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Here is the list of ten most popular Indian sex stories published on ISS in the month of April, 2015.

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1. My Assignment – Part 2

By princess.twinkle.asher

How I was shared between my real life master and his friends on a Goa trip, where I was not only used as a sex slave but also was used as their personal servants.

…He had a pair of devils hand, huge fingers and palm complimented with the hardness of an animal. He was rubbing my boobs for a couple of min and then suddenly felt it. I felt as if I had done some mistake but couldn’t do anything about it since my face was been vigorously rubbed on the cock region of Anil Sir. Anil Sir pulled my face close to his face with the help of my hair, spited his saliva right down my throat and threw me towards his feet. He then placed his right feet on my face, rubbed it all over my soft and charming face and ordered to lick clear his feet. I couldn’t see any kind of dirt on that feet at all but I had no choice and started licking his right foot.. Read full story here

2. Making Love To My Lady Love On My Birthday

By kamal_king

A completely unplanned encounter of my girl and myself as to how we ended up making love to each other in a very haunted place in the outskirts of Chennai.

…I removed my pant and shirt. I removed my shoes too. We both started kissing madly. And my cock regained its pole position. She gave me a blow job again for a min I asked her stop and lie on the ground. We went for a missionary position. I had no idea as to how to insert it as i tried thrice it insert but my cock slipped.

Then she guided my tool to her pussy. I was so tight initially that not even half my tool went in and something was obstructing it. I gave a little push. She felt the pain and asked me to insert it slowly. I stayed like that for few seconds. She held me tightly before she gave out a call as to “Break it, Khanna”. …. Read full story here

3. Hanumangarh Mein Akeli Meeta Ko Panch Din Jamkar Choda – Part 8

By rajsharmahmh

Waisi tumhare samne to kuchh bhi pahan lun to bhi tum mujhe sari raat nanga hi rakh kr chodoge. Fir pahnne ka kya fayda.Time ki bhi bachat ho jati hai

…Maine mera hath chut pr rakh diya…chut ekdum saf thi.koi baal nahin the.usne apni nighty aur mere kapde utar diye.wo peeth k bal let gai.main uska ishara samjh gya.maine lund uski peechhe daal diya.mera sara sharir uski body pr tha.main uski sexy baaten sun raha tha.main shot maare ja raha tha.bheech-bjeech mein ruk jata…fir shuru ho jata.usne mujhe kai kisse sunaye..

Ab wo chut maein dalwana chahti thi.maine usko palat kr chut mein daal diya.shot lgatar maar raha tha.wo kafi der baad jhad gai…lund ab bhi uski chut mein ths… Read full story here

4. A Memorable Experience

By anand.singh2015

A night of thrill which started at the pool and culminated into first romantic and erotic experience of life.

…He then took the lotion from the adjacent table, put it on his fingers and started applying it on my crack region, oh my, i was going in another heaven, then he slowly inserted one finger in my ass, and circled it inside, i was going crazy.. I felt, he had put hardly half an inch of his finger and bought it out.. Then inserted it more.. The pleasure plus pain in me was increasing.. He then after a minutes of this unique thing got his entire finger in my ass. It was immense pain and pleasure that my entire body just fell down on his cock and a big sound came from me.. Aahhhh.. Ohhhh nooooo.. I just said.. I am virgin please.. He replied.. Be patient sweet honey, you are too lovely… Read full story here

5. ‘Truth Or Dare’ With Priyanshi And Aamna

By SamAvni

Have you ever played ‘truth or dare and ‘hide-and-seek simultaneously, with two stunningly super-sexy babes? If not, lets play through this story!

…I turned her forcefully, lifted her hands up high to make a bit of room. I pulled her Hot Pants down roughly to her knees. I pulled down my pants, my dick was rock hard. I clasped Katie’s ass cheeks and guided my cock to her juicy cunt. Gosh, it was way to hot and tight and wet! I bent slightly downwards, inserted my penis in her vagina, pushed her bit forward, and stroked and stroked and stroked.

“Ahhh—oo my God…Sam, ah easy…slow down a bit…you are making too much of noise..ahhh—slow—ahh downnn!” She was horny as well as afraid from getting caught. I spanked her and kneaded her boobs hard. Her moanings and my Doggy Style continued. Hardly a minute or two, she hit her orgasm and her body relaxed. I turned her and ordered, “DOWN!”…. Read full story here

6. Fucked Snow White In Starry Night!

By SamAvni

How I fucked my super hot elder cousin priyanshi and how the “Snow white meets Frankenstein” drama turned out to be a sexual adventure for us!

…She pulled my hair and brought me closer, and cuddled with all her might. “Sam, I love you baby!”, she moaned. I replied through my tongue. Ummh. . .ahh. . .slowlyyyy. . .she vocalised as I licked over her clitoris. Porn Movies were proving to be a good teacher. I continued.

She rolled over, opened her drawer, took out her designer bag, and then a condom. “Use it”, she winked.

“What, how, who the hell give you that? What is it doing in your wallet?”, I was shocked.

“Hey, I am still a virgin! Don’t worry! Aamna gave me, she told me that it may come handy at times!”, she gave an erotic smile.

I cursed and thanked altogether that bitch in my mind and pulled Priya up. She bit my ears by teeth and ripped the packet….. Read full story here

7. The Best Beginning With Cousin Sister Irene

By ronniefoxx

My first sexual encounter with my cousin Irene. She is my fathers brothers daughter. She is the sexiest girl in our class and had good assets.

…In the magazine i saw some ads of bra and panty and i felt horny. I looked at Irene and i noticed that she changed her position , kept her leg towards me and her head towards the right arm of sofa, how Rose posed for Jack in Titanic. I looked at her legs, it was beautiful with red nail polish . She was fully into the television. Her ass and curves turned my devil on. I planned to make some moves because the granny was busy with some external works. I laid sideways and rested my head above her hip. Since she didn’t know my intentions it was easy for me. She adjusted a little and refocused on TV. Meanwhile i got her aroma. She smelled like strawberry. I wanted to hug her but i couldn’t…… Read full story here

8. The Most Wonderful Punishment

By sanjay.menon

This is the story of how my neighbor caught me stealing his lungi and carrying out my fetish and how he gave me the most wonderful punishment.

…He started biting and sucking it till I moaned in pleasure. My throbbing length was literally pushing out of my lungi. He then licked and bit my armpit. He looked at me and smiles. He licked my body all over till I was covered in his spit. Then, he folded up his lungi, and his tool was pushing through the lungi as if it were going to blast all over my face. He came near me and rubbed his erection on mine. He raised my lungi to reveal my hard dick. He grinded his dick on mine. I noticed that he was circumcised. He pulled my foreskin to the top and put his top into my foreskin and massaged our dicks that had become one. His top touching my sensitive top. He pushed me down, raised his lungi a bit to reveal his 11 inch dick and thrust it into my mouth…. Read full story here

9. Dream Relationship To Real Life Relationship

By deepthi

The story is about how a son unknowingly made his neighbor into best friend and then best friend into soul mate

…Then I shifted to my dream melons and sucking one of it and pressing other… she was in moaning again with mmmmm ahhhh ahhh mmmuaaahhhhh sounds…and I shifted to her pussy which seemed as if it was shaved just now… I was kissing on it and licking her… she was moaning more loudly so I kept my hand in her mouth and shut it…then with other hand I inserted my fingers and fucking it while also licking it… She was signing by her fingering to insert one finger after the other… less than 5mins all my fingers were in her pussy……. Read full story here

10. This Could Be The Story Of Your Mom And You! – Part 2

By goldcoinaa

95% of this story is real and its about how a youngster and his mother and how they kinkily explored each other in this part 2

…Mom never wears bra. She only wears it during any functions. Anyone can simply staring at her can say she is not wearing anything inside. Most of them dont know she wont wear any panties too. I came to know that she only wears it during her periods. Slowly, my intensions were changed. I wanted to know more about her inner secrets and wanted her to be ecstasy. Whenever she is not at home, I search for her things especially panties. I used to stay naked whenever no one is at home. I found most of the foreign branded panties which she had hardly worn. One was pretty transparent and one has laces to place the pad. I was quiet delighted to explore my mom’s stuffs. I found some bottles of lotions, which has a cartoon of a woman showing her nude top.It was written in arabic letters, I couldnt understand, Later I found that it was for breast enhancement. As I have already mentioned her breast size is just 34…. Read full story here

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