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Hi Friends, I am Kumar living in Hyderabad, I am 32 yrs old, handsome guy, with a nice physique. I am a great fan of ISS. I have recently started reading stories and would like to share one of my experiences which happened with my housemaid a year ago. I apologize for any mistakes and the length of the story. Women who want to contact me can contact me at / / Please send your valuable feedback and suggestions. Privacy guaranteed. Looking for a date.

Coming to the sex story:

I fell in love with a girl, married her even after a strong protest from my family. I regret taking that step every day (every night). It’s been 3 yrs but we are nowhere near our lovemaking yet. My wife lacks interest in sex. Everything else in life is fine other than the fact that I am not getting laid.

We shifted to a newly constructed house, which is a three floored nearer to my wife’s office. We live on the third floor.

I work from home and my wife works in a top MNC. She is a workaholic. She goes to the office between 8 AM & 10 AM and returns by 10 PM. I can cook but I am very lazy at other household works. So we had to hire a maid.

We appointed our watchman’s wife immediately as our house was getting messier day by day. They were given the 1 BHK room in the ground floor as it was vacant at that time. I used to park my car exactly adjacent to their door.

Maids name is Sudha, aged 28. She had two kids, daughter aged 9 and a year old boy. She was a slightly dark complexioned woman with attractive features. She had a nice pair of boobs (not big but average sized). And no extra fat on her body. She maintained herself well. She always wore a sari, which was tightly wrapped.

Sudha was good at her work. Her work was to wash the dishes, sweep and clean the floor. She used to come to work at 5 PM. She used to mind her own work, never spoke to me.

Once when I was parking my car, I saw her breastfeeding her kid. Their door was open and the door curtain was moved to the corner. So I had a clear view of her breastfeeding. She had moved her pallu aside, removed all the buttons of her blouse and her whole left boob was in the open. She had just stopped breastfeeding her kid. I couldn’t get out of my car seeing that.

Her boobs were perfectly shaped, her areola was small, her nipple was hard and erect with a drop of milk oozing out of it. The look of her boob aroused me so much that I masturbated thinking about her twice that day.

I started to wait for her to come for work daily and didn’t miss a chance of eyeing her while she was working. I could see her blouse wet at her nipple area. I had developed a crush on her but didn’t have the courage to do anything more than watching.

Months passed by and they had to move to the single room on the terrace, just above us. It was a single room in the corner, with a separate bathroom and a small wash area. It was such that as soon as we climb stairs to the terrace we could see the entrance of their bathroom. There were no other big buildings surrounding our house.

One lucky day I went to the terrace to dry some clothes at 4:30 PM (which was quite unusual for me as we had separate drying area in our floor itself). Sudha was bathing and the door was open. As soon as I went up I was shocked to see her bathing totally nude keeping the door open. She was washing her face with soap. That was the first time I saw her nude. She couldn’t see me. It was an amazing view which I would never forget in my life.

Water was flowing from above her globes and slowly passing through her belly button and later getting lost into her dense pubic hair, later flowing down after touching her pussy lips.

I was dumb stuck at her beauty, was staring for a moment. I didn’t want to get caught peeping at her. So I left without drying my clothes. After her bath she came to work at 5 PM. I thought of talking to her when she was sweeping the floor and was close to me, but couldn’t, my heart started beating heavily. I couldn’t gather my courage to talk to her.

Later I saw her bathing 2-3 times as she used to take bath before coming to work. I used to go up on purpose to see her beauty. I started playing with her kid. She used to bring him to work once in a while. Once on the pretext of taking him from her, I brushed her boob. They were soft but not saggy. The touch her boob increased the lust inside me. I decided to seduce her.

It had been a year since she started working for us now. I never misbehaved with her. The next day I started playing a blue film on my laptop, placed it on the corner of my bed. I placed it in such a position that she could only see it when she sweeps near the bed and I went to the hall started watching TV.

After a while, she came to work. She was done with the dishes and started sweeping the floor. She moved to the bedroom. I could see her from the hall. She saw the clip and was shocked seeing the video being played on my laptop. She thought I was not observing her and was seeing the video. She saw for 2-3 minutes and came out as if she had not seen anything. She left after finishing her work.

Next day when she came to work. I asked her did she see anything yesterday. She declined seeing anything and started moving in to start her work, I could see that she was smiling. When she was leaving after finishing her work. I stopped her, the conversation was as follows.

K: I saw you seeing my laptop yesterday.
S: I didn’t intend to see, I got a glimpse at it. It was not intentional and I don’t like watching that kind of videos.
K: I was the one who placed the video willingly for you to see.
S: why?
K: I like you. Whenever I try to talk to you, my heart starts beating faster and faster.
Saying that I took her hand and placed it on my chest which was beating faster and faster. She was smiling.
S: It’s getting late, I have to go.

Saying that she left without saying anything else. I couldn’t sleep that night. Was eagerly waiting for the next day.

Next day as soon as she came to work:

K: You didn’t reply me yesterday.
S: Why do you like me? I am dark in color and you are a handsome guy.
K: I think you are attractive. I have dreamt of having you in my bed since the day I have seen you bathing.

She was shocked and asked, “When did you see me bath?”

I told her how I saw her breastfeeding her son and later how I ogled her and how I saw her bathing many times. She stood there dumbstruck, I was sitting on the sofa. She was standing just a feet away from me.

I took courage and took her hand into mine and pulled her towards me. She just moved along.

I was seated and she was standing right before me. I held her by her waist and hugged her, my head was pressing at her boobs.

She held me by my head and was pressing harder towards her boobs. I slid her pallu and I started to unhook her blouse. Instantly her boobs were free for me to play with. Her feminine aroma was driving me crazy.

I started to fondle her boobs like a crazy person. I could exactly cup her boobs. Her nipples were erect.

I took her right nipple into my mouth, she started to shiver and pressed my head further more towards her boobs. I started sucking her nipples hard one after the other. After 10 minutes of sucking her nipples, I removed her sari and petticoat. She was totally nude now.

She had shaved her pussy. I suspected that she had thought this would happen and was prepared for the ride. I started staring at her figure. She felt uncomfortable with me staring at her and came close to me and hugged me.

I took her to my bedroom and made her sleep on it. I undressed myself (my junior was happy to be freed and was in full erection) and reached for condoms. After putting on my condom I put my hand on her pussy lips started massaging them. She was all wet by then.

I started fingering her with one finger in the beginning later inserted two. She said her husband had never done that. I started to and fro motion of my fingers gradually increasing my speed. She was moaning hard by now. And she had a huge orgasm, which started flowing on my hands and made the bed sheet wet.

Then I gave a kiss on her inner thigh. She shivered again and said she was ticklish there. I started to kiss more and more, she started to laugh. She was unable to bear anymore and pulled me onto her. I was lying on her now. I got up, stood on the side of the bed, held her legs and pulled to the corner of the bed in one go. She was shocked by my sudden move and gave a soft moan “ahhhhh”. Her legs were in the air and I was standing between them aiming at the target.

I started moving my penis over her pussy lips and was teasing her without entering her. She couldn’t wait any longer and asked me to put my dick in her pussy. As per her request, my dick entered her pussy, as it was already well lubricated with her cum by then, it went in without much effort. She had grabbed the pillow under her head and had closed her eyes and was moaning slightly.

I started thumping her, gradually increasing my speed. The room was filled with my thumping sound and her moans. The harder she moaned the harder I increased my speed. I fucked her for 10 minutes in that position and I couldn’t hold any longer and ejaculated. My cum was so much that it started flowing from the sides as my dick was becoming flaccid. I kissed her on the lips and went to the bathroom to remove the condom and to clean myself.

After I came out she also cleaned herself and was planning to leave. I held her and started smooching her. Within some time, my junior was saluting again and was in full force as it was my second time. I put on another condom and I asked her to stand on her four. She did so, I liked the view. Asked her if she wanted to get fucked in the ass, she said no.

So I entered her pussy from behind and started fucking her hard grabbing her by her waist. And later grabbing her boobs from beneath which were hanging like mangoes on a tree. I pressed them harder with one hand taking turns and with the other started hitting her bottom. I hit her so hard that she started screaming. Which I liked very much. I started to hit her hard and fuck her.

After 20 minutes, as I was not near to ejaculate. She said she had to go. So I left her as we didn’t have much time and her husband might come looking for her. She dressed and went.

We started having our fucking sessions in regular intervals, whenever she had time from her work she used to come early and we used to have a nice fucking session. I even made her work nude some times. I took some pics when she was doing so. We fucked each other at least 3 times a week until we had to move as we bought an apartment which is 15 km away from that area.

Even now I pick her up once or twice in a month, take her to my place and drop her again. But we have to be quick as she doesn’t have much time and most of the time gets wasted in Hyd traffic.

I have never fucked her without a condom, even after she told that she had gone through an operation and there is no way of her getting pregnant. I feel that safe sex is best for a healthy relationship. Safety comes first.

I am mostly horny yet, as my wife lacks interest in sex, I get frustrated each time I try to do it with her. I love her but her lack of interest is increasing my frustration day by day. This has become a routine.

Any women who are interested to have a nice time mail me at / / Privacy guaranteed. Preferably Hyderabadis. I am looking for a relationship with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

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