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Holla fellas. This is happy from Mumbai in his twenties. Always horny with a thick tool. Enough of me let’s get back to the story of when I meet any of my horny readers what I do.

It all started from a locanto ad which I gave as I wanted to get laid. My definition of having sex holds meaning only when the women involved is truly interested and excited to have a wild session. Satisfaction of a woman is what means a lot to me.I got a reply for my ad on locanto. We started chatting and soon shared pictures (nudes of course).I really liked her will to get a toyboy. I was always ready to be one.

We shared the address and planned to meet. I dressed up myself after shaving my area. I rang the doorbell. A woman in her late 40s opened the door. Her name was sunainanaina(let’s call her su)

She was hot. My mouth was literally open after looking at her. She was chubby but that is what I love. So I instantly got hold of her waist and started kissing her wildly. At once, she was confused but then started responding after a few seconds and meanwhile she dragged me in and closed the door while still kissing me. That kiss can be never forgotten. Our tounges fighting with each other.

After a few mins, when we were out of breath we stopped the kiss to catch our breaths. I was hard by now and she was completely wet due to the kiss and my hands feeling her body. I immediately turned her around and bit her earlobes and neck slowly.

She went wild and was playing with my crotch. I went in kissing her and biting her until I reached her bra hooks. I unhooked them with my teeth which made her go further mad. I bite her again and my hands ran down her boobs.They were huge. Ohh I am hard as I write this. (su :-) I pinched them and hit them. I made them hard for their master. Su was enjoying all this and started moaning ummm ahhh ahhhh.

Then I started sucking her tits like a mad dog. I bite them hard and ate them. She screamed in mixed pain and pleasure. I could see the happiness on her face which turned me on. Su then started feeling my body with hers. She kneeled down and removed my jeans while biting me hard. I was lost in the pleasures she was giving me. She tore my garments and there stood my thick dick(average size because I don’t rant about size or even lie about it).

She started stroking it and playing with my balls. Ohh that was the best blowjob I had ever had. She was an expert in giving blowjobs. She literally took me to another world with an amazing feeling. After she was done I threw her on the bed. I pounced on her like a tiger pounces on his prey. I tore her clothes and her panties. I sniffed them(I love that smell). I liked the smell of her wet panties. I started licking her pussy. I love pussies. I bite her clitoris in between.

She started enjoying and moaning loudly. Which turned me hard again. I licked her completely until she had her first orgasms.I still remember she pushed my face deep in her pussy and I was out of breath but totally likes the feeling. I started teasing her with rubbing my thick dick on her pussy. I pushed it a bit in and removed it in seconds. She went mad over that. I wanted that bitch to beg me for my cock.

Then I started finger fucking her and inserted a cucumber in her ass with some honey on it to lubricate it. I started fingering with my index finger then added my middle finger to it, then the ring finger and the thumb. And at a point, my entire hand was going in and out of her pussy.

She was dripping wet and was screaming at the top of her voice. Ronny u bastard fuck me fuck your bitch aren’t you in me right now. Dont tease me more you bastard. Were her words. I really liked the way she wanted me. But I wanted to tease her more. I told her to close her eyes and then I tied her hands to the bed. I used the thumb of my foot to finger her pussy. I inserted it in and out making her go totally mad in pleasure. I again massaged my dick all over her body while she was shouting at me to stop and just push it in.

Suddenly I pushed in and was into her in one heavy thrust if mine. She screamed so loud which was fun to watch.Soon she was in such pleasure that she forgot everything else. I started humping her continuously. To tease her after few mins of humping I stopped in between without any reason!:p she went mad and slapped me to push in.I slapped her twice and started humping again. With each stroke, my speed was increasing.

After about 35 mins, I was about to cum. She had already cummed twice meanwhile. But I wanted to hold longer so I stopped humping and kissed her. She chewed my tongue and lips in anger as I stopped. I was pressing her boobs hard as a reaction to her chewing my lips.

After few mins I again started humping her. This time she cummed in 10 mins. I also couldnt hold for long after a rough 20mins of humping we both cummed together making that sound of pleasure”I am cumming bitch” and “Cum inside me you bastard I want it in”

I will write it further on the basis of your reviews.

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