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Hey there guys, I’m Rahul from Kochi. First of all, I would describe myself. Im 19 years old having an athletic body, tall, average complexioned and an attractive face. Believe it or not, this story is not a fiction, but a real life incident by which I lost my virginity to my teacher.

Now let me describe my teacher. Her name is Akhila, 35 years old, fair, average height and having an attractive body and assets. This incident happened when I was preparing for my plus two board exams. Even though she was attractive, we boys never looked at her through that way.

We respected her as she was pleasant and always ready to help in our studies. Now I was always poor in maths. I always came up with poor marks and used to get a lot of scoldings for it from her. As the board exams were nearing, I asked Akhila teacher for help. The classes were finished and we were having study holidays. So she asked me to come to her home in the evening everyday to study. At first I hesitated, but then because it was my need, I agreed.

Then I started going to her house regularly. She didn’t have any children till then, but I never wondered why, and nobody in the school also knew much about her family. She and her mother-in-law were the only people staying in the house, along with a servant who would come at the morning and leave after an hour or two. Her husband was a business man. He was out of station for most days of the week. I had seen him two or three times, but he would rarely speak.

One day as were discussing a problem she sat near me, so close that I could feel her ass. My cock started becoming erect, but I controlled somehow. Then she gave me a problem and went inside.

I grabbed my cock and rubbed it. That was the first time I had sensual feelings for her. That night I thought of her and masturbated. I was so horny at those times. Most of my friends had lost their virginity to their girlfriends and some had sex with more than one.

I was the only one, so I was craving to get in bed with someone. I started imagining having sex with Akhila teacher.At first. after I jerked off, I used to have regrets, but after a few days I made up my mind to fuck her at all cost.But I knew she wasn’t a bitch and would never feel like that towards a student. So I was afraid to even go a step ahead.

One day while I was doing a problem she sat opposite me and was cutting the vegetables for lunch. Suddenly she bent down to pick up a piece that had fallen down. I saw her cleavage and I was overwhelmed by her huge boobs. I was wondering which size it would be. Suddenly my dick stood up. It was making a tent in my pants.

I tried to hide it with the books. Then I went to the toilet to hide the boner. When I got inside, I started rubbing my cock. Then I saw one of her panty lying there which made me crazy. I started jerking off and I finally came in the wash basin. She started calling for me. But I couldn’t wash off the cum. I just made it out somehow. When I returned she saw my pants were wet. She jokingly asked me what I was doing, whether I was bathing.

Everyday, I masturbated thinking of her I grew more desired for fucking her in real life. A couple of times more I masturbated in her bathroom too. Then one fine day all my prayers were answered.

One day in the afternoon as I was doing the problems, she shouted out something from the bathroom. As I noticed, she was taking a bath. She was shouting at me to turn off the pressure cooker. I slowly went passed her hoping she would open the door to peep out. When I turned off the cooker and was returning from the kitchen, she came hurried towards the kitchen to turn the cooker off because she thought I didn’t hear her.

Oh my god, I was in seventh heaven, she was wrapped up in the towel and almost half her boobs were visible. I pretended not to look. She was hiding herself and said go back to the hall and hurried towards her room.

I started rubbing my cock which was rock solid and slowly went beside the door and tried to peep in through the key hole. I saw a glimpse of her nude and changing into nighty.

As she came towards the door, I ran towards the hall and pretended studying. She came out of the room and asked me jokingly whether I heard her shouting from the bathroom. I said yes. Then she gave a naughty smile and came and sat near me to help me with the problems.

I was going out of control and my cock still erect. To calm down myself I asked where her mother-in-law went. She said she went to her ancestral home for a permanent stay. I stayed with her for a bit longer that day telling that I had many doubts, hoping I would get an opportunity.

It was nearing sunset and the current went off, after serving me tea she again went to the bathroom for taking a bath.I could not hold myself any longer, I started peeping through the bathroom to see her nude. But I was dark so I couldn’t see much.

When she came out of the bathroom, she was wet and wrapped up in the towel and her boobs were clearly visible.She saw me standing near the kitchen and didn’t say anything and walked into the room slowly. I wondered why she didn’t dress up inside the bathroom itself and thought that she was giving me a hint.

Suddenly the current came. When I went near the room, I could see it wasn’t properly closed. I gathered all my courage and went inside. I saw her beautiful ass and slowly came behind her and grabbed her boobs from behind.Believe me, she didn’t react at all.

I was overwhelmed and got excited that I was about to fuck her. I gathered my courage and squeezed her ass, still from behind. She suddenly turned back and pushed me and asked, “What are you doing?”. I was terrified and was muttering and was saying “Sorry, sorry”. But she didn’t scream or yell. So I went towards her trying to hug her and consolidate her. She wasn’t rejecting me but kept on saying, “You are my student”.

Then I kept on saying, “Pls maam, it’s okay. ” I touched her boobs and she turned away my hand. I tried once again.This time she didn’t refuse. I was massaging her boobs and took out my cock and started jerking it with one hand. She kept on saying, “No, it’s not right”, which eventually kept reducing. I said “Just blowjob , plss, one time”. “I am dying to fuck you”. Seeing her slowly enjoying herself I pushed her into the bed.

She then said “Only blowjob, okay?”. “Then we would stop”. I said “Okay. Okay” . “If you can stop with that” ;) I gave her my cock and she pressed it. Slowly put it inside her mouth and started sucking it slowly. I was moaning and felt like in seventh heaven. The teacher who used to scold me every now and then is sucking my cock. Good heavens.

She then started going deep with my cock and felt like she was enjoying it. So I pushed it deeper and held her hair. I was coming, but I didn’t say it and ejaculated in her mouth. She felt disgusted and spat it out. I lost my hunger for sex, but I couldn’t afford to lose this opportunity. So asked her to give blowjob again. But she refused. But I forcingly put in inside her mouth. This time she was going really fast and I felt like she was really enjoying.

She gave me blow for almost 10 mins. And which drove her crazy. I started kissing her very passionately grabbing her boobs and pressing it very hard. She was going mad. I started exploring her body and kissing every part of it . My friends used to tell what all will make a woman crazy. So I acted accordingly. I went on squeezing and kissing her boobs.

Then she started moaning and placed my face towards her pussy. Oh my god , the smell of fresh pussy _ . I first sucked it and started fingering it like they do in porn. At one point, I found out she was going hell crazy. Then she was moaning heavily and I started sucking the lips heavily. She was crying and asked me to fuck her. I was waiting for this moment. I slowly pushed my cock inside her. But it would go. I tell you it is 7inches. She started moaning hard”Push it inside”. . Ahhhhh. . .

Then slowly it went inside and I was finally fucking her. When I was starting to enjoy it. She was moaning very heavily and I asked her to be quiet. But soon I had to come again.But this time I told her I was coming. She told me to cum inside her. I did so. Then I asked her was it safe?She said it’s ok. She would take the tablets.

Suddenly someone knocked the door. I was nervous and pulled up my pants and went to the hall and acted studying.She dressed up and attended the door. It seemed like the neighbor aunty who came to ask for some medicine. After she went I told her I want to do it again and try all the positions. She said it was late and we would try it next day evening. Then I pressed her boobs and kissed her and went home

Next day when I came, she was hesitant. I grabbed her boobs and started to undress her. But she said it wasn’t right.But I kept on persuading her like the day before. But with a lit bit hesitation she agreed again, but this time she asked me to fuck only with a condom. For which I agreed.

I went home and took the condom which I was preserving for days just to fuck her. Then it started, this time I didn’t cum early. And she was impressed with that. She started giving me handjob, then started sucking the tip of my cock.Boy, she was such an expert in giving blowjobs. She pressed the tip of my cock and sucked my balls.

She went for the to and fro motion and started deep throating. . . Aahhhh. . That feeling. . Mmmhhh. . . The best feeling ever. . . Then asked me to give her oral. I saw some videos last night on who to give orals.

So with that knowledge I made her moan. . Uhhh. . . Hmm. Aahhh. . . She moaned. . Fuck. . Fuck fuckkk. . Fuck me hard. . . Hardddd. . . . She screamed. . . She also praised my cocks size and said it was larger than her husbands. Which hardly gave her any pleasure.

I started with missionary, tried cowboy, 69, and ended up in doggy style. . Ummmhh. . Oh my god she was moaning all th wayyy. . I never thought that she would become this bitchy. I came atlast in her mouth. This time she like it. She was impressed with me and asked me to fuck her again half an hour.

After some time we were in cowboy position. And her moaning made me go crazyy. . . Aahhh. . . Rahuuulll. . Come onnnnn. . Cum inside mee. . . Faaack. . . Ohh. . I went deeper and deeper inside her. Until I found out the g spot.

After some time we were totally exhausted and slept nude. When we woke up we went to bath together and I fucked her while bathing too. . Oh that was the best part. Then I went home.

My cock was out off juice and felt so tired that day. But I had no regrets. Because she told me that her husband was tired of having sex with her and she wasn’t getting pregnant. He had lost all his interest that he would hardly try now. Which left her unhappy and was waiting for some pleasure for a long time. Once in a while he comes and ask her to give a blowjob thats it. So from now onwards I felt like it was up to make her happy.

I continued fucking her till my board exam. After the board exam during the vacation we tried all kind of positions.When the results were out and I got good marks, she asked me to try anal as a gift. I fucked her until I found me a new gf. After some time her husband and her migrated to Bangalore. Now she is a teacher in a popular school in bangalore.

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