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Hi All,

This is a sex story about how I and my girlfriend fulfilled a fantasy of ours. Read on for more information :)

I met my current girlfriend while we were still in India, about 5 years ago. After getting our respective undergraduate degrees, we moved to the states for more education. Long story short, we stayed together through 2 years of long distance obstacles and are far better off for it. We currently live together somewhere along the US east coast.

My name is P and her name is L. We are both 25years old and what Im going to describe here is 100% true. Im a fairly good looking NRI and work out regularly to keep my body toned. L is quite similar. She has perky boobs, a small landing strip and an ass to die for.

We are very committed to each other, but have pretty wild imaginations, and as you can imagine, this leads to great sex. During one of our more intense(and drunk) sessions, we realized that we had a curiosity to fuck in front of people. Now, I had been to a sex club before, so that was my first choice. Thankfully, we found a sex club close to where we live.

Before leaving home, I made sure to get her as wet as I could. I know every nook and cranny of Ls pussy, so I know just the right pressure and rhythm to apply to get her going. Needless to say, she was already excited by the idea of being seen naked by strangers.

It took me less than 5 minutes to get her wet. Another condition I had for her was to wear a mini-skirt under her overcoat for the trip to the club. L is incredibly hot and has a great complexion. I knew that her skin would stand out in a room full of white people, and wanted to take the opportunity to show her off. In effect, she was wearing a transparent white shirt, a slutty pink bra, a lacy pink thong and a mini-skirt under a big overcoat.

During the ride, she was already playing with my dick discreetly. I was hard the entire time and telling her all the ways I wanted to fuck her in front of these strangers. She was as excited as Ive ever seen her. We had already set some ground rules. We had decided to have sex only with each other. The other guys(and women) there would only be invited to jack off to us fucking and telling her how she looks. As it turned out, people there were pretty good at this and made L get multiple orgasms.

As soon as we reached the club, we parked towards the rear as was custom. The theme that night was “slut-bangs”.Sex clubs are a safe environment for people to experiment with their fantasies. Saying “No” is taken very seriously and Ive never seen anyone being forced into anything. Having entered the club, the host couple was gracious enough to take our coats. L is very slightly bi-curious and there was a smile on her face as she saw the female hosts eye pop.

L lightly grazed her hand as we walked past and get her a half-smile. Since we were early by a half-hour, we sat by the bar and had our first drink. We also chatted with a few couples there who had come with ideas of their own. They included hotwives, cuckolds, bulls, lesbians and cheating partners. Once the party starts, we have a way of finding each other and there are more than enough willing partners to experiment with.

With a slight buzz already, L and I took a tour of the club to see the voyeur room. It had a queen bed with new sheets and towels and a sex swing by the side. The room is enclosed by 3 solid walls, one of which contains the entrance.The 4th side is completely glass with curtains put to the side so that people can watch the room. Suffice to say, we never used the curtains, nor did we want people to be on the other side of the glass :).

To get the party started, the DJ started playing some hip-hop and songs with a beat. The dance floor was packed with both sexes and the smell of erotically charged people was in the air. Hotwives were dancing with their bulls, and exchanging themselves as they pleased. Cucks were asked to stand in a corner and watch as their wives were satisfied by real men. Clothes were lost over time and bodies began mixing together.

Some couples and some gangs made their way over to the many bedroom that were available for hardcore sex. Most cucks were locked and asked to strip as their wives stripped on the dance floor. Being a dom myself, it was fun seeing these sissy boys in their cages.

About 20 minutes into the party, all the hotwives were naked save for their cucks keys. Me and L were also down to our undergarments by this time and made it clear to the stage that we were going to use the “voyeur room”. When L is aroused, she becomes mine completely and is a total sub.

To get her even more aroused, I asked her to remove her thong and offer it to the first person who wanted it. She threw it to the first person who raised his hand. He had a nice whiff and cracked a smile. He was the first person to follow us to the room, though he stayed on the other side of the glass wall.

We started with passionate kissing first. The foreplay was short. We stripped inside the voyeur room and went for our tongues first. After a brief exchange of saliva, our eyes met and I went for her neck. Licking and kissing Ls neck got her moaning. I could sense her submissive side coming out. L is a sucker for getting her nipples sucked hard and thats exactly what I did.

While I sucked the hell out of one boob, I knead the other one hard in my hand. The room was filled with her moans.Her thighs were also wet and she was about the stain the sheets with her juices. We quickly went into a 69 position and I made her work my dick like the slut she is. Meanwhile, I went to town on her pussy, sucking it just the right amount which occasional spanks on her fine ass. Every hit was met by more moans. L told me later that the sight of 5 or 7 people watching us turned her on immensely.

With my dick wet enough, I asked her to lie down in missionary. I was clean-shaven that day and my 6.5″ dick was positioned right on her vagina. I slapped it around her lips till she begged and moaned for my dick. There was an implicit understanding of the power dynamics of our situation.

I entered half my dick into her pussy initially and made a few strokes. Once she was wet all the way in her vagina, she relaxed and I entered her fully. I could feel my balls slapping her. “Uuuhh hhmm uuuuuuh hhhhmm” were all I could hear from L. The crowd outside was growing.

There were about 10 people watching us now. After a couple of minutes, I was really giving it to her. She likes to be my slut and vocal about it. “Fuck your slut with this dick”, “Give it to me” said L. “Make me cum all over your dick P”, “Make me”. “Fuck this slut in public”, “Fuck me harder”. I denied her at that point and she whimpered. “Please, fuck this pussy” said L. I merely slapped her pussy with my dick, while I asked her to get up and see the people watching us.

She smiled and gave me a hungry look. I asked to get on top of me so I have easy access to her boobs. She gladly obliged. While she sat on my dick, I asked her to ride me.

“Uuuufff, dont stop” said L. I knead her boobs hard and she was moaning and screaming. After a couple of minutes, she came on my dick saying “Ooohhh, fuck this slut, fuck my pussy. Make me yours. Im closee”, followed by a whisper, “Fuck, Im coming P. Im coming”. “Who are you?” I asked. “Your slut. Your personal slut” said L.

P: “Tell everyone whats happening”

L(confidently): “Im coming”. “Fuck, Im cooomiinggg”

She collapsed on my body for a whole minute while I kissed her and came out of her. I was not done yet. When she recovered, she looked at me and kissed me deeply. I asked her if shes ready and she said “Yes P, anything for you”.

I told her we are really going to fulfill our fantasy today. I stepped out of the room for a second(much to Ls horror) and invited the people inside. I told them that they are welcome to come watch closely and motivate us, but no touching is allowed. Playing with themselves is encouraged though. A few people who had done this before smiled and came forward. There were 5 in all inside the room and a rotating crowd of 7 outside.

I asked L to get into the doggy position. After she sucked my dick again, I entered her vagina again. She was wet again and the juices were strong. I proceeded to fuck her for 5 whole minutes which kneading her boobs with both my hands. A few of our admirers were pretty close to cumming looking at us.

P: “Do you want to come on this dick L?”
L: “Yes P. Give me another orgasm. Make me cum”

I started moving my entire dick inside her vagina. I came out just enough so she feels like shes being penetrated again and went in fully enough for her to feel stuffed. I could tell she was enjoying it, especially with some of the guys playing with their dicks. L later told me she smiled at a cuck who was watching and was obviously aroused but couldnt get his dick up. He was still locked. He winced as the blood flowed into his dick with no way to relieve himself.

I came inside her after a couple of minutes.

P: “Im coming L”

L: “Im coming too. Give it to me. Give it to your slut”. “Fill me up”

And so I did. 3 days worth of cum shot deep inside her vagina and she took it all like the good girl she is. It was fun to watch 2 other guys cumming inside tissues too.

We left the room after that to take a shower naked. Before leaving though, the whimpering cuck asked if he could clean her up. He said he would love to taste my cum. His hotwife was close by and immediately said no.

Apparently hed been a bad boy and had gone through her panties 2 days back. He was punished to be inside his cage for a week with no dick contact allowed. I asked L to softly graze his cheek and she did. All he could do was whimper like the sissy he is and walk away. We could tell that his balls were full. Me, L and his hotwife had a good laugh and went our separate ways.

We cleaned up in our shower room with some intimate kissing before coming out naked. We wore our clothes(L without panties) and said our goodbyes to our host. It was pretty late at night when we made it back home. We slept naked and hugging each other and woke up to big smiles on our faces.


If you liked the story and want to write to me, feel free to do so at / / Feedback and fantasy submissions from readers is welcome. Ive been involved in 2 threesomes till now and been a bull for 1 hotwife. I love being a dom, especially telling a cuck how worthless he is. Ladies, if this is your fantasy, feel free to hit me up. Im in Bangalore for a couple of weeks before I return to the states :)

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