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Please note: A non-sexual thriller about a mysterious room in a hotel.People who are looking for sexual pleasure can read other stories on the sites.

I am a male from Mumbai. I use to write many stories for this site.People can put my name in the search and read my other sexual fantasy. since I am married I had stopped writing sexual stories. This is a unique story I wrote. Hope you people like it.I will like if the site makes a separate section for non-sexual hot stories for writers like me. Ok back to the story.

Stage 1

‘Hey, Amit’ said Dipti over the phone.

‘Hey Dipti’ said Amit, ‘How are you doing?’

‘I am fine,’ Said Dipti, ‘I am coming to Kutch for a while on an Assignment. I was wondering if you could find me an apartment to rent for a couple of months’

‘Sure’ said Amit. ‘No Problem

Stage 2

‘I found the perfect apartment for you’ said Amit over the phone. ‘It’s only a few minutes away from Kutch. It’s nice, quiet and peaceful. You won’t be bothered by traffic and noise. And a month to month lease.

‘I will take it,’ said Dipti.

Stage 3

‘Hi, You must be Ms. Dipti,’ Said the receptionist as soon as Dipti stands in front of the front desk.

‘Yes’ said Dipti shaking hand with him. He hands Dipti the door keys to her room. He gave the direction to her room.Then Dipty walks to the elevator and goes up.

Dipty goes to the second floor and walks down the corridor. She saw two rooms next to each other. She goes in the room which she was given.

As she opens the door, she sees all walls are light shades of red. The bedspread is a dark shade of red. The rug is dark red. The bathroom is really light red. The dresses are a dark brown. The TV set is gray.

Dipti puts her suitcase on the bed and starts to unpack. In a couple of hours, she lay down in the bed reading the papers for her assignment.

Stage 4

As Dipty was on her research she heard a loud choking noise next door.She gets up the bed to go there but the noise stopped.

Then she suddenly hears the noise a few minutes later. Dipty finally walks out of her apartment and walk toward the next door. She knocks at the room. Then she hears the noise get louder. Dipty tries to open the door but it is locked.

Dipty rushed back into her room to call the guy at the front desk.

‘Hey’ said Dipty, ‘I hear choking noises from the apartment next to me.

‘That’s impossible, the women who used to stay their.. died’ said the man front the front desk.

‘That’s Impossible’ Dipti said.

‘You sure it isn’t the TV’ said the front desk guy.

‘Ummm yea.. maybe TV’ Dipti lied. Dipti hung the phone and walks toward the hall. She didn’t hear anything the next door.

Was it my imagination, thought Dipti and went back to work.

After almost two hours she heard the choking noise again. She shut all her paper and called up the front desk again.

‘Hi this is Dipti again…!. How did the women next door died?’ she asked the guy.

‘She was strangled’ said the Front desk guy. Dipti said goodbye to him and keeps the phone.

‘She was strangled??’ said Dipti to herself. She heard the choking sound again. Dipty slowly walks toward the next room.

Then she touches the doorknob and turns it. Then she pushes on the door and it opens.

Wasn’t this locked? , she thinks to herself. She takes the deep breaths in and slowly walks into the apartment.

There was dark inside the room only light coming from the door inside.She can see that the room was quite dusty.She saw some shadow inside the dark room. Looks likes someone room corner, where the light end.

Dipti took the breath, ‘whose there’. There was no replay. She again asked the same. No replay, no movement. She decides to go by herself towards the corner.

She moved slowly, at the corner. But there was nothing. There was only dressing table. But she felt someone there in the mirror. The light was dim. She thought its better to move out. She quickly runs out of the room. Leaving the door open. She ran towards the reception.

Stage 5

There was no one at the reception. She saw the calling bell. She rang the bell. The receptionist appeared from behind her with a man who looks like the doorman. ‘There is something in the room next to her.’ She told. ‘Please come with me’.

The receptionist looked puzzled, ‘OK’ he said. Told doorman to look after the reception and took the key of the room.

‘You don’t need the key of the room’ she said him.

‘No Mam the room is locked’.

‘No.. I had been in the room. The room is open. Let’s go there.’ She said in a panic.

She took the receptionist to the room. The room was locked. She tried to open it with her hand as she did last time.But it didn’t open.

‘You need the key. Mam..!’ said the receptionist guy showing the key to her. He opened the door for her. The room was dark but it appeared that it was clean. The receptionist guy on the light for her. The room was spotlessly clean. It was blue room. Everything was blue.

‘You see nothing in the room, Mam’ said the guy. Dipti nodded in disbelieve.

She saw in the corner at the dressing table. It was clean. The mirror was shining with the lights above. No images nothing. It must me my imagination, she thought.

‘Can we leave, I can’t leave the reception for a long duration like this’ said the reception guy.

Dipti slowly went out of the room. She directly went to her room without saying anything to the guy. She was in shock for what was happening to her.

Stage 6

She thought of taking the shower and relax after that. She took her changing clothes and went to the bathroom.

It has a good bathtub and hot & cold water facilities. She went in the bathtub was relaxing. She heard the choking noise again. She ignores it and on the shower.

The bathroom was soon filled with the fog due to hot and cold water dew.

Slowly she finished her bath. And came near the vanity area. She saw the mirror. The words appeared on the mirror as if someone was writing on the dew.

‘You look pretty without clothes’

Her heart was in the mouth. She rushed out of the bathroom. Almost fall on the bed. her top and leggings were on the bed. She almost wore it without any undergarments. Open the door and ran outside. She ran so fast down, didn’t even see the reception. Opened the gate and rushed outside, even not seen the doorman and out of the hotel gate she ran

‘Why she ran?’ doorman asked the receptionist guy.

‘Don’t know’ said the guy, ‘but she holds the record of staying 5 hours in that room, all other ran before 5 hours’

They both laugh at each other…

Happy Ending

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