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Here is the list of ten most popular Indian sex stories published on ISS in the month of August, 2015.

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1. My Junior Turned To Be My Master

By suryya4u

My experience with junior turned to be my master. I wait for his touch and love to serve him. The tastiest nectar in the world for me. Love you my partner, my junior

…I opened my mouth wide to take his cock. He was laughing and enjoying my suck and asked me to do deep. His online friend was jerking by seeing this and asking more postures. I obeyed all my junior commands like his slave. He really gag me make me his dick licking slut. I was enjoying his orders. He asked me to bend down, he exposed my ass to his friend. My junior slapped at my butts and said it belongs to him. He pours some oil over my ass and pushed his long finger inside my ass. Oh, I really cried of pain. But he never stops.
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2. Satisfied A Lady In Delhi – Part 3

By shankar_2349

This story is the continuation of my past story where my customer Sarika gave my contact details to her friend Sweta. Coming to the story, after having a romantic session with Sarika it made time to tie my hands for few days.

… She just pushed me on the bed and jumped on mean resumed the lick. I can feel her heat and I continuously sucking her juice lips. She gave a love bite on my lower lip. She herself removed the top and bra. WOW can see to pulpy mangoes. I just went and sucking like a hungry child. She was moaning and pressing me deep more and more. I removed my Polo and jeans. She admired my hairy chest…..Read full story here

3. Losing My Virginity To My Brother-In-Law

By rt4emen

I am being fucked by my brother-in-law often these days and this story is the prelude to how it all started. More to cum.

…He then made me stand and planted a kiss on my forehead and went down towards my lips.His hands were over my pyjamas and in a swift it was down with my foot. He then got down my panties and got me fully nude in front of him. He pulled me towards him and put his hands around me as he was kissing my face and hand squeezing my ass cheeks. I was totally under his control and left out all my inhibitions...Read full story here

4. A Mom Son Marriage Story

By funrajrathode

A situation makes mother and son to couple, how a mother becomes so close to son that they ended up with marriage

…As usual rathode drops his father when he comes home his mother is not in hall he enters master bedroom the same old bed which they fucked like wild animals one month back ,as he enters his mom is already in bed lying naked. He suddenly got hard on and jumped to bed she grabbed her son and they quickly did there first time ,when they start again rathode asks mom can I press your boobs… Read full story here

5. Fucking Nidhi, My Girlfriend

By Allexes

This story is about how I managed to fuck a bitch, my ex girlfriend who just ran after money. I just slammed her butt and rubbed ice-cube over her pussy and she was moaning like hell.

…I pushed her onto the bed, laid on top her and while smooching placed my left hand on her right boob. I broke the smooch looked at her and started removing her kurti. She helped me remove it. I then started unbuttoning her jeans but she stopped me, I didn’t want to break the rhythm so focused on the kissing part. I kissed her eyes, lips, bit the ear lobes, bit the lips, kissed her neck, tried to bite her neck, all while fondling with her boobs. She was moaning... Read full story here

6. My First Ever Sex Experience With My My Neighbor

By seksiboy6969

This was 5 years back when I had just finished my 12th exams, Before this let me explain about the lady I had my first experience with.

…My first luck came when my parents again had gone out somewhere, She came home looking for me and she had brand new phone in her hand It was nokia basic phone and she did not knew how to use the phone and insert the sim card and asked for my help. I thought this is my opportunity and should not let it go waste, So I made her sit next to me started explaining her how to remove battery and insert sim card, She was wearing a nighty that day, I made sure I sat close to her our bodies where literally touching each other’s body, while explaining things to her i slowly started fiddling touching her boobs with my elbow, She did not show any reaction.. Read full story here

7. Neha With Rocky On Cloud 9

By neharocky15

This is my story of having affair with rocky. Desperate house wife turns lesbian and then finds a handsome rocky. This is about how we met and had sex together.

…He slowly brought his hands back to waist and converged them near navel area. he was massaging me my bare waist.. I said, Rocky your tool is very hard and poking me hard. He said “Complete body needs exercise and gave gentle strokes while kissing my cheeks. i placed my dumbbells on the stand and caught his cock and started feeling it over the shorts. He moved his hands and placed them on my boobs while licking my neck area.. “Neha.. you boobs are very soft, but your nipples are as hard as my dick.. I think we should start giving them some exercise”, …. Read full story here

8. Being A Male Escort In Delhi – Part 4 (My Client Is A Squirter)

By vasu2609

Vasu gets a call from a client who is on a short trip to Delhi. She seeks for a full night escort services with the intention of fulfilling her fantasy of fucking with a young guy with a big dick!

…I pushed her on the bed and got on top of her and started to make out with her. I grabbed her and licked her neck while she grabbed my shoulder so as our body could feel each others. I told her her to kiss me on my chest and neck and she complied in the same manner by a seductive kiss on the lips and slightly bit my chest. Then, she took off her top and started playing with her big enormous boobs and talked dirty to me…. Read full story here

9. My First Experience With A Doctor

By fantasy291

This story is about a regular housewife whose husband is a workaholic. Stays away from home for a long time. She gets constipated and visits a female foctor who opens her door of sexuality and shows her the new light

…She then put on her stethoscope to check my breathing. She asked me to lift up my top till the neck level. I was shocked to hear that and gave her a look to which she said that the cloth can sometimes cause disruption and give false readings. I then looked at sheena thinking she would step out but to my surprise she stood there writing all the stats down. I dont know what came in me but I lifted my top till my neck level exposing my black bra. It was slightly transparent and my big brown nipples were easily visibleRead full story here

10. Local Gangster And His Associates Fucked Me – Part 1

By gowrikrish337

The story of an unsatisfied wife who gets sex in the form of a local gangster and his associates, she loves every bit of it that she soon becomes their whore and their sex slave.

..I was enjoying every bit of it, he then removed his lungi and his underwear and took his cock out, his cock was 8 inches, fully grown and thick, e told me suck my dick you whore, I immediately got down and started sucking his cock, It felt so nice to suck a nice cock after a long time, I sucked him for 15 minutes, he then lifted me and proceeded to the bedroom, he put me on my bed and removed his shirt too, he removed my skirt and underwear and made me full naked. He told me, you whore, today IO am going to fuck you like a dog, I stopped him and gave him the condoms, I bought that afternoon and gave, first he resisted but I pleaded him to wear it, after much pleading, he wore it. he then jumped on the bed and put his cock between my tits and started to tit fuck me, I t was so exciting and amazing too..Read full story here

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