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Here is the list of ten most popular Indian sex stories published on ISS in the month of May, 2015.

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1. A Night To Remember With My Love

By kamal_king

It was not a surprise this time as it was well planned and executed it deftly. A night filled with passionate love making to our content.

…We reached a wonderful resort and done with all formalities in the reception to get our room booked. We made our way into the room and locked the door. I turned the A/C on and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I came back in 5 mins and laid on the bed. She looked very fresh even after a tiring travel. She used to cover her face with dupatta whenever she comes out with me. Maybe that was the reason behind her freshness. We were watching TV for some ten mins. In no time we both came closer to each other. We both cuddled and watching tv. I placed a kiss on her forehead and said “I love you”.. Read full story here

2. Swap In Farmhouse – Part 1

By anjali_author

Three couples indulge in wife swapping in a farm house. The story is about Anjalis experience and this story deals with her sex with Jai..

…Anjali was tying her hair when she heard the door open and Jai walked in. She swore inside her mind with disappointment, she had expected Ramesh to come to her for her first time; he was the perfect gentleman whereas Jai was young and wild. Seema had said he was crazy in bed and pure joy. She didn’t know what to expect from him. Jai walked in with a smile and hugged her from behind. Anjali looked at him through the mirror…Read full story here

3. Newlywed In Train General Compartment

By vikualva

A newly wed couple boards the general compartment of the train. And what follows is the ordeal that the newly married wife will witness. This Indian sex experience will completely change her.

…After some ten minutes I simply turned my head such that it was on Priya’s crotch. Even she kept her head down and tried sleeping. I could feel the warmth of her pussy and the heat. I tried smelling her cunt but was scared she might realize my intentions and become alert. But anyhow as she kept her heads down and tried sleeping her boobs was all over my shoulder and I had the strongest hard on and my dick was about to tear my pants and spring out..Read full story here

4. Wild Sex With Wife – Part 1

By mrxxxladies

This is a true story which happened 3 months back with my cousins wife.

…She sucked my balls and stroked my cock together.. I was enjoying fucking in her mouth ..It was so awesome to feel the warmth of her mouth on my cock. we shifted to 69 position and was sucking each others part..I slid my tongue inside her pussy and tongue rolling inside at same time i was rubbing her clit to make her moan louder and to orgasm..She mentioned that her husband doesn’t like oral only direct fucking..She was feeling unsatisfied all these days .. She was very happy when i gave some oral pleasure and made her cum a lot.. Read full story here

5. Tales Of The Old Age Home

By jingbang

The experience of working at an old age home for some additional salary lead to some strange ways of life there.

…He lifted his shirt and showed his wrinkled tummy and told me it was full. He asked us if we had lunch. We told him that we still had too. He told me that taking food on time is necessary. He complained that the girls nowadays were obsessed with size zero figure and don’t eat food at all. Shweta asked him if he thought she was size zero. He had a twinkle in his eyes. He looked at her from head to toe and finally told her to come in a swim suit so that he can judge her properly. She teased him for being naughty. He in turn spanked her butt. When we came out, Shweta told me that it was that simple to keep people happy here.. Read full story here

6. Fun With Watchman Continues – Part 2

By IndiYogi

Fun With Watchman In first part, you saw I got involved with lower class watchman. Now this part I shall tell you how our relation moved.

…Before I could withdraw he came in my mouth I was left with no option than to swallow. I swallowed it completely. He seems so satisfied, but I was dry, without wasting time I started kissing his stomach, chest again moved upward and kissed his lips. Again we were kissing passionately, he pushed me on floor and started licking my pussy, oh my god the moment he touched his lips on my pussy, I came immediately on his face, without hesitation he drank all my cum.. Read full story here

7. Those Few Days With Pihu – Part 1

By abhi_1720

Story about how my friends wife, and how I managed to get close to her and then saw her naked. And eventually I manged to fuck her.

…While taking the tea my fingers touched her hand and it was the first time I touched her. She was so soft in her hands. That touch again erected my cock. So after that we chatted for some time. Her attraction was making me crazy now. She sat on the bed next to me and I was looking at her tight boobs whenever I was getting a chance. From the side her boobs were looking so large and I wanted to grab them and pump them so hard… Read full story here

8. Mast Chudai Friend Ki Didi Ke Sath

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