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Hello,all the readers, I am a regular reader of this site. I used to read stories from this site and I felt that I should write one. I am male and this story is completely a work of fiction. This is my first attempt of writing any story. Please do give your feedback. If you masturbate at the end of the story, it would be a reward for me, it will tell me how much I am successful as a story writer. So let me take you to the world of Megha and her family hope you will enjoy.

Hello friends, I am Megha, let me introduce myself I am married lady. I have quite maintained myself. I have good perky breasts and nice and round butts. My sex life is quite awesome and I am highly sexually active. I wont tell my age as it is not a healthy custom to know girls age but I can say that I am a lady and not a girl.

I have a small family that consists of my caring and loving husband and my darling daughter. My husband works in an mnc and he is quite well to do person I mean economically good enough to live a happy married life. My hubby has many other qualities that make him the best hubby. He is loving and caring, always thinks about me and our daughter. I must say that his love for me has not reduced you even an inch even after so many years of our marriage. We had a love marriage. As Shakespeare has rightly said “The course of true love never did run smooth”. It was very true in our case. We had to elope and had to face many family problems.

I got pregnant before marriage so you can imagine the trouble that anyone has to face in Indian society but my hubby was always there with me whatever the circumstances may be!! And I must admit that his love for me has increased day by day. The best thing about my hubby is that he is as sex crazy as I am. My lust, my sexual desire, my sexual hormones have always been much higher than compared to other ladies of my age and I am thankful to god to give me such hubby who can satisfy me so well. Not only sexually but emotionally as well. I will tell you about our sex life some other day as today I am going to tell you guys the journey of my daughter

We are blessed to have a darling daughter Aisha. She has just turned 20 recently. Well, how should I describe my daughter?? Ok, let me try… Well, I dont want to imagine so let me go into her bedroom and narrate how she looks …..

There she is sleeping on her bed, believe me, she looks like a little angel while she is sleeping. Well, she is right there lying naked on a bed and I am going to describe and tell you about her beauty… Hair is up to the shoulder, beautiful black eyes, she is little tall 55, weight around 45 kg, very good smile, and you know what she gets cute dimples when she smiles. She has a fair complexion. Maybe she knew that I am going to describe her today so she has been nude. Just kidding. She is free to wear anything she wants but she prefers nudity. So let me describe my damsel darling daughter

She has firm round breasts, looking very sexy but I know it will look sexier as she gets more mature, attractive pink nipples (mine has gone little brown). The areola makes it look more seductive.

The black mole right above her nipple on the left breast makes it more beautiful and seductive. I would like to tell you one interesting fact that I have mole in the same place as she has and let me tell you a secret that my hubby loves it a lot!! Hmmm coming down, flat stomach, curvy waist gives a perfect look that she always deserves and yes, she has pierced her belly and piercing makes her look quite hot. Now leading to the most beautiful part of a woman, I admit that her vagina looks so damn cute. Let me go a little closer so that I can tell you in detail how the most beautiful part of our body looks. She is clean shaved.

She always likes to be clean and always prefers to be clean. I have developed her that habit of remaining clean shaved. The vagina looks pinkish, the inner and outer lips are like buds that are waiting to be a flower but I am not gonna touch it else she would wake up but I can tell you from my experience that she has very tight pussy. An ideal one for age. It smells so good, right above is the clitoris. She gets hell too excited when her clitoris is being touched. The vagina before me is a perfect sexy one! I can bet that it can turn on even a 90-year-old man

Moving ahead, let me tell you one more fact that she is not a virgin but I will tell about it in detail later but for now, its just an information.

She has maintained that baby look of virgin tight and beautiful pussy, turning onto her legs, well she has long legs which intensify the seductiveness of her sexy personality. You must have noticed that the girls who have long legs appeal sexier compared to others. She has recently waxed legs so her naked long clean legs appear like a baby, the small little fingers of her feet make it look cuter and the curvy shape provides her feet the perfect look.

Wait now turning around so that I can describe her from the backside too.

Moving her hair aside so that I can describe her well. The first thing that strikes me on her back side is the tattoo of the butterfly on her neck. I feel she has chosen a perfect place to tattoo on her body. The open back proves that shes in good shape. Coming down to her beautiful butts, her butts are round but not too big, they are so soft it feels like cotton. I am tempted to spank her butt but she is sleeping so I am controlling myself.

All in all, she is a complete package. Her body is in the perfect shape. God has given all the beauty that she deserves. I must say her hubby would be the luckiest one and honestly speaking she looks far more beautiful than me when I was of her age.

But beauty is not everything she is good by heart also. She has a very loving and caring nature. She is quite soft spoken and down to earth, it wont be an exaggeration to say that she is a beauty with brain. So are you ready for the journey?

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Guys and girls get ready the journey is about to begin.

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