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Hi folks,

This story is about me (sam) my wife kavya and our maid arti.I have been married for past 10 years and have a healthy relationship with my wife but we have an exceptional twist in our married live.After marriage for few months, we had a normal sex life but my wife was never comfortable with it.She actually realized after marriage that sex never enticed her as she was a virgin when I married her and of course I was the one who took her virginity.

Later on, she started feeling more and more disgusted after having sex with me and apologized to me for not being able to connect emotionally in bed.She, however, felt more excited whenever we saw porn together (maybe she was a lady who liked to watch).As a result, frequency of sex in my life reduced to once in six months when she didnt reciprocate.I was sad, lonely and unsatisfied but wasnt willing to give up on my relationship.This story is written by

This turned up better when my wife who is a banker hired a full-time maid arti to take care of or home and cook for me as I come home early from office and my wife often, is a late comer. Arti was a young barley 18 years old Nepali girl.

She was pretty fair and busty.She is not tall 52″ and her size is enormous 38-30-36.She was sweet in nature and took good care of me.As a result, I was attached to her but it was like a father-daughter relationship as I am 41 years old and she was very young.Months passed by and I started feeling horny for arti as I always had her at my disposal and she took very good care of me and my home like a wife and my wife as completely cold in bed.

Once I reached back home, I saw my wife in her red dress working in the kitchen. I was emotionally very confused as my body wanted me to indulge in sex or have extramarital affair but my heart always said no as it wasnt morally right.I was delighted to see my wife at home today I just went to the kitchen and hugged her softly from her back and rested myself there and closed eyes like a baby returning to her mother.As I hugged her she felt little different and smelt different.

“Ohhh Mr. Sam, what are you doing???”

I was shocked it was arti wearing my wifes dress but they almost have the same structure so I failed to recognize as I was mentally so occupied.I was shocked but I didnt step back.I wanted someone desperately.And her warmth, the smell of her body gave me a sense of reliability which I never felt with my wife.I finally pulled myself together and stepped back.

“I am sorry, I thought its kavya, you wearing her dress, I am sorry,” I said.

“Its ok, didi gave me this dress of hers” arti replied.

I went to my room and kept on thinking about that encounter.He smells her touch gave a hard on.I wanted her, my dick had decided.

Well, she was done with her work and while she was leaving home.I handed her 100 bucks and told her please dont mention this incident ever.She said “I understand, and smile as she knew the 100 rupee bill.

I understood, she needs money and is ok with my profession. Next day I came back home, I was looking for arti and she was working in the garden.I hide behind the door and saw her playing with water smelling and managing flowers.Her lively behaviour and childish innocence instantly made me crave for her more.I had a plan.I screamed aloud and started to limp.

She ran quickly to attend me, and I pretended I slipped and hurt my knee.I slowly moved to my bedroom with my hand on her shoulder which was very soft and round.I laid on the bed and she quickly went to bring some ointment for my knee.

I took off my trouser so she can apply on my knee.I just loved her touch and presence around me.She filled the void in my life that my wife had always kept.She was applying ointment on my knee and I was gazing at her cleavage with was visible because of her enormously big boobs.I started to talk to her.

“You are so good arti, hope you were not offended yesterday”

Arti: its ok.I shouldnt have worn that dress at home, I am sorry too.

Me: no no , it was the best thing happened to me.I felt I met someone who actually is mine.

Arti: sir, what do you mean, I cant understand.

Me; things are not well in my house, its been ages since I hugged someone, I never feel loved.You made me feel loved.

Arti:ohh, I am sorry for your situation.I will keep better care of you and make you happy.

Me: keep this and I handed over a 500 bill to her, it will help ur family.She was very happy.

She got the idea that she could mint decent money from me by supporting me emotionally and sexually.Her movement on my knee changed , now it was more seductive and less therapeutic.Her hand was massaging my thigh instead o knee which I pretended to be hurt.I was feeling a sensation that my wife never gave me.I held her hand and kept it on my semi-erect cock.

She knew this was coming,but was still looked surprised,she looked nervous and her retina expanded.Maybe she was holding a 3″ fat cock for the very first time.She started massaging it over my jockey boxers.I closed my eyes and enjoyed.

“Keep on doing this,I wanna feel ur hand on it” I ordered.

She hesitantly slipped her hand in my boxer and held it softly.

“Press it hard and masturbate it,” I said in a dominating tone.

“I want to pursue my study,will you support me,”She asked in a feeble voice.

She asked me to be her sugar daddy, “You got it, babe”

I was ready to accept her liability in return or her favors.It was all clear and understood.She was my slut now.

“Shake it nicely,”I said and she started stroking my cock nice and tight.I was in another world.I held her hairs and pushed her face towards my cock.I rubbed my cock on her face.Maybe she didnt have many ideas of pleasing a male being inexperienced.

“Suck it, take it in ur mouth and lick it” you want money,bitch.I will give you money jerk me off first.Dont you dare to leave it,until I am satisfied” I was so horny and dominating.

I rubbed my 7″ cock on her lips,slapped it on her cheeks and shoved it in her mouth.Held her cheeks and started fucking her mouth.

Auckkkkkk .. Auwwwwkkk

She was gagging and exploiting a 18-year-old girl was a fantasy that was coming true.She learned quickly from my expression and knew how to change pace.She held my balls softly and pulled my foreskin all the way down and started licking its head.It was shining like a cherry she loved it and rubbed it like lipstick on her lips.She scratched it softly with her teeth, it hurt a little but excited me more.

She got tired after 10 min of a blowjob.But I wasnt done yet.I made her lay on her back,I came over her and held her cheeks and kept on fucking her mouth.My wife who never cared about my sexual preferences away refrained me from such a pleasure.That girl was scratching my ass and licking my balls in between.Soon I felt my tummy churning and I blasted loads and loads of cum in her tiny mouth.

She was clueless how to react.She was about to spit it.But I covered her mouth with my hand.And ordered “Drink it,u have to drink it every day”

She was unable to say anything but her expressions said no.

I slapped her boobs thrice, it hurt her.

And she drank it.I smooched her and hugged her tight and slept satisfied like a baby.I rewarded her for the pleasure she offered me and for new clothes which she could buy and instructed her to wear sexy lingerie always.She was delighted.

That night I slept very peacefully.Next day, I left for office early and when I came back,my eyes were looking for arti my new found love,my lust,my desire.I could hear she was in the kitchen, I quietly went to the kitchen, I saw her bent on kitchen slab,trying to knead dough to make beard with both her hands.

She was wearing a beautiful pink pyjama and a white top, which I realised were new.I could see her ass jiggling as she was busy kneading dough.I grabbed silk scarf of my wife and went right behind her.I put a blindfold on her eyes.

She was shocked as first but then she realized it was me so she smiled.She looked fabulous today.She was having pink lip gloss and hairs were finely cut, her fair skin was shining with little sweat that I licked off her cheeks.

“Honey, daddy is home.Time for action” I said.

She blushed,her cheeks turned red as she felt little embarrassed.I tightened the blindfold and placed my cock right in her ass crack while holding her waist.I then caressed her tummy and moved my hands up and cupped her boobies they were big for her age ,must be 38.I squeezed them.She was about to scream.

Shhhhh, keep quite I said.

I slipped my hands in her top and kept rubbing my cock in her ass and pinched her tits very roughly.

Auchhh.Leave me she pleaded with her hands still in dough.

I was offended by her opposition.I spanked her fat ass. Spankk

She kept on moaning ahhhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh

Sorry sir, sorry.

I turned her around and smooched her.I bit her lower lip and then put my tongue in her mouth.She rolled her tongue over mine.I took off her top and slipped her pyjama down.I was massaging her pussy and she was turned on.

Ummmm, keep on doing.

She murmured.

I took off all my clothes and she was in bra and panty and ohhh yes, a blindfold.

I made her sit on the knees, she quickly got the idea and opened her mouth.I choked her with my semi erect cock,she started sucking it well and within seconds I was rock hard.I was rubbing her red hot cheeks and mouth fucking her.I removed the blindfold and she looked so sexy with her voluptuous body sucking my boner and staring straight in my eyes.

Then I pulled her up made her sit on the kitchen counter.I slipped her panty down and started licking her hairy pussy.It was a very intense moment and her pussy tasted very sweet.I tease her with the tip of my tongue and played with her clitoris and then inserted it into her vagina and trying to fuck it with my tongue.I bite on her fleshy thighs and licked them.She was totally crazy moaning aloud.And holding my face tight between her thighs and pushing my head in her hold.

Sir, please leave me, ahhhhhh, mm,ohh are so brutal. She was moaning.

I picked her up and took her to my bedroom.Pretty and seductress like her deserved to be there.I pinned her hands above her head and rubbed my cock on her pussy lips.Her expression was memorable,eyes were full of lust and desperate for my cock.Then I slowly pushed my head inside her.

Ahhhhh she screamed.

I was desperate.I covered her lips with mine and sucked them hard.Her pain subsidised and I pushed deeper and didnt stop.Her pain and screams of pleasure made me wild.It was like a wolf devouring a calf.

Ahhhhhh.. Ahhhhhhh.. Ahhhhh ..Ahhhhh

Few shot and I was completely inside her and my balls were touching her ass hole.I held her boobs and squeezed them nicely with both my hands.I pinched her left nipple as she screamed.I put my thumb in her mouth.Her eyes were closed and she sucked it like she sucks my cock.

Her pussy was very nice and tight gripping my cock firmly and squeezing it.I held her ass and started fucking again.She was madly in love with this and was screaming.

Sir, aouchhh, you are so good.Love you.Fuck me like your bitch.She had learned dirty language turned me on.

I fucked her nicely for 20 mins and then I was about to cum.I stood up and started masturbating.She quickly came on her knee expecting me to ejaculate in her mouth.But I her hairs and jizzed on her face and rubbed it all over like a facial on her lips cheeks and eyes.She also got some in her mouth.

I love your taste,sir and hugged me.I hugged her nicely too and cuddled her till we both fell asleep nude and messy.

Hope you guys and girls, liked my sex story and want its next part please, comment on / / am eagerly waiting for your comments.I also love to chat dirty with girls and women and make them wet.So see you soon waiting for your email.Please comment to motivate me for part 2.

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