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Hi friends, my name is Harish. And I am 20 years old I am doing my B.com. I am from Bangalore . I am reading Indian sex stories from past 8 months. I also say that Indian sex story is one of the best apps and sites. where I read many awesome stories and made my cock stand.Girls are magic in boys life.

Here I am going to tell you the incident which happened between me and my friend Rekha (name changed). She is 20 years old even she discontinues her studies due to financial problem let me tell her status she has a 30-26-28 structure. She has a little pimple on her face but her boobs are wonderful and her nipples are brown in color. And even her ass is suited for her size. She had pubic hair. With this let me go into the story.

She works in a computer center and we used to go out to roam after her work time and also we text till late night.One day without knowing I said her I had an interest in her.Which didnt flash to her so the next day she came to my house and I was alone watching wrong turn movie on my PC. I greeted her gave her tea and she was wearing a white top and a blue jean.

While we were talking some porn scene came in the middle of the movie. I switched off computer desktop. She asked me what da. I said nothing and she forced me to show what was that. So I put the movie again.

She saw the movie and said what da seeing this kind of movies. And slowly her behavior changed. And by seeing that scene in PC I got a tent she saw me asked. What happened. I said boys problem. It is because of hormones and said, Rekha, you go. She said why are you going to masturbate? I was shocked and bent my head in shy. She said even she had feelings for me. And said that I have noticed you that you look at my boobs when we were together and I used not to bother and think not to spoil your fun. This words from her made me go crazy. I took it as a green signal and kissed her in lips. She responded to my kiss.

We kissed for another 20 minutes.

We exchanged our saliva and also I bit her lips. What a feel it was. All boys know that while smooching a girl if we squeeze their boobs they like the feel. So I did the same thing to Rekha.

Now I came to know Rekha is under my control slowly removed her top. She was in shy in beginning she resisted me in removing her top but soon she was in my hand I removed her top. Wow, she was wearing a white inner and a white bra where the mango was hanging. I made her lie on the bed and kissed her forehead, nose, lips, neck. I removed her bra her boobs was so big I kept my mouth and bit the tip she said haaa.I slowly squeezed her boobs and sucking. Suddenly her body language changed.

She did not speak just moaning in low voice and she removed my t-shirt. I put my hand inside her jeans and teasing over her panty. Then I removed her panties completely and inserted one of my fingers and doing finger fucking she was moaning like mmmmh… Haaa…. Uhh… Mmmh… Mmmh…. Hari please do I beg you please dont stop.

Then I kept my tongue in her pussy. As soon as I kept my tongue in her hole she cummed. By seeing this I lost my control. I removed my pant and then I asked her to suck. She was not a pro in the beginning. She resisted sucking.But later she sucked it. Then I cummed in her face and asked her to swallow but she spat. I took two minutes break and then made her lie in missionary position and teased her by rubbing my cock over her pussy for which she pleaded my I cant control anymore please fuck me I am your bitch please fuck me. So I kept my cock in her pussy and pushed it didn’t go in.

I took some oil, applied to my cock and again pushed but I failed as it was a tight pussy. But she told me, please harish fuck me I cant wait anymore. So I gave a force push for which she screamed in pain. Even I screamed lightly in pain but she closed her mouth. I gave her some time to relax so that the pain will reduce.

Then I fucked her slowly. She again gave a moan ah mmmm… Mmm … Mmm … Mmmh aaah aaah .This made me think now her pain has changed to the pleasure. I increased the speed slowly. But my speed was not enough, so I banged her with all my power. She said, hari faster faster uuuhh… Mmmhh…. Aahh.. Please dont stop hari. Fuck… Fuck…

Her voice made me go mad on her. I fucked her without mercy. So I was fucking her harder. And cummed after 12 mins. We had four sessions.Later I was tired. I lied side of her.

Then we got dressed up. I asked help of my friend to get an anti-pregnancy tablet. And gave her. Even she was fully satisfied even I was happy while going she was not able to walk properly. I asked what happen she smiled and said the beast in you is the reason. It made me somewhat.

Later I dropped her in her area. Now she had settled with her family in her native. Even I am missing her and it became 3 months of having sex. If there is any mistake sorry guys. Please tell if any mistake I have done in this sex story.And if any girls looking for secret sex mail me. Even I am looking for sex partner. You can trust me. I maintain our privacy secretly.

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