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Savita Bhabhi – Episode 19 : Savitas Wedding

This is one of my favorite Savita Bhabhi episodes in which Savita and her husband Ashok attends her friend Mamtas wedding reception. An handsome looking guy standing next to the groom catches Savitas attention and she is impressed by the guys looks and manners. Savita then thinks about her own wedding and the adventure that happened just before it. Savitas friends were gossiping and making fun of her just before her wedding and an irritated Savita drives them away and decide to dress alone. Then Ashoks best friend Prem comes to check whether Savita is alright but soon falls for Savitas mesmerizing beauty. There was only minutes left before her marriage but Savita who is such daring when it comes to sex, makes a reciprocal move to Prems advancements over her thighs. The sexual scenes after that is simply dick-raising and pussy-wetting. It is always best and exciting to experience sex when there is a high chance that you might get caught at any moment! You can read the full story here.

Savita Bhabhi Episode 33

We all have seen our dear Savita Bhabhi in many costumes. Even though it is a truth that Savita sparkles with her beauty in any costume, this episode was different and my second most favorite. The highlight of this episode is Savitas elegance in a hot red bikini! The majority of the story takes place in a beach. Savita promise Vedant to act as his girlfriend and join his friends on beach in return for getting promoted at work by Vedants elder brother who is her boss. Vedants friends who didnt believe him at first was totally stunned and ogling when Savita made a surprise entry from behind. Later Savita and Vedants teasing and intimate scenes in a public beach is totally arousing to both his friends and viewers.The excitement doesnt end there either. The beach date goes wild when Savita decides not only to fulfill Vedants lust for her, but also his friends. The scenes are so captivating and highly erotic that make us fall for Savitas beauty over and over again. You can read the full story here.

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