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I opened the door, Sharmi was smiling big, pushed me aside and came inside. Sharmi was my next door neighbour who has this habit of poking on all people. She is yet to pass her graduation although she was almost now 24. She’s no interest in studies, but she isn’t stupid though. Sharmi has collection of books to envy upon.

Her parent gave her pocket money with a condition that whatever she spends on shopping she’s to buy books of double the amount, all out of pocket money. Eventually she picked up her reading habits quite well and now although the condition isn’t enforced she still buys and reads a lot. That make her talks quite interesting sometimes. On the flip side of this, she never got any guy in her life on steady basis. So once in a while she pokes on you.

Hey Sofia, my parents not at home, care to join me. I am watching The conjuring, thought to call you.

Well, Sharmi, I am interested but not now, my dinner isn’t finished yet.

Wow, mine too. I was thinking of ordering something. May be we can order together.

He he, I have prepared a nice kebabs and prawn’s biryani. I think it is enough for couple of people. Take the drive from your home, let’s watch it over here.

I am already runnninggg….

I turned and quickly checked if anything was missing. I quickly had to change to my long tshirt as my flowery shorts and tshirt were mess. The tshirt was coming till thighs and looked like a skirt. Underneath there was nothing.

The AC was on, and rain started pouring outside. My flat is at 10 floor, and in front there is a huge mangroves and an estuary with dark water across the road. This make the hall very romantic. I put the lights on dim and started playing romantic numbers and slow songs like Dancing in the moonlight.

Sharmi returned with wide smile on her face and a drive with lots of movies. I got that she had a plan to watch movies all night. No problem for me anyway, I wanted to enjoy my day. Sharmi was nice girl and had good rapo with me.

Can I get the dinner on table ? What would you like to drink ?

Nimbu Pani.

What ? Say again dear?

Nimbu Pani.

Why ?

Sharmi said with grin.JArey I am kidding, please make anything that makes you proud.


I started making Mojito. Crushed the mint first with some lemon, added a teaspoon of sugar. Again added lemon, filled the jar with ice cubes, then poured vodka as much as I want.

I served it in two glass, the drink was pretty strong.

Let’s say cheers Sharmi ! Have a glass.

She took a sip, closed her eyes, reclined on the sofa and waited for a while.

It’s marvellous. I love you. One of the best I have ever in my life.

Thanks dear.

She took a little every time for next 5 minutes and talked nothing. I was sitting in front of her, enjoying the view of outside and also inside. I already has a half wine bottle, a 90 ml vodka and now this. My face and skin was tingling. But still I was calm outside.

I looked at Sharmi, now that I knew here since I came in this area 8 years ago. She was a teeny then, but not much rebellious. She was skinny till in her late teens, and on my suggestion she came out of books and joined gym.

Now look at her, she is petite, however now has an athletic body. No ounce of fat on belly, strong firm legs, round and little big ass, firm boobs and cute face. She has this shiny dark skin, with teeth in one line. A smile to die for. Her skin was so soft like a baby bum.

What are you looking at Sofie ?

I came out of my thoughts – Nothing dear, it is just I was thinking about my last 8 years in this society. First I came as a tenant and now I own this flat. First time I saw you, you were a skinny teen, now a grown up doll. By the way, did I told you that I got promoted.

Hell, Shit !!! No way !!! Fuck !!! What are you ! I love you !!! You got promoted ! congo congo congo !!!! Take a bow !

She did bow !

She gave a hug, very tight and cozy !

Then she kissed on my lips ! a gentle kiss nothing else. But a kiss nonetheless.

She showered many praises later, and I flattered like anything.

She was still holding me. She said, she’s proud.

Let’s celebrate, let’s have one more drink. She quickly made a ScrewDriver with lots of Vodka in it.

I think I already had 200 ml of vodka and half bottle of wine. Now this ScrewDriver. After this drink I was really high. Literally not able to understand what I was saying.

In the meantime, Sharmi found my cum stained t shirt and shorts. The cum was still there. The clothes were still wet, Anish had lot of cum in his ball I would say. She danced with the shorts in my hand.

Ohhh ! So someone already had a party before.

I shyly smiled and said – Nothing like that.

So why this is so wet.

I was working out.

Ohhh ! you were working out.

Then she started smelling the cloth – This doesn’t smell like sweat.

She came close to me, put my hands in air, smelled my underarms and again smelled back the cloth.

Then she licked it.

JIt seems that you had party Sofie, very private party. You didn’t told me about.

Nothing like that, I tried to pull my short from her hand. She chuckled and ran away.

I am not going anywhere, unless you tell me what happened. Who was that handsome hunk .. haaa

No option left and under heavy influence of the alcohol, I told her the sex story.

She was sitting almost on my lap, while I tell the story she started moving her fingers in my hairs.

“So you made him come thrice” Sharmi said in husky voice.

“Yes” I smiled and looked shyly in her eyes.

Her dark brown big eyes, just flipped once. She made a sudden move and kissed on my lips.

I was high, a shockwave run through my body, my face turned red. We locked lips for more time than ever. Kiss turned into the smooch. Her warm breath on my face made my mind go blank.

She choose to eat my lips and flight a hungry war with my tongue. Both of her hands were in my hairs holding and controlling the movement of me. Time stopped for a while. Both of us didn’t dared to open our eyes. She wasn’t ready to break the liplock.

I was still in shock and awe of her actions and my reaction to it. I couldn’t believe that there could be so much passion in her. She seems never interested in my body.

However today she was riding on me. Sharmi slowly slide her hand on my left breast. Of course I was not wearing anything inside, as soon as she felt my almost bare breast, she pressed more on my lips. I was wearing a flimsy dress. My nipples were erected and trying to tell the story of excitement.

Finally we broke the kiss, she was looking at me like a hungry tigress.

“I am going to fuck you!” She said calmly.

“Who is stopping you!” I said with flat voice.

She suddenly grabbed my hand, putting my long and sexy middle finger in her mouth.

Then she put two and then three. In and out, in and out in rhythm.

My eyes rolled and my neck fell backwards. She put her moist tongue on my wrist, and licked towards the elbow and not stopping till she found my underarms. She licked there for a while. Giving me an immense pleasure and hell lot of sensation in pussy.

Then she did Dracula. She bite on my neck and shoulders making all sweet marks over. I was on seventh sky. While doing so, she crossed her legs with mine scissoring me.

That’s it. That’s the breaking point of yours truly. I came. And I came loudly.

While she has no effect of this, just a little sense of satisfaction.

She put nipple alternatively in her mouth. Didn’t I told you that her tongue is warm. She slide a little making her both hands on my boobs and licking my navels. I wasn’t wearing any panties for obvious reason.

She parted my legs with her both hands and held them there. Licking her was down to my upper lips of pussy. She found clitoris to be more amusing than others and licked it like it as an ice cream. I screamed that I am coming. I can’t hold more to it. It wasn’t my fault, she was doing it so good. Like a pro, I never saw anyone like this.

She took full control of me and while I came, she also removed her panty.

Sharmi was a little fat down there, and I was intrigued that she never shaved ever.

“Is this originally intact honey” – I asked looking at her full set of hairs.

“Yes, they are! I never like to shave. Even when I go for massage, I got my ‘comments’ on my hairs. But I am not shy of my asset” Sharmi said.

“It’s lovely, if you see it in this way. I always think how would it look if I don’t shave? But it looks wonderful. Jet black curly hairs every on pussy till the navel area is awesome.” I said

I am loving it, I said, slowly moving fingers in her jungle.

“How do your boyfriend lick it” I asked.

“Why not you try it by yourself?” Sharmi said in mischievous smile.

I am wondering, heck let’s try it out.

With all these friends doing explicit wonders over years on my downside glory, I thought I will do it.

I parted her legs, asked her to hold it in her hands. Put my face on her pubic hairs felt so good that can’t be explained. I part hairs and thus saw the clitoris. I licked it with all tongue out. “Issss” Sharmi moaned loudly. I repeated the offence more, and more than once. Sharmi was getting louder and louder. I parted labia completely to see her hole clearly and licked from down to clitoris.

“Please do it fast and continue”

I obeyed. Like a dog. Licked licked licked. Her moaning became more frequent.

“I am coming” – She finally announced.

Loud bang on the door broke both of us from that stance. !!!!

Who could be here at this time – I thought….

To be continued.

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