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Im Divya from Bangalore. Im here to tell the story of how I was fucked by my manager Ruchi. Im 25 and 5.2 height and 51K. I belong to a traditional family. This incident happened during my first job 2 yrs back. I got selected for the job in reputed MNC in the final year of my Engineering. Job training was for 6 months and I was happy because they have put me in Bangalore after training. Im 32b-30-34 fair and slim with medium hair till shoulders. Im good looking and I didn’t have any BF.

I was put on the floor under the team of Ruchi. She is 28, 5.5 with 58k and shes from Pune staying in office accommodation. When HR introduced to my Manager Ruchi I said Hi and she smiled back with Hi. After the formal introduction of the team, she allotted my cube and I was sitting in the corner of the cube me facing the wall. I felt bad as I have been placed in the corner and I have to watch either wall or my PC. Also, mine and colleagues PCs were located bit far. Being chit chat girl I felt bored as there was not much of work in the first week.

There was no dress code in our office. During the first week, I was wearing salwar or leggings and kameez. However, I saw many girls wearing T and jeans in the second week I started wearing Jeans and T with round neck.

One day I was checking my mails and Ruchi came to my cube and standing behind my back. She put her hands on my shoulders. She inquired about how was my first week. Suddenly I felt her hands started to massage my shoulders.It was Friday late evening and we have off on Sat and Sun. So, the majority of staff either on leave or went early. She started to chat formally inquiring about my college and home.

Now, her hands on my neck and her 2 thumb fingers are massaging my back shoulder. I felt sensation in the back and felt relieved also.

Suddenly, she moved her fingers to shoulders and this time her little finger went into my T and touching my bra straps. I was in shock and dont know what to do. I was wearing a white bra with thin bra straps. With her little finger, she started to pull the bra straps towards my shoulders. I was silent and not sure what is going on here. I was in a situation as if someone gave Anastasia to the entire body.

After some time I was started to breathe heavily. Suddenly, someone called Ruchi and she stopped and turned back and I rushed to the washroom and adjusted my T. I came back and it was almost logout time.

In the next week, Ruchi announced that there is team outing as there was a holiday for 4 days and everyone should come for an outing. There are 10 members in our team including Ruchi. In that 4 girls and 6 guys. Two girls already married and its me and Ruchi are single. In boys too, almost all are married or engaged. So, its quite boring team. I forgot the incident happened last week. We decided to go to Goa.

I was excited about the trip. We reached Goa on Sunday 2 AM. When we reached our destination, there are 4 rooms booked. So, Ruchi said that 2 for boys and 2 for girls. I and Ruchi are in same room. We kept our luggage. Ruchi came with her luggage and put herself in queen sized bed as everyone was tired. So, we slept and decided to meet at 8AM. When I woke up Ruchi told be to freshen up and have food first.

After freshened up, we had our food and we discussed places to visit and beaches. We enjoyed the day reached back to @9PM. We had our dinner and went to our rooms. I went to fresh and came back wearing capri and shirt. Ruchi changed herself to shorts and camisole. I am seeing her first time in shorts. She was watching songs on TV. I came to bed and covered myself with a blanket and slept. After some time she turned off TV and main light and turned on the bedroom light and came inside the blanket.

After 5 mins, I could feel Ruchi very close to me and her face resting on my shoulder facing my neck and I can feel her breath. After some time Ruchi put her hand on my stomach above the shirt. I was remembered the other day in office.

I was silent and I never imagined having sex with a girl. Ruchi started to caress my stomach above shirt and started to feel my navel. I was rigid and no moment in my body. She removed the bottom 2 buttons of the shirt and now my navel is revealed. She started to caress my navel and I was started to breathe heavily. Her hands started to move up and up and removing buttons in between and finally, all my shirt buttons are removed revealing my firm round boobs with pointed nipples.

She took left boob in the left hand and came over me and looking into eye to eye now. Her right leg was in between my legs and her body weight on mine. I just opened my mouth and said Ruchi and next moment her lips on mine.She is kissing me deeply and her tongue exploring my mouth. Her right hand on my pointed nipple pinching it.I was in heaven and I dont know what happened and I placed my hands on Ruchis back hugging her and responding to her kiss.

She got encouraged by my kisses and started sucking my tongues deeper and deeper. She broke her kiss and started to feel my neck kissing my neck. I was moaning like ooohhaaahh.

Now, she came near to my boob put her tongue on my pointed nipples encircled it with her tongue. In next moment she took a nipple in her mouth and started sucking it. I was in heaven breathing heavily moaning mmaaahh. Her other hand pinching my left nipple. I was feeling my pussy getting wet.

After 10 mins of sucking my right boob, she came to my left boob. She started to kiss the boob and started to suck it deeper and deeper. Her pinches in boobs felt as if so somebody putting stapler pin on the paper. Now, am feeling very wet in my pussy and feeling as if some water is making my panty wet.

She stopped her sucking removed her camisole and now Im seeing her naked 34c breasts she was just looking @ me and came near to me started kissing lip to lip. This time her big melon boobs are pressing mine. I felt as if someone had placed one ton of sand in my boobs. She was holding my hand and placed over to my head and wrapped it with one hand. Now, my clean armpits exposed.

Ruchi started to suck my right armpit. I was moaning pleasure and closed my eyes. She moved to left armpit and sucked this as well. Now she released her hand from my hand. Now her hand is on my capri and removing tie.

She spread my legs and placed herself between my legs.

Now, using her 2 hands she pulled down the capri completely. I was wearing a pink panty. She kissing my pussy and she can feel my wetness. She started to kiss my thighs.

Suddenly, she moved the panty aside and kissed my pussy lips. I was trimmed my pussy. I was moaning mmooo. She spread my pussy lips with her fingers and exploring my g spot. I was feeling as if somebody searching diamond ore.

Once she spread my pussy lips she put her middle finger in my pussy. I was feeling very pain as my virgin pussy was feeling a finger deep inside it. I moaned loudly aaaaahh. I was spreading my legs and Ruchi was digging my pussy deeper and deeper with her fingers .

Suddenly, I felt Ruchis tongue on my pussy entrance licking my wet pussy. In the meantime her fingers are digging my pussy deeper. Now, she has put her second finger in my pussy and digging my pussy deep. I was shivering, moaning ready to explode. She removed her fingers and started sucking my pussy. I spoke this time saying “Ruchi, Im gonna explode”.

She was not bothered by my words and continued sucking. I orgasmed and white liquid is flowing from my pussy to her mouth. She came over me and kissed my lips. I was feeling happy and tired and closed eyes. We hugged each other slept for while. To be continued……

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