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I am Babu, thats my pet name. I stay in Kolkata, a city in Eastern India.

We have our own house owned by my father who is a professor in a college around 200 miles from our hometown, My mother moved in with him when I joined college. We have a tenant, Rajat at the ground floor while I stay alone in the first floor since my mother moved away with my dad. Rajat got married recently his wife Neepa is a year elder than me and is doing Bachelor of Science in Physiology major like me.

Ever since my mom moved away, I started enjoying the much-awaited freedom and independence. That led to late night parties with my friends, drinks and smokes all along and even bunking college for few days.

If you know Indian society, thats quite conservative, drinking and late night parties are treated as a crime to the elders. Eventually, my well-wishers in my locality, who have good terms with my parents, intimated my parents about the Don Juan in me and one fine morning I got a call from my dad.

“Heard you are partying and boozing?”

That sentence was enough to scare the shit out of me… I almost urinated in tension.

“A failure in any subject, and youll have it”

It took me a day to settle down clean up the mess in my room, turning my friends away, thinking of studying hard to cope up. That is when I realised that I have missed quite a lot of the subjects. The only way to make it up is to request Neepa for guiding me in she was quite a studious lady, and will be helping me for sure.

So I went down and asked her for help.

“What shall I get in return” slyly she asked.

“Anything you want… please help me”

“Anything? Think twice”

“Yes, I mean anything …” I was desperate I dont want my dad to kick me out.

“Put it on a paper and hand it over to me”.

I wrote down “anything you want” in the paper and gave it to her.

She smiled and kept the document in a cupboard and asked me to join her in the afternoon.

That afternoon I went down after having my lunch, in tight shorts and a banyan. Neepa was cooking. She started explaining a chapter, and I was listening to her. Soon I started surfing through her body. Neepa was a bit flappy, wheatish skin, a typical indian lady wearing Sari, and blouse … I could see her belly, belly button, and the nice pair of hands she has. A slightly hairy, and that was making her more sexy.

I had never seen her from a sexual aspect. Nevr. But ohh,I realised she is so hot. As she cooks, the heat of the stove makes her sweat, her blouse near her armpit is soaked, and I can also see sweat at her back. She has a perfect curve, 36C may be? Wow…

I realized I was envying Rajat deep inside me.

“Are you listening to me?

Oh.. she was staring at me … an seems to be quite angry “or you were staring at my breasts?”

I felt embarrassed.

“Not really … I was listening to you…”

“Really? And what happened there?”

She pointed at my shorts, and I realised I had a hard on. And it was clearly visible. My ears turned red in shame. She continued cooking and teaching me, and I was really embarrassed. I couldnt look at her eyes that day.

Next day, I was studying, she got into my bedroom…

“I need to change my sari …”

“Yes sure, Ill go out”

“Shut up, and stand quietly” she ordered. Ididnt know what to do, but I knew if sheinforms m parents what happened the previous day, I had it.

Deep inside, there was also a willingness to watch her change her dresses.

She took her sari off, she was in a blouse and a pettycoat, and I could realise she was not wearing a bra. Her navel was exposed and I immediately had a hard on.

“Take your shorts off”

I was shocked.

“Havent you heard me? I wont repeat… and this point forward you will follow each instruction of mine, did you get me?”

I was so uncomfortable, and feeling humiliated…

“Did you hear me?” , her voice had something that weakened my manhood. I was shivering …


Then what are we waiting for?”

I knew I had no options but to follow her instructions. I lowered by shorts, and let it go … my manhood popped out. I was uncircumsized, and the skin was unable to cover my glans…

“Take your banyan off”

Quietly I took my banyan off as well. There I stood naked before my tenant who is of my age. Man, what did I do to myself!

“Now listen to me. I wont repeat again. Whenever I ask you to remove your dresses, you will follow my instruction.Did you get me?”

Did you get me?”

“Yes, Neepa…”


She came closer to me took my penis in her hand, and pulls my foreskin down from my penis. Top of my penis was exposed. She puts her index finger on my glans, and it was so sensitive, I was shaken.

“Dont move”

She grabbed my penis and pulled it towards her. I almlst lost my balance. She immediatly slapped me.

“I said dont move!”

She then pulled my penis again, and I stood strong. She pulled my penis again, and I didnt move this time either.

“Thats like a good boy”

She started stroking my erect peni with her four fingers whileher thumb was playing on my naked glans. She kept her other hand at my back, grabbing one of my buttocks firmly. Her fingers were going till the end of my penis thus hitting my balls as well.

After some times I realisedmy perms have started their journey from my balls and are moving fast towards th head of my penis …

“Ah ah ah …”

And she stopped stroking my penis.

“Please dont stop”

“Shut up. And dont you dare ejaculate until I permit..”

“Please Neepa…”I begged.

I was unable to bear the humiliation, andtried to stroke myself, and a tight slap hit my cheek hard.

“How dare you? Keep your hands above your head.”

She started wearing her Sari completely ignoring me. I had to stand keeping my hands above my head, realising that I was denied to cum. She then took her mobile phone off and took some snaps of my naked body…I lost my erection “I need to pee”

“Go ahead”

I went to the toilet

“Keep the door open, I want to see you pee”

There she stood,recording me pee in the commode with her cell phone.

“Meet me at 3. And dont your dare masturbate”

She left.

I immediately went to the toilet, shook my penis a bit, and it got erected. I masturbated to satisfy myself, came out of the toilet and went to sleep.

I woke up at around 3-30, andrealising I was late, rushed to he ground floor. Neepa was waiting for me. She was visibly angry.

Neep came close to me, “did you masturbate?”


“Let me check, take out your shorts”

I took my shorts off. She hold my flaccid penis and rubbed the foreskin away.Shethen gave it a close look, and my penis immediately betrayed me and started growing. Neepa took her fingers over my glans and at the neck of the penis, and put he fingers before me. I could see patches of my cum in her fingers.

“Whats this? I told you not to masturbate. Now youll be punished.”

She started pressing the vain on my penis with her finger and started rubbing my penis mercilessly.

Each time I was going to cum she would have stopped denying me to cum. It was really frustrating. After some time, she all of a sudden putsthe nail of her index finger in my urethral opening… oh, it was so sensitive! She then continues to give me a handjob vigourously, and I couldnt bear it this time, I cummed …

“Oh my god, you were a virgin!”

She was looking at the tip of my penis, and I could see a drop of blood coming out at the urethral opening.

She took her mobile on, and took some snaps of my penis, with the blood spot.

“Ill share these snaps with your parents if you dont follow my instructions, ” she said calmly.

“And why did you cum without my permission? I need to work hard now to make you erect once again”

I laughed “a boy, once he cums, cant get a hard-on immediately”

“Is that so?”

“Yes it is” I felt proud. This is one subject I know better than her.

I felt proud. This is one subject I know better than her.

“The boys have this problem. They orgasm once and most of them dont know how to have their partners orgasm even once ”

“Even girls ejaculate?” I was stunned, never knew it.

She laughed out loud.

“Ye, you idiot. We ejaculate more than once only if you boys know how to foreplay”

“What is a foreplay?”

“Oh, a tough day ahead. Here is an idiot who knows nothing… now stand at ease with your hands above your head.”

I had to follow her instructions. ThereI am, a 1-year-old, stood naked before my tenant in my own house… such a humiliation!

She pulls a chair and sits very close to my manhood. She then puts a hand on my balls, 4 of her fingers were massaging my balls and the middle finger went deep into my sac and hit the vain there. The other hand of her hold my flaccid penis and she started pulling my penis from its base till the neck … and she continued this for at least a minute. Keeping her fingers on the sac, her other had then pulled my penis in an anti-clock direction, and she continued doing so for another minute.

To my surprised, I started getting hard on. She continued massaging my balls in one hand, and playing with the penis with another, stroking and pulling anti-clockwise alternately. I soon had a good erection. She then took her fingers away from my sac, went down two inches towards my asshole and pressed my body there.


She massaged that point. It was estatic, I never knew that point could have given me so pleasure. My penis was haerd, erect, standing tall. She rubbed the foreskin thus exposing my glans and started putting her index finger on the urethral opening. I was so excited….

“Dont you throw it out, you are not going to cum until I say” she ordered.

She takes up her mobile and took a couple of snaps of me and my penis. I realized I need to urinate.

“I need to go to the toilet…”

“No, Ive worked hard to erect your disgusting penis …”

“Please Neepa …”

“OK go ahead” she was soft, “But make sure you have your boner right up and erect when you come back”

I went to the toilet, pee, and came back and was taken aback. Neepa has taken her Sari and her blouse off, she is in petticoat only, lying on the bed her exposed back was inviting me.

I couldnt resist myself. Went up and kissed her back. She shivered. I kept kissing her back for quite a bit. My manhood was up and erect. She turns around and grabs my penis

“Who gave you the permission to kiss me?”

I could see her naked boobs her areola was round and a bit pinkish brown, nipple erect, and inviting me. I kept my finger on her lips “Shhhh…”

“Oh, it seems a donkey is turning into a lion?”

I had enough of it. Now I need to control the situation. I puller her hands on her head, her bare breasts were exposed before me. I went down and pressed her breasts hard with my two hands, she shivered … “Ohh … do it slowly, you are hurting me…”

I was not in a mood to hear her. I put one of her breasts in my mouth biting her nipple a bit and massaging her areola with my tongue. I was sucking her vigorously, and at the same time was pressing her other boob with my hand.

She took the other hand and put it on the base of her breast that was inside my mouth. “Press them hard, will you?”

I started pressing both of them hard. And then I swapped the breasts. Like a hungry man I kept sucking her breasts one at a while and pressing the other.

“Come down, will you?”

I was kissing her … I kissed her neck, her chicks, her eyes, her nose, her chin, her breasts, her naval, and then swiftly I was able to take her petticoat out … she was hairy down there.

“Eat me …”

I was stunned for a while for the first time in my life “I could see a girl naked beautiful thighs lightly hairy that makes her more sexy. She spread her two legs, and there it was the pink lips below, popped out of the bush …

She hold my head and pulled my head between her legs. Her vagina is not like the ones I saw on the porn sites a brownish pair of lips.
I kissed them she shivered.

“Put your tongue inside”

I pushed my tongue in her started fucking her with my tongue and at times I continued sucking her as well…

“Oh oh oh …” she screamed …. “more, more …” she exclaimed.

This continued for a while, and then I realized something was coming out of her urethra … a fluid … I sucked it … it was sweet … I sucked the whole fluid out. Ecstatic.

“Press me…”

My two hands were pressing her breasts hard, and I was still tongue fucking her … and after some time she cummed again. I sucked and cleaned her out this time as well.

“Put your fingers in there…”

I put my middle finger inside her and started rubbing it … she was shivering.

“Put two fingers”

I took my middle finger out, put the thumb on her clit, the middle and ring finger in her and started playing with her asshole with my ladies finger. After some time she jerked and this was her third orgasm. I smiled, put my mouth and sucked her well.

“Take me now … come inside…”

I tried to put my erect penis in her…

“Stop, take that out …” she pointed to the corner of her bed there was a condom lying there. She helped me get the condom into me, and rolled it till the end of my shaft. The condom covered my whole penis. She pulled me in…

“You are an idiot like all other men, I know you wont find the hole” she whispered as she guided my penis inside her.

I started stroking her my god, I am actually fucking a woman for the first time in my life!

“Harder … harder”

I was stroking her with all my power I had… but soon I ejaculated.

“Idiot, you threw out! I told you that you will not throw out until I permit…” she was angry.

“Let me see … ah not even two lbs !!! This is cum or some steam?” she laughed at me.

“Move out, let me breathe…”

I woke up, went to the toilet, threw the condom in the commode and flushed.

She was dressed when I came back.

“Give me your phone youll get it back in the evening”

I handed over my phone to her, dressed and walked up to my apartment. I was not a virgin anymore.

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