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Hey, I am Kavya from Pune and am 22 years old and I am sharing here my life experience.

So I had hundreds of mails in response to my sex story and one such was Rashmi asking if my thing was true and I told all the details and she was amazed by it and stated I was very daring…. We started talking and she was reluctant at the start and she mentioned she is 34 years old from Gujarat, married with a 7year old son. I was amazed and curious as to why she read ISS , Rashmi told she liked reading stories and having wild crazy fantasies.

She liked reading incest and lesbo sex stories which was kinky, so we started interacting about everything thing. She has a figure of 34 30 36 which was awesome and liked wearing wearing all kinds of bra and panties except thongs. Rashmi liked keeping her pussy clean and sometimes hairy to for a change and she had a bf but only talked to him thru mails because she was really scared of escalating things, she had a didi type image every where from work to gym to neighborhood because she never exposed her awesome figure. Soon we opened up and started to sext and send pics and nude pics to our mails were the dirtiest all we talked about was lunds and chooths and every day my pussy was on fire because of her dirty talks

Then we made a hangouts call and exchanged numbers and she shared her wildest fantasy she said ” haam ek room mai nange hai and the door opens and 3 black negroes enter with their hung lunds dangling and seeing a mature woman and young woman their lunds get erect unnka lund 8,8 aur 10 inch ka hai phir vo dono mujhe ghode k tarha meri gaand aur chooth marrrahe hai nonstop phir tum kavya meri mu par aakar bet jati ho and you start sucking and gagging the 3rd lund and I lick your pussy” which was typical middle aged woman who take liking to black dicks.

We talked daily and I asked if she could come over to meet me but she said she was scared to death because of her didi and decent image in the society,she was a wild slut from inside and typical decent outside. I tried to persuade her but it was in vain but to my luck her company sent her in Pune for 3 days and I forced her in telling her family that it was a 4 days trip and she did.

She was in Pune and finally the fourth day came when she was totally free, I was meeting her at CCD and was really nervous about it cause it was my first time to like this and finally she arrived she was looking stunning in formals as she hadnt packed anything else cause it was a business trip.

I could see her hands shivering because she was really scared but she got ok when we began talking, then we went on to shopping and I told I wanna see her in that dresses so we reached her hotel and as soon as we entered her room I guess her slut switch got on and she pulled me and we began smooching, it was a shock for me and I pushed her away and said ” hey rashmi the things we talked over phone was fun so calm down yaar” she smirked and said ” saali chinal mera chooth rojj gila karti thi phone par or ab jaab milraha hai tho bahane”

I was little taken back because a while ago this woman was talking to me with a biritish accent english in the cafe and now look at her. I was jerked off from my thoughts when she again sealed her wet lips with mine and our tongues explored each others mouths, I sat on her lap and she said this is a different feeling altogether and she loved it.Rashmi began squeezing my boobs which were a cup smaller than her and I had never felt another woman like this, it was really awesome.

I got hold of her melons and squeezed it hard to which she moaned and said ” haaa yeahh saali dabba jor jor se” she was letting it all out the wild slutty side she had hidden was taking over. We removed our top and bra, she laid me down and stared giving wet sloppy kisses over the neck and shoulders while squeezing and pinching my nipples I was hissing all the while with my mouth wide open.

This woman was really abusing my boobs and nipples and I loved every moment of it , she was awesome at sucking making me moan and hiss and suddenly she bit my nipples and I yelled aaagghhh saali raandi dard hora hai to which she smiled and continued sucking my boobs which felt really amazing because a woman knows how a woman wants it.

Then she ripped open my pants and saw that my blue panty was all drenched with my pussy juice and she began rubbing her thumb on my clit and licking my pussy area over the panty it sent out chills, and soon I was all naked in front of her. In no time she began lapping my pussy like a lizard with her tongue switching between my pussy and cilt,I was shivering due to her tongue and I loved what she did.

I pulled her hair and raised my hips more to her mouth, ” hisss aahhh ahhh uffffff hhwww hhww” were the only sounds coming out of my mouth which only got louder when she inserted here fingers in and began finger fucking me uffff god it was awesome I got wild and said” ha saali chinal aur jorr se ohhh god fuck fuck fuck fuckkkkk” and rashmi began licking my clit ohhh it was freaking good. “Mast hai teri chikni young chooth kavya” she said as I began jerking and arching my back because I was gonna cum and after few jerks, I started oozing white thick cum and Rashmi began lapping and drinking it like a thirsty dog.

As I was re recovering from my orgasm she turned me and lifted my ass up parted my ass cheeks and spat in my hole, it tingled as her saliva seeped in and she spat in 2 more times then rubbed around the rims it felt good but suddenly she pushed her 2 fingers almost more than half inside my asshole I jerked my eyes almost popped out and it painted like hell.

I abused her”Chinal bhenchod kya kardiya meri gaand faad dali saali raandi aaahhh god dukh raha hai” she laughed and said maze le my sweet baby and just started ramming her fingers in and out of my asshole “Ahhh ahhh ahhh yeah yeahh ahhh ufff ” I was moaning like her bitch ass she kept on abusing my ass it was the pleasure I was feeling for the first time and it was heaven.

Then after she was done it was my turn so I just tried to be as rough as possible and ripped off her pant and panty in one go and gave a hard slaps to her boobs to which she made a pain pleasured expression and moaned as I sucked her boobs I wanted her to feel the pain when she bit my nipple so while sucking her left boob I punched and pulled her nipple high up and then twisted it, she jerked and yelled ohhhh meri young raandi its nice and little milk dripped off her nipples which I sucked off. It tasted awesome and I moved down to her slightly hairy pussy which was shining from her juices so I slapped her clit hard to make her moan and shiver.

I just shoved my middle and ring finger in her pussy and began ramming her, it was a different site a young pussy ramming a mature pussy. I parted her clit and spat on it and began licking and chewing it while rashmi was pinching her nipples and moaning and abusing hard haa chinal dal ungli kar jor jor jor se yeah yeah yeah raandi feels good.She was out of control and was jerking her hips up and down because she was getting it after a long time, I stopped and she yelled q ruk gaee raandi chooth mar meri.

I gave her a wicked smirk and turned her pulled her ass up and without any lube I shoved my middle and ring finger in her asshole she jerked and abused me “Saali madrchod ohhh ohhh fuckkk faad dala margae raandi” and continued to breath heavy and moan. I kept shoveling my finger in and out of her asshole and inserted 2 fingers in her pussy I was finger fucking both her holes and she kept moaning like a roadside whore and after seconds she jerked and blasted out cum. The whole room was filled with our moan and sweat and cum it smelled awesome.

She turned and I fell over her my boobs was crushing hers and we both were breathing heavy and Rashmi said” I love you kavya babe you are awesome I let all the aggression and wildness which was pinned up for years I love you baby this is the first time I abused so much while fucking” “yeah baby I was surprised by your this dirty side” I replied.

I started to get up saying I needed to pee but she stopped me and made meet kneel with my knees both sides of her boobs and began to roughly rub my clit I mumbled to stop but she didnt “Aaahahhgg ahhhh uffff fuckkk” I let out hot streams of pee on her face as she enjoyed every drop of it and began spreading it over her face and boobs.

Rashmi really let her dirty and wild side out that day . We had to more sessions till evening and parted with each others panties.

Well that was it, feedbacks are welcomed

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I will post the second part soon.

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