my girlfriend in different positions.

Hey friends thanks for studying my story any feedback please mail me at / /

Girls, aunties who are unsatisfied in Bangalore please contact me I will make you satisfied. Your personal will be secure with me.

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