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Here is the list of ten most popular Indian sex stories published on ISS in the month of June, 2015.

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1. A Sudden Honest Help Helped My Family

By sohanvictory

This story is about a poor guy with his honesty can win any people and could help himself reach his goals and further go to the top position.

…I could know her astonishment through her face and she was very much happy that I gave equal importance to her problems and gave excellent solutions for each questions which made her think and clear the view about me and was surprised each time I saw her because of her dressing sense and the way she behaves and I said all of these things suddenly she couldn’t stop her tears and at the same time I sat beside her and hole her hands and started rubbing her hands and started persuading her and she wished me that I was her husband and I totally helped her to come out of the depression and she was glad … Read full story here

2. Lets Work Out Together

By sam_9000

Work-out in the gym lead to workout in her bedroom. She was one hot and horny lady. She was enjoying every stroke and so was I. one point she held me tight and I was digging faster and faster.

… Breathing got heavier. Pulled her closer started kissing her neck from behind slowly started to tell in ears ‘always wanted t’, and removed her t-shirt omg!!! And started kissing her all over. Turned her, removed her tracks. Now she was only in her bra and panty. Her bra was a sports one and it was taking all the load(you know what i mean). I slowly held her and started kissing and sucking her face and finally started to conquer her lips. She was a very good kisser. The kiss lasted for long and my hands were all over her body. Pressing her boobs, rubbing her pussy from outside….Read full story here

3. Manisha Seduced Me On A Work Trip

By saymyname

I work in Bangalore. This is the story about how one of my hottest colleague Manisha seduced me and had sex during a work tour.

…I turned her around and started kissing her neck while squeezing her bosoms from behind. She was rubbing her hips against my groin. I was getting restless. I slid one of my hands into her skirt and started rubbing her vagina over her underwear. She was getting wet. She started rubbing her ass harder on my penis.

I took her to the sofa and made her lie in doggy style. I removed her skirt first. Then I slowly started removing her panty. This is the best part for me. I pulled down her panty to her thighs and buried my face in her sexy ass..Read full story here

4. Suhagraat With Sister-In-Law At A Marriage In Delhi – Part 1

By bedpartner

The story is about a married couple who got intimate with each other for the first time after nearly six months of their marriage.

…It was just for second but it was the site that deepak want to remember thruought his life .he had never seen such a fair boobs in his life and the dark maroon colour gown she was wearing that time was increasing its beauty . it was the first time after their marriage that deepak saw sweety’s cleavage. although she didnt done it purposely deepak feel it was very inviting.he was seeing her very differently.may be sweety understand it thus she quickly started to return towards the kitchen .while deepak stared at her buttocks which are swinging in sexy manner .though her body is fully covered due to silk cloth which stick to her body deepak can easily see the size of sexy protruding ass cheeks… Read full story here

5. My First Lesbian Sex With Mother-In-Law

By Sumaraj2000

How I saw her with other man which lead us to bed and mother-in-law seduced me instead of old man.

…She made me to lay on my bed and she also lay beside me together in my right side and asked me be calm and I looked at on her eyes . Her eyes was so kind and teary I told her its ok amma leave it . I know you wont do it . She smiled and kissed on my fore head, asked me to close your eyes and sleep.

Then she was patting my left arm as if mother cuddle baby to sleep. I was also mentally exhausted and slightly my eyes were closing slowly her hand lifted from my tummy and her fingers were rubbing my left arm .. Read full story here

6. Osho Stories Lead Ways For Awesome Threesome With Couple

By rohitBuddy

Lady colleague when found out her hubby is cheating on her convinced her hubby for an awesome threesome by following the preaches of great Osho. A detailed foreplay and Indian sex makes you really engrossed in it.

…Abhishek pulled Kavitha close and started kissing her and pulled up her top and I got my first view of her bare back. She was not wearing bra and I couldn’t resist myself from feeling her bare back with both of my hands. Encouraged my my action, Abhishek stopped kissing her and removed her top completely and pushed her back into the sofa thus giving us the ample view of her lovely boobs.

He attacked her left boobs and I placed my hand on her right boob and started paying with her nipples. It started and throbbed outside with excitement and I felt it my lips. .. Read full story here

7. Helping A Mature Couple Discover Spice

By sumithsimple

Rahul and Sushma both didnt know that the other partner is curious to try cuckolding. It was only after the bull Sumiths intervention that they discovered that theirs is a doable fantasy.

…But I told him to slow down, to go as per the rule of the game. That is having a casual meet in a common place to see if it go right. Because, especially in Cuckolding, there won’t be any joy if the chemistry doesn’t work. I always move this way and love this way of handling things as there will be open end for all the three. And since it is fun with No Strings Attached, the game can pause or stop any moment…. Read full story here

8. Brother And Me In A Relationship That Is Beyond Comparison

By Anupama

Its a story about my brother and me the true love bond between us. We are living a happy life with a powerful bond that is our child.

…Slowly I started to dream more about him, it was sexual but I had more of him. I had started to love him like a lover. I started to keep his photo in my purse. When I was back at home I started to miss him when I did not find him. I would often kiss his photo and say I LOVE YOU. I started to dress for him when he and me would be alone I would purposely show him my assets. I observed that he loved to see me that way. This went on for two months after my father announced of my brothers wedding. I could not stop myself from wooing my brother because I thought if I do not do it fast maybe I will lose him… Read full story here

9. Seducing My Aunt And A Forbidden Relation With Her – Part 1

By arav_8699

Seducing my once reluctant aunt and having a beautiful night with her which later culminated into a forbidden relationship, subsequent encounters in parts to be followed.

…I moved my hands on her back and cupped her ass and pressed it hard she opened her mouth to moan and I took that as an opportunity to kiss her more passionately, after a few seconds I found her kissing me back and it was like no other feeling. I broke the kiss and looked at her, she was a bit out of breath and red and she was looking back at me as if to challenge me and to see what I do next. I lifted her chin and started to smooch her hard and pulling her close to me.

She responded well this time by moving her hands in my hair and pulling them. This turned me on more and I started to kiss her chin and slowly rolled my tougue down her neck. I made her lie down and started kissing her neck again and again and she was enjoying it, just hugging me back… Read full story here

10. Swap In Farmhouse – Part 3

By anjali_author

Third part of the story in which Anjali decided to have sex with her two new partners Jai and Ramesh without her husbands knowledge. She has steamy sex with both of them while not knowing about a spy who is recording everything.

..Anjali and Ramesh got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. Ramesh bolted the door from inside. Anjali asked him why and he replied that he doesn’t want to get disturbed. He turned on the shower and the cold water made goose bumps erupt all over her skin. Her nipples hardened and Ramesh pinched them, he kissed her under the shower and then picked her up with ease and made her back rest on the wall for support. He slowly inserted his penis inside and started moving in and out of her.

Meanwhile outside the farmhouse, a man tucked his camera back inside his jacket and walked away from the bedroom window from where he had recorded the threesome. He pulled his phone out and called up his customer… Read full story here

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