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Hello, readers welcome back to this beautiful journey. Im male and this sex story is completely a work of fiction. I can say by my experience that the journey is always more powerful than the destination. I hope you will enjoy the journey, so lets go.

As I had told earlier I had an early marriage and as my hubby has a job in an MNC, we have to move to different places so Ayesha could not enjoy the love of her grandparents. Many times it so happened that we could not provide her that pleasure but I and my hubby have always nourished Ayesha in such a way that she respects Indian values. Every coin has the flip side so if I take the positives out of the situation, I can say that as we were living away from the family, we had complete freedom and we were making full use of it.

As we had eloped to get married, we struggled a lot initially but later on we spent a lot of time having fun. I am very fortunate that I not only have a darling daughter but I loving Hubby too. its hard to say that who loves sex more me or my hubby. He loves experiments and we have tried everything.. almost everything but I will tell about it some other day. As today Im gonna tell about my daughter.

My hubby told me that it will be my choice how to nurture Ayesha, he will play the supporting role, not that he doesnt love her but Ayesha is more comfortable with me. I knew it will be me who will provide her the sex education and I have provided her as and when she needed. We were so happy from Aisha that we decided not to have any other child so that we can shower all our love on her. Ayesha sometimes complains that she never had love of siblings, I understand her pain of being a single child but we both had always tried our best to be her best friends and I feel that I have a best friend in form of her. Ive always been conscious that she never feel the generation gap. I always tend to understand the child Psychology and be a better mom or I should say that be a better friend to her. My hubby is also quite friendly to her. All girls reading now would be knowing the typical daddy-daughter relationship. He has never imposed anything on her and more importantly he has succeeded in being such a dad that she never fears him.

I want to tell you the journey of her sexual growth so instead of beating around the bush I will come to the topic directly. As I told you earlier that we are only 3 in the family so there was no privacy issue. I can guide her complete freedom. I arranged a separate bed for Ayesha after 3 years of age and she got her own room when she turned 10 years old when we felt that she can sleep alone. We gave her personal room as she was growing fast and so her own room was quite necessary. I remember I remember Virginia Woolfs feminist book “a room of ones own” where she talked about the feminist perspective that women should have the freedom to express themselves. If I take it in a sexual perspective, I feel that a room of ones old is quite necessary for all those who knocks the door of puberty. It is indeed quite unfortunate that many people dont get a personal room due to the space problem in India.

Ayesha childhood was full of fun. We took good care of her and fulfilled her every justified demand. We were so much conscious of giving her so much love that she doesnt need to take it from the outside world that we had provided her enough. Since she lost her childhood and her entrance on the door of puberty, there were hardly any restrictions on her.

We had allowed her to wear anything or even nothing. Many times in summer she happened to be in panties only in the home and most of the times she slept in either just panties or completely naked.

I and my hubby admire nudity a lot but unfortunately before marriage I could not have any chance to be nude and neither my mother appreciated it. Nudity has always been considered a taboo in India but as nothing remains stationery so things have changed after the marriage, not only that I got the complete privacy but I got an intellectual and open minded caring and loving hubby. He explained the value of nudity once he said Megha, nudity is the natural state of the body. You are closest to nature when you are nude when you are naked in front of the mirror then that is what you actually are.

All that name, position, reputation are something we get as a tag, that you are a lady, you are Megha, a mother, a teacher, a wife, a cook, a housewife.. everything you get from the outside world is a tag. The basic thing is that you are a lady and you can only see your feminine value if you are completely naked; what happens with us that we get so much used to the clothes that we feel shy of our own self. Nudity is a God gift. youre born naked.

The clothes are that you have to wear but nudity is completely natural. you must have noticed how much pleasure you get sleeping naked. Even scientist have proven that sleeping naked has health benefits. Enjoy nudity, assimilate yourself with nature and you will fall in love with yourself.

I admit he had changed my mindset and really I fell in love with nudity as I practiced it more and more or I should say I fell in love with myself and I didnt want my daughter to miss such a wonderful gift of God. So I have always made her believe that nudity is quite normal and natural. I made her sleep nude and make it a habit. Indeed children are like plants, they grow as you nourish them and I wanted to grow her in the finest possible manner.

It so happened that by the time she reached puberty, she was much used to nudity like sleeping nude or roaming naked in the home and her nudity made her aware of her physical changes. By the time she was eleven years old, I sensed the initial symptoms of her entrance to the world of youth.

I knew now I have to play a key role I wanted to give her complete sex education but not an overdose I want to teach according to the need of the hour and according to her age, so far I had told her a few things like hiding your genitals and inners well when you are outside home. I had made her aware about the vagina but not its sexual purpose. We bathed a lot of times together so she used to ask me about the breast, about the vagina, why hers is different than mine. But Ive never underestimated her questions.

I had tried my best to satisfy her curiosity but sometimes the questions were too difficult to answer. She would ask so innocently like Mamma how the babies are born or looking at a pregnant lady she would ask why her tummy is so fat?An interesting incident happened once when she was a kid she asked me about the neighbor that mum why the aunt in the neighborhood has become so fat suddenly? Her questions were full of Innocence and now it was the time to answer it perfectly.

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