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Hello readers, welcome back to this beautiful journey. I am thankful to the readers for their valuable feedback. it helps me to make the story better. I am male and the sex story is completely fictional. Let’s enjoy the journey.

Ayesha is growing very fast. It is a well-known fact that girls grow faster than guys. She was very excited about the changes in her body and I was satisfying her curiosity every time she needed. I was taking care of her studies as well. I was to explain her the chapter named “reproduction” in her Biology subject and I think she was in her perfect age to understand that chapter at the time.

Her age was perfect for such kind of knowledge. Earlier as I said I took sex education to satisfy her curiosity but now she really needed it. She was officially a teen and I realized that now I had to change the gear and give her complete sex education but I was little confused how to start, so I consulted my hubby. He has played a passive role but he was very attentive about Ayesha.

I used to tell him everything about our daughter, her thoughts, her questions everything. And he always guided me. He advised me to go for an educational porn video, I liked that idea and implemented it.

First of all, I read the chapter well. It was about reproduction so I have to tell her about penis, vagina, pregnancy, condoms etc. She was quite aware of the female body but I doubt it if she had seen a male erected penis or not.

So I thought that instead of going directly to the books, I should make her aware about the male sexual organ. I asked my hubby to show his penis to her but he rejected the idea because he had never been naked in front of her, although he admired nudity but he avoided being naked to Ayesha. (he had been in underwear but not completely nude) so he was reluctant. So he provided me educational porn video which was educational and erotic as well.

I waited for the perfect day, one day my hubby was out for the tour. I had kept the chapter waiting though it was taught in school but I told Ayesha that I will teach you the chapter and today it was the day.

Since we were alone so we were quite comfortable. It was in the evening, we just had our tea and some snacks, and then I got her book and told that I am going to teach you the chapter. First of all, I told her to get naked then I told about her own sexual organs like the details of a vagina; for example vulva, urethra, inner and outer labia clitoris, breast.

Then I played the video, in it I played the portion of the female body then showed her own parts practically which excited her. I showed her the vagina and touched the same parts on her body so that she can feel and understand well. I went one step ahead and asked her to show those parts on me. She touched those parts one by one on me and I must admit it was really erotic.

Now it was the time for the male part. We had talked about it before but not much, she had not seen a male erect penis ever and I was in no hurry to show her as well. The video showed the minute details of a penis. It showed the varieties of the size of the penis, like it varies from person to person.

Then it was about the foreskin, the erection; how blood gets into the veins and how it gets into an erect position; thereafter it was about the testicles and its function and very importantly about the sperm. I used to pause the video and teach her whenever I felt to comment. She got very curious about it and I grabbed the opportunity.

Next, I showed her the educational video of sex. It showed the importance of foreplay, sex positions, how a penis enters into a vagina and what happens when the penis is inside how the women and the male feel. It was followed by the knowledge of the strokes what are hard strokes and what are soft strokes. And finally the ejaculation, how the sperm ejects where it goes and how a woman gets pregnant. I am again repeating is it was more educational than an erotic video

Later on, it showed about the contraceptives. I paid much attention over this topic because I got pregnant before the marriage so I didnt want that my daughter to go through the same experience and the trauma that I had felt.

I told her, “Honey, sex is not bad but safe sex is must and condom can be very useful and ideal to have safe sex”. she was listening to me carefully and asked me if I can show her a condom actually I have gone through vasectomy so we were not using it but just for this occasion, I asked my hubby to buy a condom so that I can show it to her.

I took a banana and applied it over it and I asked her to repeat it and learn how to apply a condom. I wanted to make the atmosphere light so I said, “you know Ayesha all men wish that girls apply condom on their penis with their hands, it makes them hot”

She asked Mamma, “Will I?”

“Yes, beta thats why Im teaching you” and we both laughed.

So she got the formal sex education from me, while teaching I saw her vagina got wet and mine too.

It was quite natural but I didnt want to have an overdose so I didnt teach her masturbation at the time. I thought that let the time come I just asked her to have a bath. But I had got really really wet so while she went for a bath I went to my room with that banana and I masturbated like hell. and then we went out for a walk.

My hubby came back that night and I was like sex-hungry so we had lots and lots and lots of fun.

Next morning I wondered if Im in such situation what would have happened with my daughter especially when she was a teen and her hormones would be jumping. Im damn sure she must have felt very very hot. In fact, I had seen her wet pussy while teaching but I avoided.. dont know what she did In the bathroom and how she spent that night.

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