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This is a sex story at a time when I was all alone and desperate.I always had fantasies related to my maid servant.She was a woman in her 40s and had the ‘complete package! I never had the courage to make a move when she came to my house for cleaning.

But I always somehow hoped I got an opportunity.I always had imagined approaching her and how I would make my first move,but of course, the consequences scared me if it went wrong.But one day,all things changed.

I was back at home after my morning shift from office.She came in usually after the lunch hours.That day it was raining pretty badly.She came in and started doing her work while I was browsing the net.

My perverted mind sometimes made me stare at her(of course without her knowing) while she broomed or mopped.Well, I cannot blame myself much because she indeed had a great body figure with ample assets.

Though she tried very hard to hide it,but her cleavage always managed to make a peek-a-boo while she mopped the floor and this sight turned me on.While she was doing the dishes in the other room,I somehow motivated myself to ask her.I was waiting for a moment.

An opportunity to come so that I can start a conversation with her.And this came almost immediately when she came to my room for folding my clothes that had been brought inside from the clothes line in my balcony.She exclaimed how my clothes became a little damp because of the rain and she offered to hang it again in my room so that the dampness disappears.

After she did that,she came to me slowly and asked for some money for pooja shopping.I used to help her monetarily from time to time as she had a family to take care of on her own.

Her husband had died years back because of illness related to excessive drinking.She started about her problems in her family and I listened to her quite patiently.I expressed her sympathies as she poured out her heart.She really seemed to be quite troubled at home.She, after a 10 minutes conversation, thanked me for listening to her worries.

I do not know what came over me,but I extended my hand placed it on her palms and stroked it as a sign of sympathy.Her hands were very smooth to touch.But she didnt get startled,unlike what I thought.The rain had increased in intensity outside.I must be stupid,but all of a sudden I sensed this was the moment of truth and I could use her vulnerability as an opportunity.In a bold move asked her how she satisfied her physical and emotional needs since her husband was no more.

She appeared quite surprised by the question.She first did not reply for a few seconds,but then she said that she could not think about these things as she was busy in providing for her family.I audaciously asked her if she would mind if I helped her out a bit.Her expression of her face changed suddenly,but she did not say anything.

As a test,I moved my hands and touched her thighs.Her thighs moved with a knee jerk reaction,but she did not retaliate.I thought she understood my intentions and sat there,perhaps waiting for my next move.

I got up from my chair and sat next to her on my bad ,where she had been sitting.Our eyes met after a long time and by the looks from her eyes,somehow I sensed that she had obliged.I with some hesitation touched her blouse that covered her huge breasts.

It was indeed a dream come true moment.Inside I was overjoyed that she had finally consented to let me touch her.I pushed her slowly indicating her to lie down on the bed.She did and I started ‘feeling her body.I hugged and caressed her and she actually hugged me back.I then went for her blouse.I have had no experience in unhooking a blouse before, but I guess it somehow got unhooked without any problems.She helped me in removing the blouse and now I guess she gained a little interest in the act.

I grabbed her boobs with my hands and squeezed them for which she gave a silent moan.This really made my penis hard and now I was going crazy with lust.I kissed her bra in the nipple area and realized that hers were erect.I unhooked the bra as well and behold,I was seeing those boobs in real which till a few minutes ago were only in my dreams.

I went to her right nipple and licked them.It was salty and sweaty and I loved it!.I squeezed and licked them for some time and she started moaning louder.I was now ready for the next step.

I went down and kissed her navel.Moving further south,I followed the hairy central path down her navel and reached her skirt.By this time,I was really horny and I did not waste much time in removing her skirt.

Her skirt and her panties slid down together.The sight was almost unbelievable.I still have a mental photograph of that moment that gives me goosebumps even today.Her vagina was wet and was ready to go ! I pounced on the pussy lips and dig my mouth straight in.I licked furiously,but not roughly.I could sense that she was liking this and I licked and kissed even more.

I devoured the juices that flowed that area and it further turned me on.I made her roll so that I could see her booty.I guess I almost had an orgasm after seeing her giant ass.It was surprisingly nearly perfect,the ones that see on the internet! I immediately started kissing them.I really love to kiss ass.

The touch of the smooth skin of the ass on my lips was amazing.I then started licking the butt cleavage and dig my tongue deep in between.I must admit it tasted funny,but at the heat of the moment,it really made me hornier.

Once I started licking it,I started to like it even more and I licked it clean.All this while her ‘oohs and ‘aahs encouraged me to explore her body and pleasure her even more.I guess by this time,she was fully ready and raring to go for the next step! I was surprised that she caught hold of my hard penis that was hiding inside my pants.

Now she got into the act and unzipped my pants and slid down my underwear.She first examined my penis and gave me an impish smile and then without any notice,quickly took my shaft into her mouth.It was an out of this world feeling!!

The warm mouth slurped my penis and licked and sucked my sack that I came on the edge of ejaculation a couple of occasions.I could hear the thunder of the rain storm that was raging outside.What a perfect setting for lovemaking!

I held her back a little and took out a condom from my drawer and slid it over my shaft.I then fingered her pussy and gave it a nice licking to relieve all her tensed up muscles.It was now time for my penis to have some fun.She knew what I was about to do and she caught hold of my cock and guided it to her wet pussy.

I was on top and I entered my cock slowly into her, which made her grab my ass and squeezed them tightly.My penis was now enjoying being inside the warm and wet pussy.I started pumping my body slowly at first and gained speed with her moaning, which was now loaded enough to be heard outside the room.

Our eyes met and she started to kiss me in the face.I guess she was not comfortable in kissing my lips,but she kissed all over my face.Twice when I was on the verge of climax,I pulled out and waited.I licked and kissed her salty body all over and did not spare an inch!

Again I started humping her and within a short time I came to the edge of my orgasm,this time, I let it come.I ejaculated and the orgasm was mind blowing! She knew I had ejaculated and carefully removed my condom.She revealed her wild side as she started licking my semen coated penis clean and kissed it.

She then looked at the clock and said it was getting late and started to dress.She gave my a small kiss on the cheeks and went out of the house quickly.I simply lay on my bed and trying to register it all into my mind.Wow ! What a day!

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