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Hi everyone, this is Charan from Hyderabad in this story I would like to share my experience with my teacher named Rubina (name changed).Any unsatisfied female from Hyderabad, Chennai can contact me. Please give your feedback to / /

Coming to the sex story, this happened 6 years back when I was in my twelfth class she is 54″ had a fair complexion with perfect assets. She was my Hindi teacher in school , she is very hot and very strict.

Being our family friend, I’m very close to her. I used to go to her home for Hindi tuitions and used to spend some time there. I used to fantasize her everyday because its hard to control your emotions at early stages. But I never thought that my dream will become true.

One day her family decided to visit her sister who settled in Mumbai as she will be alone in her house for a week my parents sent me to stay with her in their house. I was happy to hear that and packed my bag for a week.

I went to her house and was feeling little shy because was my first stay in her house and that too we both are all alone in her house. She asked me to change the clothes I got into t-shirt and shorts and then we completed our dinner she was wearing a loose nighty.

After dinner, she switched on the TV and played some Bollywood movie as it was a boring movie slowly I fell into sleep on the bed while watching TV. She also slept there itself as the bed was enough for both of us.

Meanwhile, in the night I woke up to pee and shocked to see her nighty raised until her knee by seeing her like that my dick got raised and went to the bathroom. You know its hard to pee when your dick is erected so I thought of shagging and released a load of cum on the floor and went back to sleep.

In the morning when I woke up I was checking for her she was taking bath. I was waiting there to see whether she will be naked or not to my bad luck she came out fully dressed and I was cursing my bad luck and went in to take bath.

By seeing her clothes in the laundry bag there I tried to sniff her bra and panty thats my first time to sniff any women’s panty , I started to wrap it around my penis and started jerking off and suddenly I remembered that last night I didn’t clean the floor after sperm got spilled.

While I was out she called for breakfast and at the time she was checking me with some weird look. I was a bit confused about her look, then we went to school on her scooty. After school, she took me to an ice cream parlor and went back to home.

After I reached home I was feeling tired and took a nap she woke me up and asked me to freshen up and I got changed to my nightwear. And planned to watch a movie, while watching the movie we were talking about our day in school as her cleavage is visible I was trying to see those melons.

She noticed it and ignored with a smile. After some time there was a hot scene playing in the movie I’m feeling embarrassed so purposely went into the kitchen and brought some water for both of us. When I’m back the scene was over and I was bit relaxed and continued to watch the movie.

After some time there was again some sort of sex scene and I got up from sofa then she said, “If you’re going every time for these scenes you will not learn anything in your life”. listening to her words I felt happy sat down and continued watching movie it was a lip kiss scene with some sort of exposing with this scene my dick got erected and made a bulge in my shorts. I was trying to cover it with my hands and suddenly she noticed it and asked me “What happened?” I replied nothing and she dragged my hands from crotch and made a clear view to her and she started to blush. I was feeling shy then enquired about

She: What you did in the bathroom the floor was slippery and I fell down in morning.

I: No I didn’t do anything

She: I saw you went to bathroom at late night

I was feeling shy and tried to avoid the conversation but she added like I know what you did in the bathroom.

I : I’m sorry teacher then she said: “ At least you should clean it next time don’t forget about it”.

I nodded my head and enquired did you really fell down? She replied yes it hurts a lot.

apologizedsed her and asked her if I can help anything. She replied me to bring her some medicines from nearest pharmacy. I took her scooty and took some pain relief tablets and a gel. I came back home and gave her medicines and gel.

She went in and took tablets and trying to apply gel on her back. Then with curiosity I went in and saw that she is facing difficulty in applying the gel so I asked her can I apply teacher? She replied ok.

I started applying gel to her back by touching her bare skin in the gap of her petticoat and blouse that was really an amazing feeling and I asked her can I do a massage she didn’t reply for that. I took forward and slowly started massaging her back and pressing her love handles. she was slowly responding to it and started enjoying it. After 10 mins of massage I started pressing her hips with more pressure she started to moan.

By hearing her moan I slowly unzipped my pants and took out my penis and tried to move her petticoat a bit lower while doing massage slowly she was enjoying it. Her ass cheeks were visible and I tried to squeeze her ass cheeks she woke up desperately and kissed on my lips we kissed for 5 mins and bitten her lips hard and she pushed me away again I went to her and started kissing her lips and did with slow pace that was my first and best kiss ever I had.

Her hands went down and touched my dick I felt some type of current passed through my veins then she started to give me a blowjob and started to suck my dick I was feeling a warm feeling I was busy playing with her boobs on her saree and I ejected my cum all over her face then she scolded me and went to wash her face.

I followed her while she bent to clean her face. I lifted her saree from back till waist and kneel down and started sucking her clean shaved pussy.

And I pushed her to the wall and untied her saree and tried to insert my penis in her pussy it was really tight as she was virgin and I started to finger fuck her to get it loose then inserted penis into her within 2-3 pushes I successfully entered into her pussy she screamed like a hell.

I was afraid that neighbours may hear her scream so I closed her mouth with my hand and started to fuck her. She was crying at first as it was a horrible pain after some time her screams converted into moans, blood came out of her pussy and we both reached our climax and started to wash our bodies. While taking bath together I fucked her one more time.we got tired and went to bed all naked cuddling each other, kissing and sucking her boobs.

Then we woke up and went to take bath together and had a quick session and left to school. And from that day I used to fuck her whenever I get a chance. Those days are unforgettable in my life. After completion of the week I left to my home, that’s end of this story. In the next sex story, I will let you know how I fucked sony teacher and how we made a threesome.

Any unsatisfied female from Hyderabad and Chennai can contact me via / / secrecy will be maintained. Please give your feedback and suggestions to the above mail id. Thank you all.

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