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So I narrated my experience with my maid in my previous story, where after playing a game of hints and mixed messages, we finally gave in and had amazing sex. To read about it, check out my previous story.

That happened a long time ago and after that wonderful experience, my maid Nalini and I didnt do anything much other than quick handjob or fingering occasionally. But these encounters were few and far in-between and I was longing for more. Nalini, on the other hand, wasnt showing any initiative from her side as much as I had expected.

I was wondering if our previous sex encounter was just what she needed to let off some pent-up need and she was already over it. Its not like refused to give me handjob or just once, a blowjob…. Or even mind me reaching down her pajama and finger-fuck her while she was working in the kitchen. But she never tried to take things again back to bed.I was bit confused and was wondering if Im gonna get to fuck her sweet puffy pussy again and I was certainly longing to eat her out down there till she exploded all over my face again. But neither was I getting proper opportunity nor was she trying to push me.

Finally last Friday though, the opportunity came knocking. My wifes doctor had to prepone her appointment from afternoon to morning so she had to go out early. Nalini was in the kitchen, almost about to finish washing vessels. As soon as I saw my wifes car leaving my buildings gate, I went and locked the door. Went to the kitchen on the pretext of taking a water bottle and started talking to nalini. She was wearing a sari that day, due to some puja she was supposed to attend in the evening.

Me, “Nayi sari hai lagta hai? Achhi dikh rahi ho” (new sari? Looks nice on you)

She smile, “Yes, aaj puja mein jaana hai shaam ko, isliye” (have to attend an event in the evening, thats why dressed up).

Then she continued, “Mein aaj jhaadu-pochha nahi karu toh chalega? Mere gardan mein thodi moch hai” (is it okay if I dont do cleaning today? I have a small sprain in the neck”

I thought it was great opportunity to get some contact with her, so I offered, “Ohho, theek hai, mat karo aaj baaki ka kaam. Mein tumhe malham lagake deta hu” (no need to finish remaining work today, Ill put some ointment on your neck to reduce the pain).

I went and got the ointment tube and made her stand facing kitchen counter. As I stood behind her, she just gave me a slight glance from the side with a smile on her face. I dabbed ointment on her neck and shoulders from behind and started rubbing gently. I was being very gentle and sensual about it. I knew she was liking it very much as I could hear her increased breathing and very subtle moans. I moved a little bit close to her, and bent forward while continuing rubbing. I was very close to her ear, and I whispered in her ear while almost touching my lips on her earlobe, “Nalu, kaisa lag raha hai ab? (how does it feel?)”

She muttered under her breath, “Uhhhhh… Achha, umm, lag raha hai (moaning, its very nice)”. As she finished her sentence, she moved her ass closer to my already bulging crotch. My rock hard cock was now snuggled nice between her ass crack, as I continued rubbing her neck and shoulders and I shoved my tongue in her ear. She immediately pushed her ass further into my crotch and put her arm behind on my hip to hold my cock tight against it. This continued for a couple of minutes, and then I withdrew my cock from her ass crack. I said, “Thoda malham abhi bhi hai haath pe, back ke laga du? (my hands still have some ointment on them, should I rub your back?)”

She simply nodded yes, and started rubbing her back and hips. After rubbing them for couple minutes I held her hips and turned her around. As soon as she turned, she dropped her pallu and had opened her blouse buttons from the front.I pulled her near and continue rubbing her back from behind. Now we were in each other’s embrace and we locked up lips as continued working on her back. We were like hungry animals by now, exploring each other’s mouth with a slobbery wet kiss. I broke the kiss and pulled up her black bra with my teeth and went to town on her nipples. She was now properly horny and beyond, as she held my head tight and kept me pressed on her boobs while continued sucking on her big fat nipples, occasionally gently biting them with my teeth.

She was now breathing heavily, so I again broke our embrace. My hands were with ointment so there was no question of putting it in her pussy as it wouldve burned very badly.

So I got on my knees and lifted her sari up. I could see her eyes light up as she knew what I was gonna do. She promptly held her sari up and spread her legs while resting her ass on the kitchen counter. She wasnt wearing any underwear, I was delighted to see her bare, wet puffy pussy glistening with juices. The crevice between her thighs and around her vagina was full of her liquid nectar. I dove my head in spread legs, the musky smell of her flowing juices and sweat was intoxicating and inviting.

I wrapped my hands around her thighs and started licking around her sweet puffed up pussy. As I licked her clean around, I could feel she was getting anxious to feel my tongue up in her clit.

She was holding my head and wanting to direct my mouth between the pussy-crack. I was eager too, so without making her wait more, I let my tongue loose on her clitoris. She was in heaven, as she clenched her fist around my head. Slight pain of my hair getting pulled made me also more excited and I furiously started eating her pussy. Now she was pulling my hair and basically moving my head back-and-forth, as if she was fucking herself with my tongue.

I moved little down and pushed my tongue as much as possible in her pussy-hole. It didnt take more than a minute of wild tongue-fucking for her to cum like a wild bitch and she squirted all over my face. I could feel the splash in my mouth and on my face. I continued licking her as she kept cumming for another 10-15 second, vigorously jerking her body. Soon it got too much for her and she had to pull my head by my head from her sweet, flowing pussy. As we locked her eyes again, I could see extreme satisfaction in her eyes, her face was glowing and glistening with sweat.

But, I hadnt had enough yet. I wanted to make it up for the long gap thats been since our last fuck. I pulled her forward from the kitchen counter and turned her around again. I bent her over and lifted her sari again. I was still on my knees now facing her skinny ass bared in front of me.

I spread her legs and again shoved by the tongue in my pussy. She gasped, “No, fir se mat karo naaaa ahhhhh”, as her request to stop turned into a moan, I wasted no time and went licking from her pussy hole up till her asshole. I licked it nice and wet, without realizing she was opening her little brown hole with excitement. I tongue fucked her asshole for good 3-4 minutes, and it wasnt long before it was too much for her and she literally was begging for my cock now.

I immediately stood up and rammed my hard and dripping with pre-cum cock in her pussy, with full force. She let out a small scream, but that didnt last long, as I furiously started fucking her from behind, she grabbed the edge of the kitchen counter with her hands firmly, and started moving her hips in the rhythm of my strokes.

She just wanted it as badly as I did, and soon enough we both were putting all our force in each stroke, furiously fucking each other. It took me just about two minutes as I felt the climax building up in my balls.

I pulled out and without moving from there I bend down and spit a big wad of saliva on her asshole. She was wondering why I pulled out as she was also quite close to cum again, but she was too busy trying to catch her breath from all that hard work we put into fucking.

Before she could realize, I placed my tip on her asshole and held her hips firmly.

As I started pushing in, she realized what I was doing and she definitely wasnt ready for it. She turned and looked at me in bewilderment and she was muttering, “No, no no…. Ummm, please no!” softly under her breath. But it was too late and I was already half-way in her butthole. I could now see the pain in her eyes, as she clenched her fists and tear accumulated in the corner of her eye.

I kept on moving slowly in her and now I was balls deep in her ass. She was holding on, still unsure if this is a good idea. I started moving back and forth, very slowly. I was already made her asshole wet with tongue fucking earlier and my cock was full of her pussy juice, wet and well lubed. But still it was her first time taking in the ass, so I was doing it very gently.

After a minute or two of slow strokes, her pain had subsided and she was starting to enjoy this new hole getting fucked. I could feel her hips relaxing a bit and she was slowly joining my rhythm. I wanted to get really wild on her ass, as the tight sensation around cock was driving me crazy, but I didnt want to put her off.

I wanted her to enjoy this feeling and have a future chance of ass fucking her again. I increased my pace a little and soon she was back on the ride of pleasure train and moving to my strokes.

I took her hand and moved it between her thighs. She understood as I couldnt finger her with ointment hands, she started fingering herself and quickly she was wild as a bitch in the heat. My cock in her ass, her pussy getting fingered and my tongue back on her earlobe. Within a minute, we both reached the climax.

She came again and I felt her pussy juice flowing on her thighs and mine, while I unloaded my cock in her tight ass. I could feel my semen swirling around my cock as her butthole was fully sealed with my cock and the liquid had nowhere to go.

We stood there for a minute, catching our breath and getting our senses back. I slowly pulled my cock out of her asshole and my semen started to drip out of her asshole, joining her pussy river and flowing down her thighs. As she was still wearing her sari and holding it up so it doesnt get spoilt, I went to the bathroom and got the tissue role. I cleaned her thighs and ass up, and helped her straighten her attire.

As we finished up, I pulled her close again and we again locked our lips.

After a long wet kiss, I parted and told her firmly, “Itna intezaar nahi karana chahiye… Jab bhi mauka mile, mein tumhe alag alag tarike se chodna chahta hu. Mein tumhara paani do baar chakh chuka hu, agali baar tum mera paani chakhogi.” (dont make wait so long again. Whenever I get chance, I wanna fuck you different way every time. Ive tasted your cum twice by now, next time, I wanna see you take my cum in your mouth).

She didnt say anything, but she understood the commanding tone in my voice… And she smiled naughtily, and said, “Jo bhi aap chaho” (as you wish).

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