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Hi, guys, this is my first sex story in ISS. Hope youll enjoy the same. If youve any feedback please do share them at / /

Im Harry a working professional, & hence have traveled a lot. I used to be in Delhi a year ago but moved to Pune thereafteHi guys this is my first story in ISS. Hope youll enjoy the same.If youve any feedback please do share them at / /

Im Harry a working professional, & hence have traveled a lot. I used to be in Delhi a year ago but moved to Pune thereafter. This story is all about my sexual encounters with my MAID Kavita back in Delhi.

Kavita was in her early 30s, and a slim fair lady with a nice pair of big butts & Boobs.

We were 2 bachelors staying in a fully furnished 1BHK flat in Delhi & Kavita has been cooking for us for almost a year now. She was pretty much comfortable with us in every aspect & used to help us out in every possible way. She used to cook our breakfast & the dinner, so she used to be in our flat around 8a.m. in the morning, & 7 pm. in the evening. As her doorbell used to wake me up in the morning & I was the one to open the door as my roommate was a KUMBHAKARAN.

Nothing went on my mind until one day I saw that she was secretly staring at my early morning boner, which forced me to keep an eye on her actions. Now Ive started noticing her secretly staring at my manhood, and hence intentionally used to take off my jockey under the trunks before I open the door so that the erection could be more visible. Her reactions looking at my dick have been growing more intense day by day.

As time went by Ive started roaming in front of her with no Jockey under, & a tent which used to be clearly visible over my Trunks, although she might have felt uncomfortable many times looking at my erection but I saw her gasping for breath after she looks at it.

One day when my roommate went to the office, with all my guts I thought of taking a leap forward, as usual I came too close to her with no Jockey under, & touched my dick TIP on her ass slowly to which she gave me a look as if she is going to report that to the POLICE, she scared the hell out of me!! I could hear my heart thumping. I said sorry to her to which she didnt respond. I was thinking about the same & was regretting it the entire night.

Time went by….

Again one day as I was alone where on Earth I dont know I thought of giving it one more try. So I stood exactly behind her & as soon as he bent down to pick up something I held her by her waist I poked my dick into her ass, as this time I couldnt control my desire to fuck her.

She responded by pushing me to the wall with my dick still poking her ass. I felt like I was in 7th heaven. I was still holding her by her waist & was hugging her tightly from behind. After maybe a minute or so she responded & said “YE GALAT HAI”, “MUJHE YE SAHI NAHI LAG RAHA”.

To which I placed my index finger over her lips, and helped her to hold my overgrown dick & whispered “KISI KO PATA NAHI CHALEGA”. These words were like a magical spell for her, hearing which her soul was in my control. She closed her eyes thereafter, & was waiting for me to take over. I started with a hard bite on her lips & a pinch on her waist. Her desire for getting laid was getting out of control, her body was getting restless. I took her to my bedroom, and help her lay on my bed.

Her huge melons were an asset for her; I freed them by unhooking her blouse & then the bra. I couldnt control myself from getting a taste of those melons, so I clasped my jaws around her huge melons like a hungry bear, as she cried in pain & ecstasy. I didnt had much time left as my roommate could be there anytime, told the same to the maid & can plan the rest next time.

I used to tease her every day with pinches all over her body from Ass sareecheeks to the tits & pricking my dick over her sari on her ASS. She has started to beg me to fuck her, as it was irresistible for both of us. So I planned my next week off as my roomie was going out for his family function. So I asked her to take leave from the rest of the places where she used to go to cook.

The day arrived for which both of us were waiting. As soon as she came in I held her in my arms & kissed her till eternity. We didnt even realize we kissed for almost 1 hour & 30 min, rolling over each other on the bed. Thereafter I made her free from all her clothes & she the same for me. Our genitals were dripping PRECUM like hell, & our breathing was like we were coming from a cross-country Marathon.

She clasped my dick with her fist and with a single go gulped the entire length inside. She was barely able to breathe but prioritize the dick over her breadth.I was in the 7th heaven, but the softness of her inner mouth & the soft strokes made me cum within 3-4minutes.

Now it was my turn, I started with pinches on her nipples followed by circular movements on her Areola, her expressions were making me mad. I felt like fucking her to the end of the world. I kissed her on her Navel, earlobes, neck slowly to make her hornier & as I predicted her body was getting out of control. She also started making noise & because of which I had to turn on the TV volume for the mean time. I started spanking her butts, and her vaginal area as the session was getting more hardcore. she was RED all over.

Finally, I was all set for a fuck session.With my lips biting her lips, my finger tips still pinching her tits, and as my dick slipped into her valley she took a deep breath as she is about to dive into the great depths of the Pacific came to a loud moan full of ecstasy & pain.

I inserted my entire rod length into her slippery vertical lips, as the entire dick submerged between the vaginal walls.The warmth & the feel inside was out of this world. I held her as tightly as I could & started applying strokes, with each new stroke I increased the pressure so did her cry. As both were enjoying the fuck a lot, we tried different positions and the best that I liked was fucking her in the shower.

We continued the same for the next few months until I shifted to PUNE, Hope you liked the sex story, will continue to write if you support!!

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