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Hi readers,

I am Himanshu from Delhi. I am 5ft 10inch tall. I am working in MNC. I have an athletic body with 6-inch dick size.This is my first sex story. Please forgive me for my spelling mistakes. If any girls/bhabhis/aunties from Bangalore wants to have sex with me, then drop a mail to my email id / /

Without wasting time, I am coming to the sex story.

The heroine of the story is shikha. She is not that fair.She is dusky in color, but her body is very appealing for sex.She is 2 years elder to me. Her vitals are 32b,26,28. I met her when I was in my final year graduation. I wanted to fuck her on 1st sight itself. She was doing her research in my institute. During that time, she had a bf.

I started flirting her for around 1 month. Then I proposed her to be my gf. I was in shock when she agreed to be my gf. I doubt whether she really was in relationship or she loved her bf.

I kissed her that day on her forehead. It continued for 1 week. One day I kissed on her lips. She didnt respond. I said sorry for this.

After 10 days of our relationship, my exams got over. After 3-4 days, her final exams were over. After her exam, she came to my room for see off as I was about to leave for Delhi from Agra.

I just kissed her on her forehead. But this time she pulled me and put her lips on mine. This was the 1st kiss in my life. I was in heaven. I also started kissing her lips and sucked her lips 1 by 1. Now I started to kiss her neck , her ears, her back and started pushing her ass.. And she started moaning aaaah, aaaahhh. She was leaning down and I was tendering my kisses on her body. Ohh god, I was so excited and she was so hot. I took her in my arms and move towards the bed.

I placed on her bed and now smooching her badly over her body she was moaning like anything and uttering “ohh jaan, I love you, I love you so much… love me hard”

She was wearing top and jeans. I removed her tops and she was in a black bra. I started pressing her boobs over her bra. And I was kissing her navel. She was shivering. It was her 1st time too. She was in a relationship for more than 2 years with her bf. But her bf did not touch her yet. So she was hungry for sex. I removed her jeans and saw her panty was already wet near the pussy area. It was smelling good.

She was now in bra and panty. Kissing over her bra, black bra and moving my tongue on it.Then slowly unhooked her bra. I was seeing boobs for the 1st time. Without wasting time, I started sucking her boobs and was pressing the other one. Her nipples were erect and her nipples were brown in color. I was in heaven while pressing her boobs and moving my thing on her nipples and kissing her belly.

I started moving my figure on her thighs and panty which was almost wet. Started moving tongue on her thighs from top to bottom and made both thighs wet while my finger was playing with her belly and boobs.

She moved my shirt and started kissing my body and while kissing she went down and unzipped my jeans and dragged down. I was in boxer only. She held my dick over my boxer and started pressing… I removed her panty and surprisingly it was clean shaved. (she came to my room to be fucked which I came to know later.)

She started kissing me like hell and took my penis in her hand and started stroking and whispered in my ears “jaan please daal do, can’t control anymore”

As she was so desperate for dick inside her pussy, she didnt waste time and took my 6-inch dick in her hand and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. She told me “Fuck me baby. Take my virginity. I am all yours. Fuck me jaan”.

After hearing this, I told her,”Wait a minute. Let me put the condom.”

She told: jaan, I want to feel your dick. Dont put the condom. I want to become a mother of your child. Fuck me now.

I said: ok

I laid her on my bed and caught her legs and pulled towards the edge of the bed. I made her legs wide open to get the access to her pussy. Then I rubbed my dick over her clitoris and slowly entered her pussy. It was so tight as she was virgin. I started jerking and giving strokes. Tears came from her eyes.

I pulled my dick out her pussy and there was some blood over my dick.

After 2 mins, I started pounding her pussy. She felt pain. But I didnt stop. I was biting her boobs moving my tongue on the neck, sucking her ears and pressing boobs high. She was out of control and started biting my chest she placed both her hands around me and started pressuring me so that I can reach maximum inside her.

I was kissing her forehead, her eyes, here cheeks, her chin and sucking her upper lips and moving my tongue inside her mouth she was making sounds aaahh, jaaan fuck me hard, fuck me, satisfy my hunger. Fuck… Etc.

After 15 mins I told her:”I am about to cum baby”.

She said: “Jaan. Cum inside”.

I came inside her pussy. We laid on the bed for some time naked. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and started pressing her boobs. I sucked her boobs one after another. She was satisfied. Her desired was fulfilled by me which her bf couldnt do in last 2 years.

Woow this was different the first time experience, we went to the washroom and cleaned. We both lost virginity together. I demanded for ass to which she declined.

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