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My maid Radha made me crazy from the day she started working in our house, so elegant, maybe in her thirties, the first day I saw her I wanted to have sex with her, I love round ass from my early days, her stats must be 36-30-42 , I started developing a friendship with her. But my mom who also thought her to be very beautiful never allowed me to be even close to her…but I kept trying

I started wishing her whenever she was no in my house and paid her small money on the excuse of festivals. One day my mom was out of town to her relative place, and she came to bedroom, where I was just wearing my jeans, she saw me wearing the jeans and my underwear is visible, she didnt mind, I casually asked about her background, she told she is married and not living with her husband now, she has one 4 year old son. She wanted me to get permission from my mom to bring the 4-year-old son during her work at our home.

I spoke to my mom , initially she refused but I convinced her and made to agree. Next day onwards she brought her son, so I used to play with her son and give food and make wear dress. Sometimes give a bath to her son. She felt happy when I do this little work for her. Since my mother goes out for market for 1 to 2 hours, I had all freedom to do all these services to her. Then she told me , that her mother is alone at home so she should go back home in afternoon,

After few days my mom met with small accident and she has to be bed for three months, so I requested Radha to stay back at our house till night so she can take care of everything, I also requested Radha to bring her mother to our house to do cooking, she readily agreed and brought her mom to our house. So in our 2 bhk house, my mom sleeps in one room and in other room, radha ,her son and mom stay with me. Radha takes care of house maintenance , her mother cocks and I take care of her son.

One day radha sprained her legs and had severe pain, I took her to the doctor and they advised to apply the pain cream in both legs for one week. That gave me first opportunity to serve her, I started rubbing the pain cream from her toes to thighs, my mom suggested me to give hot water pads also, so I requested her mom to give the hot water so I an apply in radhas feet morning and evening,

This made radha inactive for a week, so I started doing all her work and she sat in my AC room and told me what and how to do. I have to help her to bathroom and toilet. Also now I am becoming a full-time caretaker for her and her son. Even cleaning her sons ass for shitting is done by me.

After recovering from her pain radha focused more on getting work from me. But my daily massage of her feet continued, she made me do this in front of my mom to show her superiority.

I started giving her more money whenever she asked since I am spending a lot of money from our rental income, my mom wants to hand over me to a responsible woman. Since radha knows our house, she requested radha to marry me. That how our marriage fixed and I became radhas husband.

She held my hand, and soon I was kissing here hands, and then went down to kiss her adorable feets, wow they were dirty, but tasted so good. She pushed me pretending to be scared, but I requested her and said I am her servant, here she was laying and I was licking here all over her body, and she was a great kisser, which I never thought, she was giving me a good french kiss and even bit my lips, she stood, and said she has cum and wants to go, I asked what about me…she thought for a while and said ok fuck me…I got a condom, and here I was fucking her, it seemed like a dream, as I was trying this for last 6 years, I came like a maniac…

Now after this, she understood that I am a submissive man, and makes me lick her feet, and suck her toes…I requested her to pee in my mouth and let me kiss her sweet asshole, which she said will be done soon…

The next time, the home was available for only 30 minutes , I was on all my fours and licking her feet, she pulled be my hair and forced my face into her pussy, and what I was licking here cunt like a whore, she slapped me hard and said this is your place, and came in mouth, I wanted to wash my face, and was not allowed to…she ordered me to suck her toes then and told me to make sure they are absolutely clean, I kept doing it.

Now she was sitting in my bedroom, and she asked me to do her job cleaning utensils and the house, naked…I was shocked but pleased too. I was doing it. Now it has become a routine, I cook for her whenever no one is at home, she switches on the AC, and enjoys in my bedroom, and I clean the house while she is eating my job to is to massage her legs, while sucking and licking her feets.

My work became night shift , as my wife goes for day shift, I am left at the mercy of my maid for the whole day, she used this opportunity to get full time in our house. Every day morning she arrives by 10, makes by clean the utensils, house floor cleaning, cloth washing, and cooking, she sat in sofa under the AC and watched tv, after cooking I serve her food and massage her legs. Afternoon she made me sucked toes , then I requested her to let me taste her asshole. Which finally she agreed. I licked her asshole for almost half an hour , my tongue went into her asshole as much it can.. Evening by 5 she departed after having coffee made by me.

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