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I am Manan (real name & I have got balls) 511” dick- 6 inches, body- swimmers body . I am 25 years old and work at kpmg. This story is just a few months old. I bought a new house in Indirapuram and was looking for a maid. For 2 months I couldnt find the one. To be honest I was looking for the perfect beauty. On Saturday watchman of society came with the perfect lady I was looking for beauty face, milky boobies, gigantic ass 58″.

Wm babuji maid mil gayi aapko?

Me- na bhai ji. Abhi na mili, koi kaam hi na karti sahi se.

Wm toh fir badhiya. Issey miliyae ye smitha. Nayi aayi hai yahaan. Kaam dhund rahi hai. Abhi tak do hi ghar miley hai. Aap kaam de do tho meharbani hogi.

Me accha. Calo andar fir interview lete hai tumhara.

Wm toh fir baat paki.

Me thand rakho bhai ji.

Smita followed me inside.

Me- naam kya hai tumhara ?

Smitha- ji smitha

M- padhaai kahaan tak kari hai?

S 11th tak

M- umar kitti hai tumhari?

S- 27.

M- khana bana leti ho ?

S- ji .

M- kahaan rehti ho?

S- kala patthar mai ghar hai.

M- kitta logi 2 kamrey hai 1 kitchen hai 2 bathroom hai

S- 1800 rs mahina.

M- full time rehna hai tumhae yahaan pe agar kaam karna hai toh.

S- ji mai aake kaam kar ke chali jaaugi. Rehna thora mushkil hoga.

M- toh fir abhi chali jaao.

S- nahi sir ji naraaz mat ho. Abhi mere pass jyada ghar nah hai aur paise bhi kam hai .

M- maid mujhae full time hi cahiyae.

S- thiq hai sir fir paise jyada lagege.

M- bolo kitta logi fir.

S- 10000

M- dimag kahrab hai kya. (in my mind teri jaisi item ke liae toh 1 crore bhi de duga)

S- sir ji fir aap hi bta do.

M- 7000 duga, saath mai khana pina. Aur jab mai ghar pe na hu ji bhar ke tv dekhna.

S- 7000. Ok fir mai aati hu kal se.

Next day Sunday. 6 a.M. Bell rings. I was just in my boxers and vest the beautiful maid showed up on the door with a bag.Dam she was looking hot. I said “Itti subh subah?” . She said “Mai sochi late ho gayi”. I showed her the room where she would stay, a 15×15 store room. I introduced her to the kitchen and asked her to make m=a cup of coffee. I jerked off in bathroom remembering her face and deep cleavage and busty ass but didnt unload myself. She sai sir coffee ban gayi.

I came to the drawing room and was staring constantly at her. She didnt mind. She was sitting on the ground I asked her to get up and sit on the sofa. She gave me a big smile. I explained her the chores and went to the gym. After I returned home I was happy to see that my post workout was ready on the table. She handed me a towel to clean up myself and take a bath.

I was very happy and my dick just wanted to fuck her that very moment. I took a bath and left with my friend after 2 hours. I left my purse at home. When I checked my purse there was money missing. I didnt put mind to it. Many days passed by and many times I saw that money is missing. One day I took my gopro camera and placed it on a perfect angle to my purse. I came home and I saw smitha stealing from me. I showed her the video and she was spooked. She started begging me to not call the police.

Smitha- please sir mai garib hu paise cahiyae hotey hai. Mujae maaf kar do.

Me- agar 7000 kam pad re the toh bolti. Aise chori kyu kari.

S- sorry sir. Mai rok nahi paai khud ko. Aap jo bologe mai wo karugi, bas police ko mat buliyae.

M- thiq hai aaj se fir ghar mai tum bina kapdo ke rahogi aur saara kaam waise hi karogi.

S- sir ye mai bolo.

M- tumhae chod ke tumhari saa ek hi din mai khatam nahi karuga aur so gi toh bihi bina kapdo ke. Bas ye samajh lo ki tum aur kapde is ghar mai kabhi ek nahi hoge.Jitti badi galti utti badi saza.

S- sir.

M- english aati hai?

She nodded.

M- do as I say or Ill report to police.

S-ok sir.

For many days she used to work naked all day I wouldnt even touch her. Stare at her all day. Masturbate a thousand times a day. Hanging boobies bouncy ass and shaved pussy all the time in front of me felt like I have purchased a lifetime membership of Brazzers. I wouldnt force me on her touching her without permission would be rape.

When she used to sleep sometimes I used to go naked to her room and jerk off and unload my cum on her feet and clean it silently so she wouldnt think I was desperate. She started acting weirdly kept touching my hand whenever she used to give me something.

She used to wake me up with a bed tea and milky boobs which my dick used to curse me for not touching them. The demon inside me us unleashing its fury but I was able to control it.

One day I came back to my house before my usual time and heard some moaning and I thanked my stars for making this moment cone true. It was coming from her room. I caught her red handed masturbating with my underwear. She saw me and was shivering with fear.

Smitha- sorry sir.

Me- do you want me?

S- yes.

I took her to my bedroom and she was kissing me but I wasnt replying to them.

She was already naked and she tore my 4000rs blackberry shirt in passion. It infuriated me. I slapped her hard and told her “Jitti badi galti utni badi saza”. She got scared. I told her lo lay belly down on the bed. Tied her hands with a leather belts to the corner. She said “Choot maaro meri tezi se”. I started licking her pussy slowly and then fast. She unloaded her juices on my hand. I asked her to drink all of it and she did.

I started rubbing my dick on her pussy but didnt fuck her. She was shivering from up to down and was begging me to fuck her. I freed her one hand and asked her for a blowjob for 5 minutes she gave it but wasnt enough to make me cum and then slapped har booies and sucked them for a long time. I again tied her hand and started rubbing her pussy with my dick but didnt fuck her. She was literally crying for dick. I said. “Jitti badi galti utni badi saz”. I slapped her ass red. I slapped until she cried.

Then I put on a condom and started rubbing her asshole. I didnt lick it cuz I knew it was not clean for anal sex. I started rubbing it with a lube I inserted a finger loosened her ass and inserted two more fingers she was in pain but the pleasure was at the top. I put in another finger and her ass was ready for sex after 20 mins of fingering. I put my dick in her ass and she moaned as she was dying she was crying for more. I gave her more. She was asking me to fuck her pussy.

But whenever she used to ask for it I used to give a tight slap on her pussy. I held my cum for about 1/2 hour and then untied her hand and unloaded all over her front. Believe me, I came so hard hat when I came the shot went straight to her face while my dick was near her pussy.

I cleaned all my cum with any one hand and asked her to clean my hand but with her tongue. She kept begging me the whole night to fuck her pussy I didnt do it. I fucked her 3 more times in the ass. I ordered her to sleep on top of me and keep play with my dick me until I sleep. That night my dick was the happiest man on the earth.

Next morning I was feeling good but my dick was extra hard because smitha was giving me a morning blowjob. I got happy and fulfilled her wish of fucking her pussy. Her pussy was tight so it was fun to fuck it.

Next day I gifted my watchman Johnnie walker 12yo. He winked and sid lagta hai maal pasand aaya aapko. I said ji haa bhai ji. He said naya samaan aaya hai nayi packing hai seal band. I said……(contd. In next story)

From that day I fuck her every night but when she commits a mistake a slap her ass red and fuck her till she starts begging and crying to fuck her pussy(and didnt fuck her pussy).

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