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I am Roshan, from Bangalore. I’ve been reading sex stories here for a long time now…& here I am with something that happened between me and my biology teacher Jyothi.

Hope you liked the sex story. Forgive any mistakes since it’s my first time. College girls or ladies in and around Bangalore who like to get together can mail me. 100% privacy & satisfaction guaranteed

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About me, I am 5.8 ft tall with an average body. But sure to satisfy any woman. So I was told by Jyothi ma’am.

Coming to the story, Jyothi is my Biology teacher.

About her, she’s in her mid 30s she’s married and has a daughter.

She lives with her daughter since her husband is abroad. She is a bomb with big boobs and a great ass.She is very cautious about the way she looks she wears saree to college showing off here naval and back region. Watching her gives anyone an instant hard-on. I am a silent guy in class. Her period is the best hour in the entire day.

Since I was not so good in studies so I had to take extra class after college hours. This gave me an opportunity to get along with her and we became more friendly. I came to know her and all. Evening class was fun because there were only 3 of us and no one else to bother.

Then one day I asked her for her number. And she gave me readily.

I started to wish her and stuff like that.We became quite close by now. Then one day I sent her a naughty joke to my surprise she sent me a voice message telling me how funny that was and then our chats turned a bit spicy.

I used to most of the dirty jokes I get and she would send me smiles and emojis. Then I asked if I could come to her home for tuition she said yes and that was the beginning.

It was a Saturday morning I reached her home by 9 she welcomed me in, she was wearing a black nighty. Offered me a cold beverage and she told me she’d start in 10 because she had to send her daughter to dance school.

After her daughter left we started she was teaching me while I was thinking of ways to fuck her. She caught me staring at her cleavage.But didn’t say anything except for adjusting her nighty. Days passed like this and I was getting restless.

And finally after two weeks on one sat evening I got lucky. My dream came true. I fucked my dream lady.

As usual I went for tuition but today it was set in evening. I reached her place by 5. I rang the doorbell and she opened the door. Waaaah…. She was wearing a peacock green saree showing all of her naval and I had the biggest hard-on I covered it with my bag.

She had a marriage in the morning and said her daughter is still there and would be back only after marriage reception. So I thought this was the best opportunity I am going to get and I took it.

She was in the kitchen making some coffee. I slowly approached her from back & grabbed her stomach and pushing my dick onto her ass.

She tried to push me away but I held her towards the kitchen platform and started to caress her naval simultaneously kissing her neck and shoulder region. I rubbed my hard dick on her ass and pushed it into her crack. I began to slide my hand towards her pussy and one hand on her boobs. God they were fluffy😍😍.

Then I felt she also started to enjoy and she turned herself and kissed me on my lips. And we kissed madly and deeply for some time. I began to remove her saree vigorously and started to pinch her boobs over blouse.

I then took her to the couch and pushed her into it and removed my shirt. I ripped open her blouse and now she was wearing a black semi-transparent bra and black skirt.I removed her bra and started to suck her nipples. God those nipples were fluffy and she began to let out small moans. Which made me even crazier…

She helped me remove my trousers and she got hold of my dick over my boxer. I then stood up and removed my boxer and told her to blow me she resisted but I was in no mood to take no I pushed my dick into her mouth and began to stroke it.

She then started to respond and began to blow me by her will. She sucked it like a pro and I held her head and made her deep throat. I did that till she was out of breath and then I titty fucked her for some time more and finally cummed on her tits.

I then took her to the bedroom. Which was upstairs. She was walking only in her black panties I spanked her throughout the stairs and this made her even hornier.

We reached room and I pushed her into bed and spread her legs. Her panties were dead wet. I removed them and smelled them.The thick aroma of her pussy juice made me hornier and I began to suck her pussy. And then inserted my middle finger into her pussy. Her pussy was really tight because she haven’t had any sex for a long time.

I started to finger fuck her and increased its pace. She was about to cum and I began to lick her pussy and drank all her juices. I loved the salty taste of her cum and then I kissed her exchanging our salivas and licking each other’s mouth.

I then spread her legs and kept my dick at her pussy rubbing on it she kept m begging to put it inside her but I kept teasing her for a while and then I pushed into her entering half of my dick.

I felt the tightness of her pussy and then pushed harder entering completely into her I slowly pulled out and began to stroke at a slower pace and her pussy began to expand so I started to increase my pace fucking her pussy she let out loud moans that made me hornier and hornier. She screamed my name and told me to go faster we then changed position I told her to stay in doggy style and fucked her pussy really fast at the same time I put my finger in her asshole.

She was really enjoying my doings we were sweating and the aroma of the room changed I was about to cum so I took my dick out and cummed on her back and I lied on the bed exhausted she then climbed over me and started to ride me.I grabbed her tits as she rode me I was squeezing her nipples.

I slowly raised and kissed her chest she hugged me and started to scratch my back and pulled my hair.This made me angry I took her and threw her in the bed and finger fucked her till she squirt her juices.

We finally lied down in the bed holding each other kissing and caressing. She wiped the cum off her with the bed sheet and walked to shower. I followed her into shower. She filled the tub and we both laid in the tub cooling ourselves.

We then had shower washing each other and I then got dressed and left. She still gives me naughty smiles from college. Am waiting for next chance with her.

Hope you liked the sex story. Forgive any mistakes since it’s my first time. Any suggestions or woman in and around Bangalore who like to get together can mail me. 100% privacy guaranteed.

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