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Hello, all.

I am a 20-year-old boy residing in Bangalore. I live with my parents. So, we have this maid working for us for several years now. She is a cute petite girl. She has got the perfect ass. Tight but jiggly at the same time. A trimmed pussy too! Who does not love it to be clean and trimmed?! She is a freak in the bed.

She is hardly even 23 years old, her husband left for another woman after getting my maid pregnant. Shes running rounds to the court every weekend nowadays and still fighting her case.

My parents used to go to every 2 weeks for doctor consultation. They used to go for hours. You know how it is in Bangalore! :/

But you know, the traffic problem was a blessing for me one fine morning! Haha.

They left around 8 am in the morning and my maid came home around 9 am. I was refreshed and was really determined to study that day. Had controlled myself from watching porn for 2 weeks now. I know. It was all built up inside of me. Hadnt jerked off for 2 weeks!! It was hard, I admit. But what do you do when youre parents arent home and theres a super hot maid in the backyard almost drenched whilst washing your clothes?!. Jerk off. And I did. Duh.

I hadnt jerked for 2 weeks! So, cumming once didnt satisfy me. Wouldnt do for any guy!

So, my door was closed not bolted. Some part of me always wanted her to catch me jerking off! I know, crazy right? Started off my second time. I take my oil bottle, lubricated my cock, started the porn and right when I shot my load for the second time and hit my neck, she walks right in. She could see the load on my neck! She must have been grossed out! She just closed the door n went away. I was scared as fuck. What if she complains?! How awkward would it be?! Couldnt begin to imagine the consequences.

So, I go out to the kitchen to get some water and there she is giggling. I asked whats wrong, why she was giggling! (of course, I was pretending) she giggled, again with no answer.

She was acting too chill about the whole thing.

Now, I did not know what to do. Could not comprehend the giggling. Went back to my room, sat down thinking about it. I thought of just admitting to her of what I was doing and just tell her to forget about the whole thing and not complain to my parents! I even offered her some money! She told no even though I forced her to!

She was mopping the floor in the living room. In the corridor, as I was walking towards the dining room, she just happened to brush her face against my cock! I was shocked.! Didnt expect that to happen!

I just ignored and went ahead, and now while coming back to my room she just stood up and held my cock and just started kissing me intensely. Man, the mood she was in. Omg. Thats what happens when you go years without sex. We made out intensely. She is just around 5 feet and petite! I lifted her up. With the support of my tower, held her mid-air and dry humped the fuck out of each other. The way she rubbed. She is the best. And oh, I love petite bodies.

Then I turn her around and grab her tits and kiss her neck whilst I rub against her buttocks with my tower. I just could not control. Almost fucked her through her undies and her pants!

We still had our clothes on all this while. Now, she made me sit on the bed, sat on my cock and started rubbing my dick against her ass crack. Omg. We dry humped like crazy.! I grabbed her perfect ass, caressed it and then sucked on her big black nipples which is surprising for a body of her size. She spits on those nipples and made me suck on them. Heavenly. Now, since I had cum twice earlier, I did not cum while we dry humped! Haha. The way she brushed against my cock. Omg. Cannot stress enough.

She now removed her salwar kameez and became naked. And turned around and presented her cute tiny and that ass to me. You know where this is going..69!! My god. That trimmed pussy! Trimmed is the best. Licked for 15 minutes or so. Now, that tiny and tight butthole. Licked that puckered asshole so bad. She was moaning so bad.

On the other end, Im getting an amazing bj. She really does know the blowjob game. Cant decide which felt better! Now, that smell of her ass turns you on like crazy. Couldnt control anymore.

I told her I wanna fuck her bad. Little did she know I was going for her cunt! I spit on her pussy, lubricated it and surprise! Surprise! Rammed into her butthole. She went berserk! Thank god the windows were closed. But she did tell she liked it. She was a little disappointed that I didnt tell her about going for the ass first, though. We stopped for a minute. She said it pained a lot. You know the rule, better sorry than safe.

Now, I took some oil and massaged her ass crack. She felt better. Came once more on her face. Offered her mouth to my cock whilst showing off her tongue and slapped her face with my tower. Shes a freak! She loved it!

We were done humping now. She said it was great. She felt like a woman again!

Who knew my first time would be with a maid and it was fantastic. She gives me blowjobs from time to time when my dad and mom are out. We dry hump as soon as she enters my room. Man, its amazing! I love cumming on her face after. Feels so good!

Thank you for reading!

So this was my sex story. Do email me. Or snapchat me. We can video chat too. ! You dont need skype. You can video chat with me anonymously! :d do not worry. We are here for fun. :)

Snapchat : robotmr7 (girls only, lol, thanks)

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