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Hello, readers welcome to this beautiful journey. I am male and the sex story is completely fictional. Lets enjoy the journey.

Next day it was a Monday morning so everything was at its usual pace. I got ready, my hubby was still sleeping though because his office hours were not fixed. I went to Ayeshas room to wake her up, as expected she was sleeping nude.

I woke her up, “get up honey, its 6:30, you will be late for the school.”

“Mummy I dont wanna go to school today. Let me sleep.”

“No baby, you must wake up”

“Ah mamma 5 minutes please”

Finally, she woke up. As it was not the perfect time so I didnt talk anything about how she spent her last night. She had her bath and put on the new lingerie that we had recently purchased, it was sky blue in color and she was looking too sexy in it then she put on her uniform and finally got ready for the school.

After some time my hubby got ready and we had our breakfast together. We were having bread jam. He inquired about how I am teaching Ayesha and was happy with about all what I did. Meanwhile, one thing happened. He said, “honey see there is jam over there near your lips”

I was about to clean it but he stopped me and came closer and licked that jam. He used to do such things so it was quite normal for me but today he didnt stop there, he started kissing me and I was in no mood of making love so I said, “baby let me have my breakfast first, it is morning and we will do it at night”

“love is not time bound, my love” he said.

“Yeah I understand but I am hungry, let me have something then I shall fulfill your wish.”

“Janu I get so impatient when it comes to love the most beautiful girl of the world. Sorry I cant wait”

“Isssshhhh … Please honey I am so hungry”

“Okies darling, I have a solution”

I was wondering what he will do now. He took a bite of that bread jam from the sandwich, chewed it half and then transferred it to me through the mouth to mouth then asked me to do the same for him and we finished our remaining breakfast like that way.

He had a few hours to spend with me. He asked for sex but I was in no mood so I denied. And one of his best qualities is that he never forces me to do sex so we just spent some time together. We discussed Ayesha. He was happy so far I had dealt with her. He suggested me,

“Since you have taught her about sex as you say she got wet last night, I dont think you can keep her away from masturbation for long.”

“But honey, let her grow a bit more.”

“She is mature enough, it is better to teach her as you know na school friends are always ready for such hot discussion.”

We both laughed.

“Yeah I understand and soon I will teach her”

“Just tell her not to get excessive, else masturbation is fine for her”

“Ok my love.”

We kissed then he left outside and I got busy in my house household work.

That evening I asked Ayesha, “honey, could you sleep properly last night?”

“Actually mamma, I dont know but I kept on thinking about the videos for long”

“What did you think about?”

“Nothing much but it just came to my mind again and again”

“Tell me honestly, what did you think?”

“Well… actually mamma… you know….”

“Ya go on”

“Mamma I thought of having sex with somebody”

“Hmmm … thats like an honest answer. Whom did you think to have sex with?”

“No one specifically but I thought to have it with someone”

“Did you feel anything to your body when you thought about it?”

“I felt very uneasy. Dont know how to say, how to explain but I felt tantalizing in my body.”

“did you feel anything in your vagina? Say honestly”

“well yeah mummy, I found it some water like fluid coming out of it, mamma, is it normal?”

“yeah beta it is very much normal, dont worry about it.”

“thanks, mommy”

“but dont play with your vagina”

“ok mummy”

She left the kitchen. Everything went normally for a few days until one day she came to me, she said,

“mom I need you help”

“yeah baby say”

“I dont know how to say”

“oh come on we are friends, aren’t we? Go on”

“mumma actually my best friend rehana has a bf and she used to tell me that they both enjoy a lot. They kiss a lot and sometimes her bf plays with her breasts and when I hear about all these I get tempted. My body feels sensation and many times that water like fluid comes out of my vagina and..”

“honey, tell me one thing honestly do you have a bf”

“no mamma I swear I don’t have”

“then do like someone say very honestly”

“actually mumma, I like a guy, he is my classmate”

“awww you never told me about him huh”

“sorry mamma I was thinking to tell you but I was little shy actually be is a good friend of mine and I have a crush on him”

“don’t worry honey, all such things are very natural in your age and there is no need to be shy because you are with your best friend now.”
“thanks, mom you are really my best friend, mummy tell me about the problem that how to avoid such sensation?”

“don’t worry I shall tell you tonight.”

She was very excited to know about it from me. I had told her to get ready. So she had got herself well cleaned, cleaned her pubic hair, had a good bath, fresh inners and fresh clothes. It was around 10 pm when I went to into her room for it.

“are you ready?”

“yeah mom I am so excited”

“Hmm remove your clothes”

She removed her night dress which was a tee and a capree. She was in beautiful black lingerie now and as she is fair in color so the black colour suits her more. And the black lingerie was looking very sexy upon her.

I said, “wow honey you look damn sexy”

Since I had to teach her masturbation so I was creating the mood. She blushed. I went close to her and removed her bra. I held her breasts and said,

“wow darling, they are so soft. You are so beautiful and sexy”

Then I asked her to remove her panties off. She did so. She was stark naked now. I made her lie on the bed. So here it was, the thing I went I wanted for so long. My daughter was naked in front of me for her maiden masturbation. She was too excited and so was I.

I said, “honey, you just relax. Leave everything upon me, just follow my instructions.”

She agreed. First of all, I took some oil. I started massaging her feet. I gave her soft massage, I was moving my singers upwords very very slowly. then I moved towards her thighs. She was already in mood though I had not started anything yet.

After massaging her legs well it was the time finally for the main part. I asked her to widen her legs. She did so and was ready both physically and mentally for the final move. I took some oil in my fingers, opened her pussy lips a bit and inserted my index finger slowly. She moaned a bit and oh my.. It excited me. My daughters first ever fingering. I moved my finger to and fro for a while and then I inserted my second finger.

Since my fingers oily and she was already wet with excitement so the fingers went in easily in her tight vagina.Finally, I started fingering her, I was in no hurry. I moved my fingers very slowly. I felt the heat of her vagina when I moved my fingers to and fro very slowly inside her.

Then for some time I would bring my fingers out and insert again. Sometimes I move my fingers up and down, sometimes to and fro. Hardly within 2-3 mins, she was in the total mood. She started moaning naturally. Suddenly she realized so she stopped moaning.

I said, “dont control your emotions, my child. Let everything come naturally”

She understood what I meant.

While fingering her I was touching and playing with her breast too. She was enjoying and I was pulling her like

“baby your friend’s bf play with her like this, right?”

She just smiled. She was so much into the passion that most of the time she kept eyes closed. She was morning like “ahhh mumma, it feels so nice ahhhh”

And I was enjoying

I was fingering her well and she was burning with passion. And I thought to tease her so I just stopped it for a while then start again. That stop and start would make her little uneasy, she just wanted it to continue so I played like this for a while. She felt too horny, she enjoyed it and I too, I kept on for a while finally I thought that it was the time for the final move so increased my speed and didnt stop until she started cumming. She was moaning very high while getting an orgasm. She was saying,

“mummy I cant take it anymore. Oh mummy, please stop it please”

But I didnt stop, finally, she started squirting. That scene was worth watching. She was having an orgasm, her whole body was spasming. I knew how to handle this spasm so I had kept my fingers over her vagina while she was spasming. She was jumping by her waist on the bed, her whole body was out of control for her. Finally, after 5-7 minutes or so she felt relaxed.

I said “calm down honey, calm down its over now” she was telling normal. She was relaxing.

I asked, “wow are you feeling?”

She said, “mommy it was awesome, cant describe in words, thanks a lot.”

“baby wait for some time I am coming”

Then I brought some fresh lime juice for her. I knew that she was feeling dehydrated so I brought some juice for her.

“awww mom you are cho chweet”

“after all Im your mom”

She drank the juice. She was lying on the bed. I kissed her forehead. And said,

“honey, you take rest now.”

“thanks mom for such wonderful experience I will never forget it all my life. Thanks a lot.”

“Pleasure is all mine, honey. You relax. Take care sleep well. Good night baby”

I left the room.

Keep reading the journey is on and dont forget to give your feedback on / / and one more thing I want to clarify to the readers that Im male and above story was fictional hope you have enjoyed a lot.Do give your feedback.

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