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Hi friends,

I am a big fan of ISS, This is my first true life incident happened a few days ago in Ooty which is called as Queen of Hills and the best place for Honeymoon Couples. Let me describe me and my sex queen. Myself Samual 24 years from Bangalore. Presently working in an MNC company in Bangalore any girls and aunties who are interested in a hookup, dating and One night Stands please mail me at / / because I respect your privacy.Boys just post comments, please.

Here comes my queen her name is Pooja 23 years working in same company. Her stats are 36-23-38. Everyone who sees her immediately will get hard on. Along with this she usually comes in tight tee sheets which make every manhood to stand straight and salute. The most attractive part is her boobs which are just like ripen mangoes which are very big and stiff.

Story Begins….

We are a batch of friends in which 3 girls and 4 boys. We are very close friends. Pooja joined in our office as a junior to us. The first day I saw her I got a huge crush on her. I felt like I need to sleep with her at least once in my lifetime but that time I didnt feel that my dream will come true.

As she is a junior I started explaining few things and guiding her in work. Every time whenever our batch goes out I asked her to join us which she readily accepted.

Into went on few days we became good friends. I used to spend more time with than with my friends. I came to know that she is very fast and she already has a boyfriend.When she told that I felt bad.

But I didnt say anything to her to my bad luck and felt I can be a friend to her.

After few days on weekend, my gang planned for Ooty trip for 3 days as there are continuous holidays for 3 days.Everyone is ok with the plan.As my regular thing, I asked whether she will join us. She too accepted to come with us.We started our journey on Friday night from Bangalore to Ooty in a zoom car. We reached by early morning. We already booked 4 rooms as we are 8 people.

We got into rooms and completed daily things and started for sightseeing in Ooty and reached back to the hotel at 6 pm. As it is October the climate in Ooty is very cool and every friend of mine started shivering and they planned to booze as it may help then in relieving cold. Even girls readily accepted and joined along with them to booze. I went to a different room and slept as I am not in a good mood.

After few hours I went to the room where they are boozing. I can see everyone was in high. I saw Pooja she took an overdose and she started sleeping in floor So I took her to other room to make her to sleep.

After going to other I made her lie on the bed but she kept her hands around my neck and started kissing me. I tried breaking it but she held me tightly and saying please Samual pls Samual. You care about me so much one time please and again started kissing me. This time I didnt stop as I too like her so much. I too started kissing her very tight kiss where we didnt give a gap for air in between. Our kiss slowly turned into a smooch. I started kissing her eyes, earlobes, neck and then boobs.

I had slowly removed her top and again started kissing a wild kiss. She removed my shirt and I started playing with her ripen mangoes. She started moaning by making a big sound. To control her sounds I again started kissing on her lips simultaneously pressing her ripped boobs.

After few minutes I removed her bra and I saw that original boobs which everyone in ofc has an eye. Very large and firm with brown grapes like nipples. After seeing them immediately I took right boob and kept in the mouth and started eating it and play with the other.

After 10 mins changed to left and did the same and in between she is making sounds which made me crazy. Played with them for 30 mins and came to her love Holes. She already started leaking. I removed her jeans and pant slowly inserted my two figures inside her love hole. She suddenly gave a jerk. I slowly started fingering her and within few minutes I started to fuck her with tongue. She started saying please Samual please dont tease. I made her come 2 times by using my tongue which I drank.

She said now turn is mine and pulled my trouser and inner together and made me complete nude. Then looking at my tool she said yours is bigger than my boyfriend and it is going to be mine for tonight. I readily accepted for that with a smile. She took my dick and kept in her mouth. I felt like she is a real pro in blowjob.

She took my dick till deep throat did the same for 40 mins. I cummed 3 times in her mouth. She drank all without sparing one drop. By seeing at that I felt excited and pushed her on the bed and said I cant wait and I want to drill you. She said not only drill you should make me feel proud for getting a fucking friend like you.

I spread her legs and started teasing her by moving my dick in her love hole. She said stop it dont tease come inside.I didnt listen to her words. She then forcefully pulled me towards her because of which head of my dick went inside.Though she is not virgin her pussy so tight, after 4-5 pushes the whole dick went inside and we started enjoying the pleasure. Though the Ooty climate is cool. We started sweating.

After a continuous push in and pull out I reached climax and said the same to her. She said no issue come inside me I dont want to waste your one drop also. I will take a pill if needed. So I cummed in her hole and then slept beside her.She again got up and gave me a blow job because of which my tool got into action and fucked her in doggy style. She said she want to ride on my cock. I said ok and we had cowgirl position also.

That night we had around 6 rounds and we slept hugging each other in nude. I got up at 5O clock next morning and woke up her and we had 2 more sessions one in the bathroom and one on the bed. And went to other room to wake up my friends where they slept off after boozing heavily. None of my friends knows that what happened last night.But for me, this trip is just like a honeymoon. She still says that she had the best time with me than her boyfriend.

We both are eagerly waiting for our next encounter.

Thanks everyone for your valuable time.

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