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Hello, as you people already know, I only post stories of real sexual encounters in my life. So this incident happened 11 years back when I was a virgin.

My first year of graduation and there I entered the lecture. A huge one indeed was in awe of the dream of becoming a doctor.

There were many foreigner students too as I had gone outside India to pursue my dream. Arabics, Indians, Chinese and Srilankans. We were just talking to each other and having a good look at the fellow students. I was 18, good looking and quite into a frenzy of having a gf. There I saw her a Srilankan beauty, her name was jenny (name changed), a dusky perfect looking girl in her early 20s.

Most of the Indian guys were talking about her (as the desperate teenagers we were back then). She looked like a definite beauty. Those black eyes, beautiful smile, long hair, perfect figure and some actress who could have made you fall in love.

She didn’t notice me some more days as she was getting all the attention from guys of our batch and were wagging their tongues. I also heard stories about how people used to write those small chits and asking for a number in lecture halls or asking her right out up front.She ignored around 10-15 guys. Just then within some days, I was getting late for my lecture and I bumped into her group of the 5 Srilankan girls who used to roam around outside the hall.

We were trying to get in with 10 more people but were afraid of asking the professor to let us in. I had to take the risk to make myself notice. I had a gut feeling that all my beautiful dreams could be true and so I opened the door of the lecture hall and asked our professor to come in.

The professor was angry but after taking down all our names down for a late entry he let us in. This was a kind of achievement for me as and I knew that I could have impressed the lot of 5 girls I wanted to. That’s what happened.There were giggles all around when they used to see me and I knew it was the first step towards getting closer to the beautiful girl.

After 8 long weeks, I decided to talk to her upfront and ask her out for a date. I thought she liked me and so I did it. I asked her outside the lecture hall and told her what I felt when I saw her beautiful smile. She blushed and gave me her number. I was on cloud 9.Things got pretty romantic then. I used to ask her if she could wear deep neck tops or tight jeans while coming to the lectures.

She was a shy girl but after some attempts, she gave in. Let me tell you something. She was almost 5 years older than me, beautiful or should I say a dusky bombshell but always looked younger because these Srilankan girls take care of themselves so well and dressing of these classy rich family Sinhal girls is mind-blowing.

She used to wear such low neck dresses when we used to go for coffee that I used to have hard ons which she used to look at and give me a wink. We started making out in coffee shops, bars and malls (which is not a big deal abroad).

There was this one day when she asked me that she knew I was kind of non-experienced to which I had affirmation in the answer. She just grabbed me smiling and gave me peck on my cheeks saying “This birthday I will give you a very special gift “. I kind of knew what was coming. I was feeling the luckiest guy in the world.

It was Friday my birthday, she had told in advance that we would bunk classes together and when no one is in her room I can come. She called at 2 in the afternoon. I knocked and there she was. A red bathrobe and my beauty within. She just pulled me in and brought me near the mirror.

She had that huge mirrors near her room and asked me while hugging me.How do we look at each other? I said, lets kiss and then see it. Our lips locked and we were kissing that day like two lovers had met after long time.Initially, it was pure lip kiss which became more passionate and then lust took its turn and was literally sucking each other’s tongue.

She started biting my lip and got into aggressive self. After 5-10 minutes of dirty, biting and saliva exchanging lip lock I finally wanted to see how she looks bare. Wanted to taste each part of her body. I asked her to take the robe off and what I saw was just something out of the beautiful classy porn movies. A sexy black bra. And those wonderful looking panties. She asked, do you like it.

I just looked with pure lust at her and started kissing her. I tried to remove that bra but was unable with my inexperienced hands. She helped me again told me to satisfy her. Those nipples and boobs were the perfect size which I used to watch in porn beauty videos. I touched and pinched those dark nipples. Her perfect round breast was too soft.I realized I was just wagging my tongue like a hungry dog on her nipples.She started moaning.

I realized she started pushing my head into her chest. I pushed her on the wall and then the other hand spontaneously went inside her panties and I touched the womanhood for the first time. She was helluva wet. I could just touch her pussy and my fingers just went inside right in without any force. It was all so slimy and different for me. But I was engulfed in the feeling. I right away wanted to taste her. I removed her panties but she said not this time. I just want to have you inside me.

She wanted me. The hottest bombshell wanted me in her sexy pussy.I just removed those pants. And she told me to relax and enjoy her. She removed my pants and my dick was all hard. The hard dick had never sensed this emergency of sexual desire in life and then she licked the shaft like a pro.What a girl. I just looked amazed and satisfaction she made me sleep and there she was. The Srilankan hottie above me. Just sat on me and I was all inside her in one go. It was such a beautiful feeling. She rocked up and down, back and forth.

I just looked at her perfect figure and held her boobs. In between coming to me to kiss me and our salivas were dripping. We were sweaty as hell as well as the room filled with noises of moans and lust. I was virgin no more.And a Srilankan beauty helped me get rid of it. It’s been 11 years since that day. I am a full-fledged doctor now. Have had lots of fun with girls from many parts of India and world. But I must say she was my first encounter with pure beautiful womanhood.

Please comment and rate the real sex story I just started. Many more will be coming up from my real encounters.

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