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Hello readers welcome to this beautiful journey. I am very happy for the response that I got from all of you. Keep giving your feedback. I am male the story is completely fictional. Lets enjoy the journey.

Ayesha had her independent masturbation experience last night. I asked her in the morning,

“Did you enjoy last night, my child”

“Yeah mom I did a lot.”

“So do you think you can do it on your own?”

“Yeah mummy I shall manage.”

“But remember dont do it without my permission.”

“Yeah Mamma I wont break my promise”

“Hmm good girl”

I was a little confused regarding my lesbian attraction to her so I didnt talk anything on it.

She was growing up well. She was now an official teen. She was having periods regularly, cleaning her pubic hair on regular basis and now she was masturbating regularly too. As she was new to masturbation so she didnt need any stimulation like porn. In fact she was always eager to do it and waiting for the Saturday nights for the fun.

Time really flies. I never really realized when she finished her 10th grade. She was in sweet sixteen now. We all know that sixteen is a very sweet age. I was relaxed that she had got proper sex education so I need not to worry that someone may misguide her.

One day she came to me and said,

“Mummy you are my best friend right.”

“Say directly Honey, whats going on your mind. Open yourself No need to be shy”

She blushed for my direct reaction. Actually she was confused but I understood it well so I asked her directly.

“Actually.. Mumma.. well..”

“See you are calling me your best friend so open yourself, thats my order. I smiled.

“Mumma, I like a guy and I wanna make him my BF. Remember I had told you about the crush”

“Hmmm interesting so what kind of relation you both have?”

“We are good friends; we mostly talk each other a lot in school. We exchange notes and do chit chat you know..”

“Good so what is wrong in that?”

Nothing Mumma I wanna go one step ahead. I want to make him my BF.”

“What would you do after making him your BF?”

“We shall make love to each other, go to restaurant, movie, picnic etc.”

“Anything else you want from him?” I winked

She understood and said

“Yeah Mummy I want to kiss him” “Hmmm thats like an honest answer. See honey, you are still in school Im not saying that you should not make love at this age but soon you will be in your HSC which is very important year for your career, it will be a career decider for you so I am suggesting that complete your school and then propose him on the very next day but have patience for some more time. Trust me you have entire life to make love and as I taught you masturbation I will teach you how to go ahead in love as well; but for the time being just concentrate on your studies. There is a very thin line between friendship and love but for some time keep your relationship restricted to friendship only. Make him a good friend of yours but just a friend. Hope you understand my point.”

“Yeah mummy, I do. I shall not be in love till I finish my schooling.”

“Hmmm thats like a good girl”

So she was enjoying the youthful days and the vigor and enthusiasm of school life. She was now beautiful damsel. I never denied her to hang out with friends even she would go to a late night party if any of her friends had a birthday. I never objected about her clothing, she used to be in western outfits like shorts, skirts and anything. I never objected anytime on it.

Once she came to me, “Mummy we friends are planning a one day trip can I go?”

I asked her where would you go, when is the trip and who is with you etc. She said trip included her female and male friends too. I was quite ok with her male friends but she had never gone out alone so I was little reluctant.

I told her, “Honey, get the permission of your dad if he allows I have no problem”

“Thank you mom”

That night she served her dad well. I was enjoying the eagerness for permission in her eyes. After the dinner she asked her dad. I liked when she herself said that there are few boys too in the trip.

My hubby said, “Surely go, Ayesha. I have full trust on my daughter and you know how to deal with the guys right. so just be yourself. Dont get yourself dragged into motions. Enjoy your life.

“Awww thanks dad, love you”

She went in her bedroom.

So I asked my hubby, “Honey shes not completely mature and you know na her sex drive is crazy, so do you think is it proper to let her go especially when the guys are there on the trip?”

“Dont worry baby, sow some trust to her, she will give good fruits.”

“Lets see but I am still worried.

“Ya I understand you are a mom after all.”

She went for the trip. I packed her bag well. Her friends were going by car. There was total six friends including herself and one was the guy who was ayeshas future BF. I hadnt met all of them. She went to her friends place and from there on they went for the trip I wished her a good journey and she left. She returned home around 11 P.M and was extremely tired so I didnt ask her anything about the trip. She just stripped off herself and slept naked.

Next day was a Monday morning but she was too tired to go to school so I let her drop the school for the day. She woke up around 11 a.m. then had a bath, freshened herself. It was then only that I asked her about the trip,

“Honey how was the trip”

“Oh mumma was awesome. It was a very nice place. It was a century so for the first time I saw animals like deer, elephant and other animals outside the zoo. We climbed a small hill, did trakking and there was a stream flowing nearby so we clicked too many pics there. we really enjoyed.”

“Show me the pics”

She showed me she pics, introduced me to everyone BF. He was a good looking guy, seemed decent. The other was her best friend Rehana and her BF and there was other couple too. Ayesha told me that they were in love as well. I thought for a while that these kids are so advanced that they are just in high school and yet they have found their partners. The pics were very good. She explained me about the places that they visited. I saw that all these young kids enjoyed so well and they clicked the pics very nicely. I was happy that they had a good trip but I was observing in the pics that the guy was getting closer to Ayesha almost in every pic he posed nearer to her.

So I asked her, “So this guy Ansh seems very crazy behind you doesnt he?”

“yeah Mom, he likes me and I do like him but as you had said so Im in no mood of extending the friendship for the time being; in fact we both had a walk in the forest there he said that he likes me but I explained him that we should wait till we finish our schooling but I didnt want to displease him so I assured him that were the best friends and we shall think about the relationship once we enter into the college. He was so generous that he agreed to everything what I said. He said ok dear whatever you say. I really liked his kind gesture. He takes very good care of me that’s why I like him.”

“Hmmm sounds interesting, so my child did you do anything else with him? Say honestly”

“Well ya mom, actually we kissed. We were alone there in the forest, he came so closer to me that I couldn’t say no. He came so close that I dont know when my lips got locked with him. It was only after some time that I realized what I did but I wasnt angry on him and I hope you wont get angry on me too mummy.”

I just listened to her. I understand her feelings, the same thing had happened to me while I had lesbian smooching with her.

I know that sometimes such situation arises when you can’t resist to the situation. I said,

“Okey honey, anything else you did with him which you think is little naughty and you want to share with me.”

“Hmmm well yeah mom, There is one thing. Actually we smoked. One of the guys offered and we all tried it.”

That was astonishing for me. I asked her, “How was it?”

“It was hell mom. I felt choked. I don’t know how people can smoke so much”

I thought it was very natural feeling. We all have same kind of experience when we smoke for the first time. I was glad that she didn’t like it. Actually I was confused on how to react on her smoking experience. I couldn’t decide shall I take it naturally or shall I scold her? So I thought it’s better to leave the place for now. I just said, “It’s fine we shall talk about it later.” I was about to leave the room but she stopped me and said,

“Mom I know you are somewhat angry on me. I told you na we smoked just for trying and it was a bizarre experience.

So I wont do it again I promise. And you had advised me not to get physical with him but trust me mom the situation was such that I couldnt control myself.”

I could see guilt in her eyes.

I said “Its ok beta, you take rest. We shall talk about it later”

That night I talked with my husband about this issue. I said in worry,

“Honey she is going in the wrong direction. I had strictly told her not to be physical with that guy yet she kissed him.I feel she will do a lot more”

“Relax honey, nothing of that sort will happen. Its her age. its very natural. Take it easy. In fact feel good that she feels comfy with you otherwise who would share such things to the parents” he said.

“Yeah I understand my love but I am so worried. You know she smoked there also. I shall never let her go on outing alone. I fear she might get addicted to smoking and all such things.”

“Oh come on, dont be so overreactive. Just remember when you had your first mocking. These are typical teen things. Nothing to overreact on it”

“But honey I am so worried. I should scold her so that she wont do it again”

“Dont be an impulsive fool if you do so, you will lose her trust. She told you everything because she considers you her friend. Now you decide you want to be your friend or mom”

“But I was just worried about the things that happened”

“You relax my love I shall talk to her.”

Next day evening we were in the living room. There my hubby said

“Ayesha how was the trip dear?”

“It was very good dad”

“Your mum told me that you had a lot of fun.”

“Year dad”

“I heard that you kissed your BF”

She was aghast buy her dad’s such comment. She didnt speak anything for a while then she said

“Yeah dad it just happened but I assure you it wont happen again.”

“Dont worry my child, its fine. I understand but for the time being till you finish your schooling just focus on your studies.”

“Yeah dad I will”

“Thats like my good girl and honey how was the smoking experience?”

She stared at me angrily but she couldnt say anything to me. She replied her dad that

“Actually everybody was trying so I also did.”

“Who brought the cigarettes?”

“One guy was there”

Your BF Ansh?”

No no dad, it was first time for him too”

So how was the experience, my child ?”

“I really didnt like it and I will never smoke again for sure.”

“Hmmm love you, sweetheart. Let me show you something.”

Then he showed her the video about the ill effects of smoking. She was really terrified after watching the video. I am sure she wont ever smoke again. I was watching both of them and admiring my hubby’s ability to deal with the teen.She went to her room and I saluted my hubby with admiration.

Keep reading the journey is on and dont forget to give your feedback on / / and let me repeat once again that I am male and the whole sex story is fictional. Thanks.

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