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Dealing with people is my speciality, be it in office or as an entertainer. I entertain women who seek some moments of fun and companionship. I don’t do this for money, but for pure fun as I like women. I don&have relationship with too many; I was in constant relation only with two awesome ladies before I met Pallavi, a good looking rich lady in her late 30’s. Rachana ( my existing client ) introduced me to her, not sure what transpired between them, Pallavi was not interested as I am dark while she was expecting a handsome man.

Dec 2014, I got a call from Pallavi. I reached the hotel room as directed, the door was open, I heard a voice asking me to step in and close the door, it was pitch dark. I gathered what’s going on, she wanted to enjoy however, she was avoiding to see me, I felt insulted and decided to move out however, I stopped and thought to give her a best fuck she will remember for life.

Pallavi is 5’7″ feet tall weighing approx 65 kg while I m 6 feet medium built weighing 79 kg. Moving towards the voice, I sensed that she was sitting on the sofa. I offered my hand and said “May I have the privilege to entertain you, lady”. she which willfully accepted, her hands were very soft. I pulled her towards me and swrilled her around. Now, I m behind her, with my left hand I moved across the hair strands from the right shoulder planted a kiss on the right shoulder uuuuummmmaaahhhh, my lips then moved towards the back of her neck while my hands were around her belly. ( Pallavi was wearing a simple cotton chudidar ) I could feel the Goosebumps on her body. She moved her neck downwards signalling me to continue, my left hand was moving upwards over the dress while my right hand moved downwards. The bulge of my pennis was moving on the crack of her butt which she was enjoying it. My left hand was caressing her left boob, I realised that she only had chudidhar, no bra and no panties. While my right hand was caressing her vertical lips, she moaned. Leaning backwards, she offered her lips to me, I did absolute justice to her offerings. Parallely, I unleashed the knot of her pyjamas. Woow she was clean shaved. I was playing with vertical and horizontal lips. She turned around, I pushed her to the wall, we again engaged in lip lock, then I started kissing her neck, she whispered in my ears let’s go to bed and her hands were around my hairs. I realised she was hot, but I thought it was too early. I started undressing her completely, removing the last piece of cloth, then I whispered in her ears suggesting let’s go for a bath. She was surprised but accepted my offer; she quickly laid her hand on my tool. We both proceeded towards the bathroom, I too got undressed. My tool was hot and long, Pallavi stood at the door of the bathroom , turned toward me , her hands were near my thigh moving it upward she touched my tool, and handled it like a pro, she moved it to and fro, I bent to lend my lips to her lips while she was managing my tool, I was caressing her butts and boobs. She was hot. We were lip locked at the bathroom door for five minutes. She spread her legs, I inserted my finger into her soft and well shaved pussy, while my finger was measuring the depth of her pussy , I could hear her moans. Aannnahaa Aannnahaa Aannnahaa Aannnahaa. She enquired, “ Are you still positive about having a bath or you want me to jump on the bed ? “

I was surprised to sense that there was bathtub. She went in and guided me too into the tub. She asked me to step out of the tub, as she wanted to suck my penis while she was lying in the tub. I stepped away went to take a shower, she joined too. We soaped each other, her body was very soft. She knelt down and kissed my tool. It was still erect. I said let’s go to bed, asked her to wrap a towel and come. I stood outside the bathroom; I kissed and lifted her in my arms, took her to the bedroom and laid her softly as flower on the bed. I went out to get the rose petals I bought, sprinkled it on the bed, she started giggling.


I reached to the otherside of the bed, near her feet, she started giggling as I kissed her toe. Wwooww she exclaimed, I moved upwards, kissing her right calf while my right hand caressing her left leg, I kept progress at a snail pace, I reached her knees, her hands were touching my hair. Now, I was kissing her right thigh, while caressing her left thigh, I must say they were super sexy. As I proceeded upwards, I could smell aroma from her pussy, she was moaning and caressing my hairs. I moved the towel aside and kissed the pussy. As I was kissing her pussy, her toes were playing with my tool. I moved upwards, kissed her belly button, then her boobs. She sat and kissed me, pushed me to the bed and started sucking my tool as if she was starved. It went for some minutes, she did it exceptionally well. We then sat and hugged each other. Then we made love in missionary position mostly, it continued for around 30 min.

She was thrilled by the experience, and offered me a handsome amount and said Rachana( my client who referred me ) was right about you. Pallavi did call again in Feb 2015, same hotel however this time lights were on, we did beer sex. I wrote this experience of mine to highlight the human attitudes towards color, which I found bit different.

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