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Hi, guys.

Thanks for the overwhelming response for my first ever sex story that I submitted here. This sex story is about my corporate life, how I had sex with my manager.

You can call me jacky.And my manager Riya (name changed for obvious reason). I am sure when she will read this story she will come to know about me.

As she is a regular reader of this site.

Riya is almost 35 years old, but I can bet upon my own flat that anyone looking at her will say she is just 25. Big busty boobs, fair tall and beautiful with a perfect ass which are always ready to bounce off her tight skirt she wears. I consider myself lucky as I had sex with her right after 3 months of my joining.

It all started with the team lunch event that we had which included drinks and dance. I had no intentions for her nor she did.But it was all spontaneous.

As a normal team event, we had dinner and few pegs. She restricted herself to beer so that she can be in senses.

In the meanwhile, I sang few romantic songs and did mimicry of few film stars and sang a couple of songs. She was really impressed by me and asked me to sing some romantic song of her choice.

Being my manager I could not reject her. I sang few romantic songs and then the party was going on pretty normal with few jokes from the corners and everyone was enjoying it.

At the end of the party, people were trying to arrange transport as, not everyone had their own vehicle. As I and my manager stay close to each other I went with her in the car. It was a 30 minutes drive and we spoke to each other only about the office. So after 25 minutes I requested her to stop by a wine shop as I wanted to have more alcohol.She asked me to take a beer for herself as well.

I took my alcohol and a beer bottle for her. Then she asked me if I can have pani puri with her at a local shop. Being foody I agreed.

We had pani puri and then she asked me to sit in the garden which was exactly behind the pani puri wala. We sat for 10-15 minutes and then she offered me to have my drinks at her place as her husband was out of town for almost a month. I hesitated but she convinced me. I did not have any bad intentions nor she did.

We went to her place and it was like a dream home for me. She changed and we started having drinks together and she asked me to sing few more romantic songs. After singing few she started crying as she was missing her husband a lot.

For the first time, I grabbed her from her shoulder and said not to spoil the mode. Somehow she came back to normal and asked me to dance with her.

I readily agreed and we started dancing. And slowly we came so close to each other that there was no stopping for us to kiss each other. As I was a bit reluctant I did not move.And she suddenly smooched me. And I was shocked. I opposed and said this is wrong and she started crying. After some time she gave me some tequila shots which she already had at her place.

Right after 4 shots we went crazy and started kissing each other. There was no stopping then. I started kissing her like crazy pressing her huge big boobs which were crying to be sucked and licked. We lost all our senses and were just sex crazy at that point in time. She was biting my lips and bit it so hard that it started bleeding but we did not care and were too lusty to look at it.

I took her and banged on the wall and started removing her top. She was wearing a black laced bra with a beautiful design of flowers on it. I pulled her bra down without opening the hook and started pressing the while smooching her and biting her. My one hand was on her boobs while other touching her pussy over the black palazzo. We both went crazy as we were highly drunk and were not in our senses.

All we wanted was horny sex.

Slowly she removed my shirt and started kissing my neck, licking it completely, making it wet till her last drop of saliva. She was biting it very smoothly like she had a lot of experience in how to make a man happy. She started biting my ear slowly. Went down a bit till my hairy chest and started licking my nipples and at the same time moving her hand in my pants.

She started removing my pants in which I did remove it quickly while she was kissing my over my neck and biting my nipples. I was completely naked in front of her and she was just topless. With those ready to suck big milky.

She slowly started to go down biting my waist.Licking it and at the same time rubbing my cock with her bare hands. I was standing by the hall wall and closed my eyes while she was biting my waist and suddenly I could feel the wetness and hotness on my dick. I couldn’t believe she was sucking my dick right from the tip. As my dick is almost 8.5 inch and very thick she was surprised and said “Your dick can kill a virgin”

I felt proud and at the same time wanted to kill her with my dick. She choked almost 5 times while sucking my dick.

As I we were drunk I could not have cum so easily. I grabbed her hair and pulled her up and started kissing her spitting in her mouth. She went totally crazy as even she wanted dirty sex.

I started biting her boobs and removed her palazzo.She was wearing a black color panty with a flower on it. I took her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. Took off her panties and started licking her pussy.She was reluctant as her pussy was not shaved but as I was drunk it didn’t matter.

I started kissing her pussy and slowly put my tongue inside her pussy.It was like boiling lava. So hot inside and I could smell the sweet taste of her pussy. I started to kiss her thigh bite her thigh in between and put my fingers inside her pussy.

She was started moaning and after almost 15 minutes she asked me to fuck her. She is married but couldn’t take my dick inside as it was very thick. I tried to push it inside but she almost cried and said no as I was on top of her.

Now she changed position and came on top of me.

Slowly sat on me and was pushing as per her convenience. I was continuously pressing her big milky boobs and grabbed her perfectly shaped ass and started giving jerks. We both were in heaven. After almost 10 minutes of fucking she was exhausted and I realized it. I took her down and started fucking her from back. It was a bit difficult at the start but we both adjusted and started having fun.

After 10 minutes I was about to cum and I said it loud she quickly turned and took my hot hard thick dick in her mouth and started to suck it. I was about to cum and I removed my dick from her mouth and spread the white cream all over her boobs. She was very happy. I knew the part is till not over so I started sucking her pussy as I could not fuck her as I just cummed. So I started licking it with my middle and ring finger in her warm pussy which was already filled with precum.

After 10 minutes even she cummed and I licked and sucked every bit of it.

It was really a nice experience.

Anyone corporate girl/women who want to have such fun can contact me at / /

Will share my next experience shortly.

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