My Journey To The World Of Desires Part 4 Couple Sex Story

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I had not learned anything from my previous relationships. I did not find a reason why she decided to leave me or even humiliated me.

It did not take me more than a month to recover. In new school I actually made Girl Friends, and not girl-friend. I suppressed my desires completely and continued to become friend. Boys did not care about what I appeared but girls did. I found it was very tough lying a girl. I concentrated on making them expressive than expressing myself.

I watched pornography during recess and that fact became known to girls soon. I did not care. Some stopped talking to me , only for few days . Some kept talking to me and analyzing me.I did not conceal a thing , except for my fetish.

When I watched calmly , I realized my approach needed amendment. I had to study a lot and express a little. With me perseverance I became really good friend. One girl telling others secrets without asking . One even told the the other wore a padded bra. It might appear casual now , but then it was a huge jump.

I never reacted , even with the issue of inners etc. Then I got my award.

Once due to some rainy day the school was almost empty. We were 5 students in total. Seema was a close friend. During the recess i and seema were left alone. I observed she was uneasy. I did not try to make her easy. She came and talked to me.

I:expecting how much in history?

S;74/75. How much u expect in maths paper 2?

I: do u need to ask?

S: u arrogant bastard. So why not go out and see whats out.

I:Ialready know. U go and check.

after 5 minutes&p>

S;I need some photos.

I: go to studio.

S;Do u not understand.

I: why ? Ohh , u go after school is over.

S: Pink photos(murmuring voice)

(Porno in picture ; we used to call them pink photos.)

I drew out and gave it to her. She took it .

I; When shall u return them?


I:Do not get caught with these. how are u talking them home?

S; below Book cover.

I;Thats where they search first.

S:Then where?

I:We carry it inside our banians.

She smiled. I remained reaction less. She turned back and put it in her shirt.She returned them on due date. Asked for another set. I gave her.Once we were alone.I asked her to return the once she took earlier. She looked everywhere , opened 1 button and brought out the pics and handed to me.About the time when I collected she asked.

S:did u tell any boy about us?

I:about us what?

S:This affair ?

I:I do not see any affair. We all need to see. U just ask me because U trust me. I wanna keep it that way.
S:(Serious face , angry look)Give me new set and take it.

She turned around and faced me again.I did not believe what I saw. She drew it out almost from inside her bra. I looked in her eyes and found her staring straight into my eyes. I did not look at her chest again till she handed me the pics.when she lowered eyes to set dress , I could make out her brown aereola(Left).

I maintained my professionalism for appearance. After taking the new set and putting it inside her bra , she stood there for more than a min , without any conversation.Then she left.I had a strong erection I kept it hidden from her eyes.

We had our school picnic some days later. I was alone at me seat , seema sat near me.She had brought a large sheet with her.She covered herself with that sheet. It was cold and all of the students were asleep.Seema asked if I wanted inside inside the sheet.I agreed and I held her shoulders and told her to stay calm.I held her palms. They were warm. I kept our hands on her thighs. She kept looking outside. As I approached her boobs , She looked away and for first time I pressed her boobs and realized erect nipples.I played with them for 2 minutes , and she pushed my hands out her shirt.I understood she came.


This time I did not pursue her. She went her way during picnic , I stayed with boys, collecting wood and preparing food.Toilets were in good shape, so I did find any chances of toilet incident.The only good thing was we were 41 people and a room was allocated for 3. No one preferred a room with the class teacher. She might have preferred to stay with a girl. But we were all kids or 9th standard. She demanded a single room. So 2 people(I and her) got single rooms side by side. Boys room ended at mine and girls began at her.

Unexpectedly enough , at night she knocked on my door. I welcomed her. She wanted to talk over the bus-romance incident. I though no one had seen us .I guess , its a common this that teenagers do.

She did not ask me for the description. But she did tell me that it was not my age for such things.Then she left.If she had not come , I would not have thought. But our seating was towards girls side. I wondered how many girls might have noticed.Next morning was normal.But during all activities , I knew , Teacher and 2 girls(pinky and sushma) were noticing at my movements.

Teacher\’s glance was expected . But the girls looking at me were not of my friend circle. 2 girls had very good reputation in class. Good thing was they did not share, and bad thing was I did not have any idea what they wanted with the information.

Next morning , we had to leave. when I entered , I hinted seems not to sit near me.She was puzzled , but she complied. I stopped and went in last , after teacher scolded me. I had guessed.Just one seat was vacant , between Pinky and Sushma.

There was nothing much to chat.We were formal classmates.During journey sushma rubbed her hand on mine.I could not decide whether it was hint or tease or test. I maintained calm inside head till the end.The two girls were angry when they got down.Teacher had a slight smile on her face.I wonder when did she have the time to look?

The next day was sunday and i had time to think. I came onto conclusions.Seema wanted lust , quite transparently.I wanted the same. I had nothing against her.But I was annoyed with gentle faced horniness of pinky and sushma and intrusive nature of teacher.

Seema came to my home Sunday morning , with an application of her absence for 7 days from school. My mother sent her to my room.She was to visit to shimla with her parents.I was happy for her. We went to terrace. On the staircase I kissed her on cheek saying I am happy for her. She gave a sweet smile.

We chatted about various things , and she asked me why i denied her at the bus. I told her I was sleepy and did not want to disappoint her.Saying this i moved my palms from her palms to armpit and drew some sweat and tasted it.She told me horny bastard. I unzipped chain back of her kameez and touched her back.Then her belly and belly button.Then I accessed her boobs over bra. As soon as I touched the nipples they hardened and I kept on pressing her boobs.She just closed her eyes and brought her mouth to kiss me. We kissed for 20 minutes till she came in her pants by boob pressing.

There after she removed my hand and fell on me.I grabbed her ass over jeans and found them warm , round and lovely.Just as I was about to touch her pussy over pants , she stopped my hand . I looked with a question mark on my face. She said she came.I requested her to show me how her cum looked.

With one hand she lifted her kameez , and other she opened her jeans button and undid the zip. Then I saw a panty with some wet spots . She put her two fingers in her panty. I wanted to pull it and see her pussy. But I had be patient. She drew the fingers and put them inside my mouth.I hugged her and lowered her pant and panty ; felt her cheeks of ass.She smiled.I turned her around and kissed on her ass cheeks. The I zipped her pant .She was happy when she left.

I knew in seven days she would be much more horny.Her departure gave me a chance to face my class teacher and unlock the horny tigress. And I was exceedingly efficient at that.

My Journey To The World Of Desires – Part 4


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