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Hi, guys, my name is Amit.I am a 22-year-old guy.I am from Bangalore.I am normally a good looking guy with a nice body.I have been reading Indian sex stories from many years.Now its time for me to share my story with everyone.Guys this story is little bit dramatically told and few elements have been added to it and taken out of it.

I started watching porn during my school days while I saw my brother Aman who is 26 years old now, was watching porn on the computer and masturbating.At first, I didnt understand what was it,later I understood.After that, I saw the same video he was watching and then got addicted to it.Later on, I started masturbating every day.And I think I am addicted to sex and masturbation.

I was very fond of losing my virginity and having sex with any lady.But I never had a chance.But once my chance clicked when 19 years old.My parents have appointed a maid in our house since they always remained busy in their office works.Her name is Savitha.She was nearly 34 years old.With big boobs which I later started to notice.I had no bad intentions towards her at first.One day I and my brother were watching tv.

There appeared a condom advertisement showcasing a hot seen.I got excited and my dick got hard.I also noticed that my brother had also a tent in his shorts.She got a hint that Aman was watching her thats why she covered her cleavage through saree and gave a naughty smile.Later I started to observe her.Her big boobs and belly always made me excited and I started to masturbate fantasizing about her.I knew that Aman also had a bad and naughty intention towards her.

One day on a rainy when I was alone at home she came for duty fully wet this I watched her body from top to bottom.The saree was wet and her breasts were visible through her wet transparent saree.

I thought of taking her to the bedroom and fucking her hard.But I was afraid to proceed for sex then I asked her go and change her dress in my room because I thought of recording her nude body in my mobile.But to my bad luck, she went to servant room and started changing her saree since the servants room door had no proper lock I just went and watched her.I was very much excited to see this seen.

She was cleaning her big boobs through the towel and her pussy had small pubic hair I thought of licking it and drinking her whole cum.While she was cleaning her pussy area with a towel she had naughty lust smile in her face I think she got aroused.Then I went to my room and masturbated twice thinking of her.

The other day I shared this incident with my friend Kiran,he scolded me for not recording the seen in my mobile and he told.E that I should try to seduce her and fuck her.I told him that I was afraid that she would complain to my parents.He told me that you should keep courage and try at least once.

After many days I gained courage and proceed further and purposefully brought hot Hindi video song cd from Kiran he had also suggested me an idea to seduce savitha.On that day I and savitha were alone at home I played that cd in television and started watching it,I saw that savitha was also watching tv from inside the kitchen I asked her to come and join me. She sat on the same where she usually use to sit.I asked her to come and sit in the sofa where I was sitting.She was feeling a little bit.

I started to talk with her asking about her family.She told that she has a small daughter studying in school already I knew this matter but I pretended to surprise and told her she looks very much young and no one may tell that she has a child.

I started to praise about her looks and body.I told that her husband is very lucky to have a beautiful wife like her and he may get satisfied by her every night.Hearing this she told me that her husband was not with since he had another wife and he lived with her and she is living with her daughter and mother and now she is not worried about her husband.I got an idea and without thinking, I told her that then your husband would get satisfied by his wife and didnt have anyone to satisfy you.I think you always may want someone to enjoy.

She gave a naughty smile and started watching tv suddenly one of my favorite song aashiq baanaya started to play by seeing the hot scenes we both got aroused and I started watching her body.I could easily sense the smell of her arousal I saw that her nipples were getting hard and I had a huge hard-on in my shorts.

I slowly kept my hands on her thighs a caressing it.I was very nervous and shivering.She saw my face and asked why are you so nervous suddenly without thinking anything I placed a kiss on her lips and then I got the sense that what I was doing and started and get up and go away from her but to my surprise she held my hand and said that if this is your wish then nothing is to worry and I could proceed further.By hearing her words I was in top ten and started smooching her she also responded to my kiss.We were exchanging our salivas in the mouth I was biting her her lips and she started to moan.

I kept my hands on her boobs and started pressing it which was my old dream which came true.I was getting so wild and suddenly I removed her saree and sucking her boobs.And we went to my bedroom then I thought of recording our sex session but she insisted that this should remain secret so I cant do so I agreed to her and then we sat on the bed and I took her hand and kept her hand on my erect dick over the pants.

She without wasting any time removed my pants and my dick were looking huger than other days.It was peeping outside my briefs she began to suck it outside the underwear and slowly removed it and started sucking it suddenly I shot my cum inside her mouth and she started to suck even after I cummed then I slowly started to suck her pussy with my younger I was feeling weird but because of my lust I sucked it until she came inside my mouth,it all split to my face I felt awe and I washed it out.

She said sorry,I told its ok.And started to enjoy the each part of her body and I got aroused again.This I wanted to fuck her but I was afraid that she guided my dick towards her pussy.

I entered her pussy a current started to flow through my nerves I started to enjoy her..By each pull I was in heaven we both started to moan I wanted to spray my cum on her face but before taking my dick outside itself I cummed in her pussy.We both were tired and laid in my bed for one hour.After that, I wanted to fuck her in her back but it was time.

So we stopped and I planted a deep kiss on her, later on, I got many experiences and I came to know that my brother also seduced savitha.I will soon be back with a new story.Hope you all enjoyed it.Please leave your comments and u can have sex chat with me if they like.My email id is / / Thank you.

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