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Hi guys, my name is Suresh (changed). My family consists of 4 members me, mom, sis and dad. Most of the time my mom used to quarrel with my dad and didnt have sex till 15 years. My dick size is 6.5 and diameter 3.0. So any aunties and young can contact me through email. I live in Hyderabad.

Coming to the sex story. So guys my age is 21 finished with my engg. My mom is a house . Her sizes are 36-34-36 wheatish in color of height 52.

At first I was not having any lust on my mom. So at the time of my inter. I was caught watching porn by my mom and I was forgiven for that but after entering to engg. I have seen a lot of changes in my mom like she used to crime patrol where half of the cases were related to sex, secondly while watching hinfi movie badhlapur, I was shocked that there was a sex scene and I had no idea about it

Suddenly the scene appeared where varun dhawan was ramming huma quereshi from backside, thirdly she told me the meaning of randi and finally, I actually had rashes on my back in summer and so they were patches too, so it was when I was in deep sleep facing my back upwards in the afternoon and my mom came and pulled up the shirt and saw and afterwards she pulled out undies and so my ass cheeks I was shocked because I was awake when I sensed her touching and I acted as I was sleeping.

Then I took a big step to fuck her. So she always be playful with me so one day she said bath properly otherwise the rashes won’t go away on my back and I started arguing with her that I do don’t tell me. I know about you dear. She said. Then I said so then u help me in bathing.

She agreed to it and I was in my undies as usual. So when she was about to apply soap on my legs she told to remove those undies so I accepted it and removed it my dick started to rise which is 6.5 and diameter 3.She was feeling little uncomfortable and I could sense that and she went away.

Then next day in the night I didnt wear any undies inside and I slept wearing a shorts then my mom on the next day morning realised that while folding clothes my undie was not there. I said her that I gives itching in the night and so I removed it. The next day I and my mom went for shopping and there she told me to but new undies so I bought them then after going home she told me to wear them and show as my sis will return at 6 from college.

So I wore them with a bulge in my undie and showed to my mom. She noticed my bulge in my undie and removed it with her own hand and as she removed my dick spanked up hitting her mouth. She started asking me y is your dick always fat and bulge. I dont know I said. I agreed and showed her.

Then she asked me again why is your dick so big and fat and always stand. I said I have no idea. She started touching it and my dick was rock hard than usually. She started giving me handjob slowly… I was in heaven.

To my notice I was surprised that however my desire to fuck is soon. Then she took me to her bedroom and closed the door and started sucking it vigorously to which I was hell shocked and cummed within 5min.

Then I pushed her to the bed and lifted her nightie and started sucking those pussy lift and clitoris. Moaning so loud like ahhhh…. Ahhhh… Ssssss …. Yes bastard …. Fuck meeee… Your dad is waste …. Fuck fuck fuck … Crying in moan that she never went through that kind of fuck. And squirted for 4 times, I fingered for 15 min. Because I like doing it and she was shuddering and had no energy in her. Her legs were shaking and I finally pushed my rod inside her pussy and lost my virginity.

Since it was my first fuck it was little bit hard and when I pushed my whole dick she gave a loud moan. Believe me guys I was attracted to her pussy and ass than her boobs.

I sucked her boobs like anything. She told me I wasnt given mother’s milk. Ahhh …. Ssss .. Mmm … Yesss …. Ammaaa …. Suck it… Bite them …. Baby … So this the time and told me to suck it and drink the whole milk. And I made fuck in doggy style caught her hair rammed like anything to which it gave me immense pleasure and she was like ahhhhh …. Amaaa .. Ohhh godd … Yess… She was crying out of pain…. And I was enjoying it.

After 45 min of fuck again I fucked her in her ass.She said what are you trying to do. And I said just lay down. You will enjoy this and inserted my dick which was already wet due to her cum and I slid it in one push and she was in peaks… Oh god!!!! She was moaning like anything I closed her mouth caught hold of her hair and I spanked her ass till it gets red.After sometime she started getting on me I riding my cock like anything, jumping on me what a view was that..Caught hold of her and I began throbbing my dick in her pussy very fast.

She was not able to hold it. I caught hold of her boobs and again I laid her on bed and sucked her pussy till she lost her energy totally. Like that we kept on doing daily till now. We moved on to do. So this is the end of my real sex story. Any comments guys, girls and aunties can email me on / /

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